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Monday, January 2, 2012

Ringing in 2012. Is Peace a Possibility? The War is Over and a New Year Begins. How will you contribute? -Lanai Jarrico

No matter where we are in the world there are things we all must face. Challenges and Opportunities surround us all the time. Many speak of world peace, other just need peace of their own.

Whichever you want more is up to each person and it begins with each day. It is a chance to do some good, improve on your health and meet goals you set for yourself. Time is often a problem. It cannot be bought without sacrificing or procrastinating on the other important things in life. Prioritizing is the first step.

Whether we are part of the real or virtual world, we all have the ability to make changes that will contribute to the type of peace we all desire.

Live and let live is the way I choose to be, as long as it doesn't negatively affect me or my loved ones. Sometimes people forget to think of the other person and only look out for themselves. Others spend way too much times worrying about what other people think or do, that they fail to see the things they must work on within themselves.

We all have been faced with things that affect us; good or bad. It is important to find the medium that is protective yet understanding.

I believe we all have the power to make the world a better place. It starts with how we act and react to situations or those that may not know better or have no direction.

Recently while doing some Christmas shopping, I was at a stop sign in a shopping center waiting for two women to cross the street. Next thing I know, one of the women looks back at me giving me this childish dirty look, even sticking her tongue out. I couldn't understand why an adult would act so rudely for no apparent reason.

 The interesting thing is we ended up in the same isle in Target and she would not even look at me. Actions like that are so unnecessary and can contribute to others having a bad attitude. I did not approach her or sink to her level. I just walked past her as she stood there looking like a fool.

I have also come across people that gossip about others or can't express themselves to people what they really feel.  It can be uncomfortable being the recipient of badmouthing. It’s nonsense that I didn’t like back in middle school. Those that participate in such behavior have to be the worst type of person to trust. There is no positive outcome for being that way.

Sometimes we need to take a step back, take stock of what's important and rid yourself of negativity or those that cause turmoil and drama in your life. I have had to cut off people. It wasn’t easy at times but it improved my life. It allowed me to focus on what I need to do to find my own happiness and peace.

When you have negativity without your own family, it can be a challenge. I have gone through that too. Family should stick together and should always come first but in cases where all you get is grief from them, teaching people how to treat you is your best defense.

As we begin  2012 do you have a resolution? What can you do to improve your life or relief yourself of the dark clouds that like to rain on your parade? As you do some reflecting remember that life is short and precious and you don’t what to look back with regrets and what if’s.

From me to you Cheers to a New Year and I hope we all  come closer to that peace we all seek.

Lanai Jarrico


  1. Nice Article as always Lanai. My resolution for the new year is to keep my sanity.


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