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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Better Beauty in Opium Evolution™, The Story of Ramsa Luv and Veracity Afterthought, Amanda432 Cheviot Reporting...

John Keats once wrote “Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty, that is all ye know on

earth and all ye need to know.” Beauty is not how you look on the outside or not

how you look on the inside. It’s a combination of both inside and outside. Of course

there is that saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes when you get

up in the morning, you may look in the mirror and say “I look pretty good to be a

model.” You have the shape, the skin and the hair, what more does one need? Then

you meet two people like Ramsa Luv and Veracity Afterthought and realize

there is more to modeling than you may have imagined. That is the feeling I got when I met

these two individuals. One look at them made me think you’re seeing two people on

a European runway.

nice picture of Ramsa and Vera

My first encounter was with Ramsa Luv who looked in colloquial terms, buff.

His hair is turquoise and his face is engaging. You cannot help but stare at it for

hours which might cause you to miss what he is saying. Sometimes it is difficult

because English is not his first language but he is passionate about modeling and

you cannot help but listen and realize that modeling is not just about putting on

some clothes and stepping on stage, it’s about owning the clothes that you wear.

Ramsa does this by checking poses, making sure body parts don’t interfere with

clothing and that prims are adjusted correctly. His area is style. This is why

Ramsa is the stylist for Evolution models. Not only that, Ramsa likes to better

himself. He is not satisfied with the ordinary. He projects this idea for himself onto the other

models. He is always looking out for the best quality shops to inform models where

they can find some great stuff.

portrait of Ramsa Luv

At first glance, Ramsa Luv can be intimidating or appear that way. As I said he is

buff and his look is so artistic, that it made me look at myself and made me think I

looked like I just got out of bed. Also I felt I knew so little about the modeling

industry that he would be like a Greek God and dismiss me as a mere mortal.

However, Ramsa is the complete opposite. He has a genuine heart and a genuine

passion and he knows that his look is not something godly, it was something he had

to work for. He was also more than eager to share his passion with me. Also I’ve

been in Second Life™ for a year and a half, and Ramsa said something to me that

nobody has ever said and it was just two words: “Ladies first.”

portrait of Veracity Afterthought

Veracity Afterthought is one of those names that you give a lot of thought to.

Veracity meaning truthfulness. And yes after seeing Veracity, she still lingers in

your brain. She is demure, poised, elegant, and sharp. Her beauty is as intimidating

at first as Ramsa’s is, but she is just as warm and giving as her partner. Veracity

owns a store called DeiTY™ which contains accessories. It has a cyberpunk theme.

She is also the new COO (Chief Operations Officer) of Opium

Evolution. Veracity also builds for Opium Evolution and brings her style from DeiTY.

Building wasn’t easy for Veracity either. She learned how to do it. Veracity

learned everything that she is now. From modeling to building and like Ramsa she

is constantly learning, trying to make herself better because that’s what being a

model is. Not settling for the ordinary but trying to be better and break those

barriers that bring you down. Veracity gives us the hope that we can strive to be

better than we are.

Currently both Ramsa and Veracity work for Opium Evolution. Along with

being the COO and helping with the design of Opium Evolution, Veracity does model

blogging along with her fellow models. Ramsa also with being the stylist for Opium

Evolution models is also the manager.

Opium Evolution Logo

What is Opium Evolution? Opium Evolution started as Opium Fashion

Agency and was known for their innovative fashion shows. A lot of agencies started

to follow Opium’s ideas. As wonderful as this was, there was a problem. Things

started to become stale and brought on a lot of lag which didn’t help for designers’

clothes to be seen. Like Veracity and Ramsa, Opium needed to become better.

Opium needed to reinvent itself and needed to have some kind of revolution, and

that’s when Opium Fashion Agency became Opium Evolution. They

moved to very sleek, back to the basics, and more focused on the designer.

Opium Evolution has exclusive shows no other agency in Second Life has.

They have signature trunk shows. Currently the building is still under construction,

but I was able to see where the trunk shows would be and the static runway for

students in modeling classes. As well as the after party club (where Ramsa started

dancing). Designers come to them with new releases not yet on the grid. Opium

shows them there and people are able to purchase the designs two weeks prior to

release and at a discount. There’s also up close interviews at the trunk shows and

designer response has been, as Veracity said, “massive!”

Opium Evolution is now stronger, a large organization and they do work

with Best of Second Life (BOSL™) and Frolic. They are also like a

big family. And Ramsa and Veracity still find time to model together.

It was a pleasure to interview both Ramsa and Veracity and now like Ramsa

would say it’s “Relax time.”

"Shall we dance" with Ramsa Luv and Velicity Afterthought

SLURL to Opium Evolution inworld:

Website for Model Blogs:

Pictures in this article were provided by our clients,Ramsa Luv and Veracity Afterthought.
Credit of each picture is listed by the artist on the photograph.

TY for reading! Feel free to comment and recommend this article to your friends as always, this is Amanda432 Cheviot reporting for The SL Enquirer.


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