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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Proposers Expo -- Pandora Drezelan Reporting

Poses and animations play a very big part in our Second Life, from the AO’s we use to our every day poses. There is an animation and a pose for just about everything in Second Life. Poses depict our stance, walk, style and makes us as individual or unusual as we want our avatar to be.
Recently, I went to the Proposers sim for their fundraising expo for The Autism Society Of America (ASA).
I spoke with Pollux Baxton (Proposers owner) and Samara Pennell (Proposers manager) in regards to the expo.

Samara sheds some light on her beginning in Second Life and the Proposers event:

Samara Pennell

I came to Second Life on the 8th of April in 2007. I saw something about Second Life on television and was really curious to check what it was, so I downloaded it and never left!
Proposers began in April 2009 and it is our first fundraiser. We have around eighty creators participating in this expo and we plan to embark on another Proposers Expo soon.
Pollux tells us more about the sponsors and goes into great detail about the expo:

Pollux Baxton

We have had tons of sponsors supporting our event.

                   Avenue Magazine                    Moolto Magazine & Social Network
               BeStyle Magazine                         My Face Model Pool Social Network
                   The BEST OF SL Magazine                                   Oh Boi Magazine
                         BOSL Radio                             Royal living LifestyleMagazine
                            Glance Magazine                                     Scruplz Magazine
                  Explore Magazine               SecondnightsMagazine & Social Network
                            Icon Magazine                               Supermodel Inc. Magazine
                             Imagine Magazine                                   Too Sexy Magazine
                               Levity Magazine                                      XPoser AD system
Maniera Magazine

Fantasyland Estates provided  a wonderful sim within the best time possible, we have been covered in all magazines for two months and social networks have talked about us. We cannot be thankful enough to each person who is here contributing.
About the fundraising, all creators helped with at least one item set on 100% of sales to ASA and others set to split a part of it.
Our fundraising is divided in two different donations: the first is towards the ASA-SL through the kiosks rezzed at the sim  in order to help on some basic payments inworld and activities. For more questions about that, you can contact Brett Stand.
The second, as already mentioned before through the creators. 

At this point we raised about 100k and we hope to increase with the Auctions we are having.
***Photography service AUCTIONS (using auction boards):
Skip Staheli
Strawberry Singh
Cala Rossini
SennaSpirit Coronet
*** Modeling AUCTION (using auction boards):
Anna Sapphire - Miss Virtual World 2012
Auction 1: Private makeover of avatar + styling session of 2 hours
Auction 2: Appointment, evening out with MVW (3 hours of fun)
Auction 3: 2 Private modeling lessons with MVW (4 hours)

***VIP LIVE AUCTION on Feb 25th
Frolic Mills is making a fabulous female avatar to be auctioned off to benefit autism. He says: "The great thing is that she could be a top model, a chic fashionista, an elegant business woman or a hooker all at the same time. She comes with a brand mew one of a kind skin, a brand new fab dress by Gizza and a one hour styling session with me to finish customizing to your taste!
This live auction will end all the others too and I'm sure Mr. Frolic Mills will leave us speechless.
All these wonderful people make me keep thinking that we can still believe and that we can still do good things.
Samara explains about the PRO POSERS group and her views about real life:   
I created the PRO POSERS group with my partner Eros Fenutzini and Pollux Baxton (at that time we were very busy in real life and so not very active in Second Life) in April 2009 and we ran the first Proposers Hunt. In September 2010 we both left Second Life and left the group to Pollux to keep and revitalize it. When we both came back to Second Life Pollux invited me to become a manager of the group and run the expo with her.
I don't think it's possible to separate Second Life and real life when you are not really "playing." 
Even with Second life being a game, it's different from a video game where you are led to be someone or to do something to reach your goal.
Here we do our own game, we do our own life with the advantage of logging off when we want! LOL.
So, in my opinion it's not possible to separate them. Well, at least I don't. I'm the same person in both lives.
Pollux says, "I agree with Samara. Keeping both worlds separate is very hard. Although, I don't have much time to spend inworld so I try to limit it to work and Proposers."
Essential Soul

I visited the Pro Posers Expo a few times and I found it very interesting, there is such a a huge collection of creators works there, including MyANIMATION, Everglow, X-CLUSIVES ANIMATION,  Look@me Poses, POSEbility, ESSENTIAL SOUL and so much more. There is something for everyone and some even I didn’t know existed.
It’s refreshing to see the residents of Second Life taking a stand within the community and supporting charities like the ASA, we can only hope for many more fund raisers such as these.
Thank you to Pollux Baxton, Samara Penell and the Proposers team for doing such a wonderful job. Here's the slurl to visit Proposers.


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