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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lights, Camera, The New Yorker! -- Coco Lierfatte Reporting

A new hit reality TV show is about to hit the grid. This show is going to be a blast, I got to sit down with the creator of the newest game show The New Yorker [SLURL]-- PainKiller Andi [Facebook / Twitter] -- and get the inside scoop.

C.L. : What made you start an SL game show?
P.R. : Seriously, I'm a bit of a control freak, and this way I get to let my inner dictator run wild. lol. It started as this crazy dream I had -- woke up feeling as if I were living inside a game. The rest sort of fell into place. I mean, after the cold sweats faded and I got the fetal position rocking under control.

C.L. : What is the inspiration behind the game?

P.R. : My desire to bring what I feel is an obvious parallel between RL and SL -- one that casts a more accurate 
reflection than most perhaps realize. Bring it out in a fun, immersive way.

C.L. : What is the concept behind the game?
P.R. : It's The New Yorker -- a coveted city to reside in. The challenge is what would you do to run the city? 18 
residents will move in to find out. Only 1 of them will survive the experience.Think of it as "Survivor meets Scream."

C.L. : Is this how you expected it to be for the casting, or is this bigger than what you expected?
P.R. :  I'm so grateful for all the support and love I feel from the SL community -- This is hardly a Second Life for me. I am as emotionally invested in every aspect of The New Yorker as I am in my RL city.

C.L. : What are your goals for this show?
P.R. : To kill off all but one, while I, myself, survive to see Season 2. I am visualizing The New Yorker's popularity 
going viral! Come on, Coco -- See it with me!

C.L. : What is the casting process for the show? Has it been an easy process?
P.R. :  I was really looking for unusual personalities -- AVs with quirks or traits that felt real. Just like RL, I felt it 
important to capture the diversity of The New Yorker.

C.L. : What will be the elimination process of the show?
P.R. : In The New Yorker, show residents are one of four things:
  • A victim
  • A saboteur
  • The killer
  • The New Yorker

C.L. : How does the elimination process of the show work?
P.R. : Now, I can't give you a spoiler -- the season's just started. If you wanted to loosen my lips -- should've brought a glass of wine. lol

C.L. : Will it be aired on SL TV? When will it air?
P.R. :  It's currently slated to air on YouTube and FlipTv -- but other media outlets are being considered. Second Life is definitely filled with some interesting things, but it's just gotten more interesting. The grid will be sent for a whirlwind when The New Yorker hits the air. It's going to be a great show and tons of fun. I think I may even apply to be on the next season!


The New Yorker is going to be the must-have music fix for SL. The Guns N' Roses concert was the kick-off of their Music-in-the-Park concert series.  They plan to jam the concert hits straight through to the Fall! Check very soon to vote on upcoming rock and pop acts.


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