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Showing posts with label peace. Show all posts

Friday, March 4, 2022

Stacey Visits The STOP WAR Sim - Stacey Cardalines Reporting


War is very unpleasant to think about, and many would view SL as a means of temporary escape. One can't actually do anything about those tanks, but one can get away from it for a while on SL. In a broad sense, it is sort of what SL is for.

However, what if you don't want to escape? What if you want to talk to other people about what is going on? SL is good for that, too. Many sims on SL get Ripped From The Headlines, and after a while it rebounds back to someone like me and what is Ripped From The Headlines becomes the actual headline. I visited one of those sims today.

The world watched in outrage as Russian armies attacked the Ukraine. It is a horrible thing to watch, and it has catastrophic potential implications if other players become involved. You'd think "worldwide plague" would be enough, but we just upped the ante. Russians have reasons for acting as they do, and "obscure SL sportswriter column" is most likely not where those reasons need to be debated.

Russia's invasion of the Ukraine is not fun stuff to play out at a sim. I'd greatly question the integrity of someone who made a first-person shooter Russia vs the Ukraine war game sim... right after I played it for a few hours, of course. Just kidding, I don't think I could perform the moral gymnastics needed to play something for laughs as people are dying for real in the Ukraine. I do some hardcore RP too, so my bar is pretty high, and my refusal to war-game the Ukraine horror is thusly notable.

STOP WAR is a sim which just went into effect last Friday. It is not a grand sim in any design way, it is in fact very simple. There are a few pictures, a chart showing NATO countries, a dispenser where you can get a free Ukraine flag and a game table. Nothing there that will stop a war, and at this point it is important to remember that wars aren't going to be stopped by video games, and in fact often resemble video games when you see someone guiding in a missile and so forth. 

Pela, who runs the STIP WAR sim, is no fool, and her sim title is more Idealistic than an aspect of a mission statement. I spoke with her a while while visiting her sim in the early US morning. She put the sim up Friday, and will leave it up as long as it is active and stays relatively positive.

Pela recognizes that, in times of war, people get traumatized, or even just upset, or even just intrigued. They need somewhere to go where they can discuss it. It may not be polite to take over someone's nightclub and turn it into a NATO discussion format. However, at STOP WAR, you can chat about the war all you like. 

Human nature being what it is, people sometimes choose Battle over Reason. However, there are places for both, and this sim falls into the camp of the latter. Anyone getting too close to the former will be asked to leave. This sim is meant to allow people to seek some comfort.

They are getting some good traffic for a sim that started Friday, so there is definitely interest in the topic among those who play the Linden way. Pela is running the sim for all the right reasons, and hopefully good beats evil. Pela told me that some Russian themed sims were having some problems with people arguing, and hopefully that doesn't go down at STOP WAR. 

I got some Ukraine gear from the SL Marketplace, not the STOP WAR sim. Pela- who seems pretty nice, and dresses cooler than I do- isn't running that sim to make a profit, and the only gear they had there was a free flag. I may wear my Ukraine outfit at my dancer job, although it might cost me Russian tips. I've had no luck finding Belarus gear. I do have a USSR gymnast leotard, which I saw at a store and I thought looked cool. I can switch between outfits from different nations, depending on the political affiliations of my customers. I never imagined that I'd have to think geopolitically when I accepted the dancer job at the wrestling sim, but that's how things shake out sometime.

Yes, that's my ass in that picture. Never let it be said that Stacey Cardalines shirks from the horrors of war. Spasibo.

Friday, August 31, 2018

The Lost Gardens of Apollo is an Official Historical Landmark in Second Life(c) - Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

In the beginning of virtual worlds, Second Life quickly became a popular online platform for VR enthusiasts  from all over the world. In Second Life’s infancy, the building tools and options were primitive but the most exciting part about it was free will on a global platform.  By 2005, the community was flourishing. Creators filled the grid with lush foliage, parks, beautiful beaches, role play communities, shops, products, services and venues of every genre. It was a time of exploration and creativity.

Dane Zander was a new resident at this time. While exploring, he realized the adult industry was starting to taint the landscape. He wanted a virtual home away from sex venues that he could call his sanctuary; a place of love.  It inspired him to create a relaxing escape, away from the busy side of SL and based on the story of Apollo and Hyacinth.

Day in and day out he worked tirelessly to bring his vision to life after discovering he could create anything he wanted. It became an obsession. His friends were so impressed they suggested he open it up to the public and that’s when The Lost Gardens of Apollo was born.

For over a decade, explorers and lovers from near and far have visited The Lost Gardens of Apollo, even getting married there.  Today it is a Historical Landmark, reopened by Linden Lab to protect its history.

Interview with LGOA creator Dane Zander

SLE: What was your inspiration for The Gardens of Apollo? I've been here so many times through the years. What a peaceful and beautiful place.

Dane Zander: Apollo and Hyacinth... the story at least inspired the naming some of the places on Apollo. I had a full sim on the mainland. The Tuvan sim, well ... all the land on it. I had that fully built up, but lacked the controls and ban opportunities etc. Anshe Chung was getting big at that time and she had a few of the new, still rare private islands so I asked her. I knew she was hot for my mainland sim and we traded. She got Tuvan, I got "sex palms...whatever island"... a flat, utterly empty sand bank.

SLE: Were you a builder starting out here?

Dane Zander: Just small time. I realized I might be in over my head... it was  completely overwhelming. I then started building, trial and error... once I realized I could make anything exactly how I wanted it to be, it became an obsession. I was online three weeks building and hardly slept at all. It was madness! But very rewarding.

SLE: The Gardens of Apollo is a beautiful place to visit. The details show your hard work and dedication.  I see it as an escape from the busy world of sl and rl.

Dane Zander: Thank you! I believe that love is stronger than any other emotion and I wanted to create a place to enable love and serenity to flourish.

SLE: It is.  If more people allowed that to be their guiding light, the world would be a better place.

Dane Zander: I agree.  At the time, SL was far smaller, less regulated and you often came across porn and whatnot all over. I found that taxing so I thought we needed a place free from that. Somewhere to just explore, meditate, date and dance.

SLE: Did you have a partner to enjoy all this with over the years?  I only ask because every long time lovers in SL have touched these grounds at one point or another.

Dane Zander: I had Sean Hadlee as a Second Life partner - also personal assistant, Senior Estate Manager and my rescue line in all cases. He is German and lives in Berlin. We are still close friends IRL.

SLE: Did you build all this together?

Dane Zander: No, I built this.  He was my very capable assistant and scripter, in all manners of logistics and everything else practical.

SLE: How did you get people to visit LGOP?

Dane Zander: I didn't.  Originally it was simply my own place but friends wanted me to open it to the public so I did and people came - I suppose by word of mouth. I never thought this place could become so popular but somehow people liked it enough to tell their friends and to come back themselves :)

SLE: Rightfully so! Has anyone gotten married here? This is a perfect setting for celebrating love

Dane Zander: I eventually did many marriages, yes. It’s a lot of work setting that up. I still have the whole wedding scenarios in inventory! :)

SLE: What about other events?

Dane Zander: Quite a few - R. R. Martin did readings here and at a number of other sims through Bantam Books before he got all GOT famous. He was kind and generous with his limited time here..

SLE: that’s very cool! With the popularity of The Gardens of Apollo has Linden Labs taken interest in it?

Dane Zander: LL had kept a full backup and reopened the sim as a Historic Sim. Now I am under contract with them and gladly so. The sim simply hadn't reopened without them!

SLE: What does that mean for you?

Dane Zander: It means I supervise the sim,  and it means the sim is open for now. I don't decide for how long, but I will service it for as long as I can, which is for as long as LL decide to keep it open.

SLE:  What a wonderful story of a vision turning into a virtual world historical site. Is there anything you’d like to share with our readers?

Dane Zander: No.  nothing except they are welcome as always - and well... that is it a G-rated region/sim for dating, meeting friends, meditating, dancing and relaxing. Not a place for sex - there is a whole Adult continent for that! ;)

SLE: congratulations to you Dane on such a great accomplishment in SL.  We understand that you are a busy man and we thank you so much for taking the time to give us the backstory and also for your sacrifice in giving us this beautiful place to share with love.

The Lost Gardens of Apollo

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Three Ways to Peaceful Posting by Linda Lauren

If you want peace, you have to be peaceful. The way to encourage peace is through our words and actions. Often, we go daily thinking we are peaceful, loving people and for the most part, that is correct. However the incidents of encouraging peace are not evident in the media streams that engorge us with information, and we often miss the point because once we share, like, or follow we are making a statement and endorsing that person's belief system. Today more than ever it's important to be judicious with what you click on in the fast streams of information and people that pass through your computer.

For healthy endorsement and effective peaceful posting, consider the following:
1. Who is the source? Is the cause you are championing a real cause or is it something you found on the Internet that passed through your stream by someone you may or may not know?

2. Are you responding because you're embarrassed? If you "share" or "like" something, be sure you are doing so because you want to and not because someone shamed you into it. I've seen many posts pass my stream with a threat or dare that I'm not a good person if I don't do what is asked. Some have gone as far as to dare people to share! Those are bully tactics.

3. Are you mindful of whom you follow? Those people that you friend/follow also get your stamp of approval when you connect with them, and it's important to be discerning of the material you release. It is a direct reflection of who you are on the Internet. It becomes part of the identity you reveal publicly.

By being aware of how we interact when we are presenting ourselves on our computers, whether that is via Internet browsing or social media, will help us achieve a better balance of the issues we face daily. This allows us to discover our stance regarding our own beliefs, as it will help to separate them from the ones by people who communicate with us via our computer screens. You have to know what you believe before you can be challenged by another.

Remember: Your clicks, replies, shares, likes and follows are very powerful and should not be so easy to acquire. They are the pieces of the puzzle of the person you become when you are at your keyboard. It's part of your computer profile. Taking action now will help you create a powerful profile of peace, online and off.

originally posted on HuffPostLiving ( 2-17-15

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lanai’s Diary-What does it mean to have humility?

As I sit and scribble my thoughts in my virtual diary for all to see. I feel that humanity is in chaos. Daily stresses of life plaque us all. Endless turmoil on the news, hard times, struggles, bad attitudes, mistrust and ignorance, it leaves us all affected in some way. For the most part I try to make sense of the world around me and believe that I have a purpose. We all do.

I was once a shy girl who hid from the world.  I barely made eye contact or spoke first. I spent a lot of time locked away in my bedroom as a child.  My outlet was writing. I had a little pink diary that I hid between my mattress and I poured out my heart in it almost every night. I still have it but it is too hard for me to read. Life wasn’t fair and I feel bad for that little girl who missed out on what should have been a childhood. I have no idea what it is like.  I think back at that little girl who felt so alone. But I think, if it wasn’t for the things she gone through, I would not be who I am today.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ringing in 2012. Is Peace a Possibility? The War is Over and a New Year Begins. How will you contribute? -Lanai Jarrico

No matter where we are in the world there are things we all must face. Challenges and Opportunities surround us all the time. Many speak of world peace, other just need peace of their own.

Whichever you want more is up to each person and it begins with each day. It is a chance to do some good, improve on your health and meet goals you set for yourself. Time is often a problem. It cannot be bought without sacrificing or procrastinating on the other important things in life. Prioritizing is the first step.

Whether we are part of the real or virtual world, we all have the ability to make changes that will contribute to the type of peace we all desire.