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Monday, February 6, 2012

Romantic Hot Spots You Need to Check Out Shon Charisma Reporting...

February is the month of LOVE - whether in the real world or in virtual spaces, such as Second Life. With this article, I kick off weekly articles that cover various aspects of love, whether it's taking your loved one to a romantic hot spot, giving dish on great (and no so great) dating experiences in-world, or talking with a couple that's managed to withstand the insanity of Second Life and stay together.

This week, it's all about romantic hot spots. Second Life is known for its beautifully-designed spaces, and some of the most impressive spaces in-world are the ones dedicated to lovers. If you want to impress your mate, consider checking out one or all of the following locales in-world; all couples need "alone" time--let these places be where you can get some of that time.

Wanna Have Fun? Head to Skate & Date Resort

If you are looking for fun, then Skate & Date Resort is a place you need to check out. Here, you roller skate or ice skate, join in on ski races, snuggle by the fire and drink hot cocoa, dance, and much more. And if you're single and looking to mingle, love could be in the air for you here, too! Your limo to Skate & Date Resort awaits!

Want Luxury and Unique Atmosphere? Try SS Galaxy

The SS Galaxy has been a favorite of mine for over a year. I mean a luxury cruise ship with great rooms and plenty of activities for loved ones to divulge in? You couldn't ask for more. The SS Galaxy is the only full size, full featured 3 sim long cruise ship in SL. On the SS Galaxy, you can rent rooms, go dancing, listen to great music, hit the shops, and much, much more. Need time with your sweet upon the water? Here's your limo to this great cruise ship.

Need a Romantic Vibe? Explore Lovers' Delight

There is nothing like spending the day with your loved one traipsing about a scene that evokes romance. Lovers' Delight does that--and more! It is a beautifully-designed island that features places to cuddle and dance, an old ship where you can have a romantic dinner, a medieval tavern, and small pockets where you can spend alone time with the one you love. If you're single, this is a place to find that spark, too. Upon my first visit to Lovers' Delight for this article, I was told I was very good looking and was asked to dance. So believe me, there are people there--looking for others. Come, visit Lovers' Delight to get your romance on.


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