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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spotlight on Zapp Club, A Real Life Venue comes to Second Life Mehseti Reporting...

Zapp is one of those clubs you can see in “Hotspot” ratings.  Here you can find pleasure in listening to real life DJs’ streaming for you. It is a place where you can gather with all of your friends, every day if you wanted to.

Do you have a preference for a special genre of music? Here you can hear everything from hard rock to trance, including electro and progressive stuff too. I have been here on several occasions and it is always full of people participating in different contests. Proud owners of Zapp are DJ LeahJane Munro and JaneMay Teardrop. I had the pleasure of talking to LeahJane at the SL Enquirer Media Center last week.  She is really very friendly and gave me a lot of interesting information about her club.

Interview with LeahJane Munro

Mehseti: Hello LeahJane. It is a pleasure to talk with you.  I know your place is one of the hottest in SL and many reader would be interested to know more about Zapp. I was here many times and it is always full of guests. It is wonderful.

There are hundereds of clubs in SL, how can you explain your success?

LeahJane: We do our best to provide fun for 100% .

Mehseti: Do you play all genres of music here?

LeahJane: We have 63 best SL DJs who stream all kinds of music, except c&w and jazz.

Mehseti: And what about your events?

LeahJane: As I said before, we have very many staff members so events are held almost every hour.

Mehseti: What  can you tell our readers about the history of Zapp?

LeahJane: You know, Zapp was a real life club on south coast of UK and I was Djing there. But once I decided to open Zapp club in SL and create a community of real life DJ’s in this club. So most of our DJs are live mix DJs. Many big name DJs started in RL Zapp once.

Mehseti: Please tell me a little about today’s SL Zapp.

LeahJane: Zapp is always changing. 6 months earlier we changed Zapp’s look totally.

Mehseti: And who is the initiator?

LeahJane: Mostly I am. I am a virtual builder so make manu items by myself.

Mehseti: I noticed that you had a Hallowen theme. What will be next?

LeahJane: We prepare our club for Christmas. Club will change totally. Our plans include christmas groto for the look with toys, father christmas Dj box and DJs sitting on Santa’s knees. Also we plan 2012 Armogedon theme. It will have a post nuculus look.

Mehseti: That is wonderful.   Zapp is very famous for its DJs. What can you tell our readers about them?

LeahJane: Our main concept is to gather RL and SL DJs together. We have 45 real life and 63 DJs in our club. Here you are provided with real DJ mix music, no winamp. Such DJs as Coca, Snake, Dream, Unreal and myself. We will gladly play for you.

Mehseti: LeahJane, you are real life DJ. What can you tell about your DJ experience?

LeahJane:İ have been a DJ for 11 years all over the UK,  I’ve done about 100 club and 10000 outside events.

Mehseti: Very impressive really.  What about your contests?

LeahJane: We have contests almost every hour, it is usually 300,500,1000,10000 L$ contests. Even one who gets a single voice gets some prize. Also the “best beer bottle contest”, the “best cup of coffee” contest and the “come as you are” contest. We recently had 50,000L$ in prizes for Halloween held from Monday to Friday.

Mehseti: Do one need a group tag to participate?

LeahJane: Yes. We have a very friendly group of 4338 members, who are always aware of all our events. And will be very happy to have more friends to join us.

Mehseti: İs there anything else you want to share with our readers and Zapp lovers?

LeahJane: Come on friends, lets relax and have fun in UK’s club №1.

Mehseti: Thanks you very much for the interview LeahJane.

LeahJane: You are welcome.

As you see, my friend LeahJane gave me some interesting information about Zapp. Come along and you will see the great atmosphere for yourself!
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  1. It would be great if all my favorite live music venues would come alive in SL, too. I hope this is a trend other establishments will soon follow.


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