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Showing posts with label model agency. Show all posts

Saturday, June 25, 2022

LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR



The LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR jury has chosen the last group of semi-finalists. Congratulations to Hunipet Delicioso, JadePono, Kendall Palmer, Lathilda, Redsonjaa & Virginia775!

Registration is now closed and the jury will review all the photos of all the 30 semi-finalists to elect 12 finalists. 303 photos were submitted as part of this competition to find an ambassador for LUXE Paris, an elegant woman who will represent the brand with grace and charisma.


The 12 finalists will be revealed Friday July 1st. They will then be invited to participate to 3 events inworld so the judges can evaluate their skills and select the best one to represent LUXE Paris.

There will be the Judge's Brunch where the jury will meet the finalists in person for the first time and where the great 12 will have to present a short speech (typed in chat) explaining why they would be a good ambassador for LUXE Paris.

Two challenges-shows will follow. In the first one, Decades of Fashion 1950-2020, the finalists will have to interpret a decade with LUXE Paris fashion and ZURI jewellery. The decades will be assigned to the finalists by draw.

The theme of the second challenge is Fashion Capitals - A Global Ball. For this challenge, the finalists will have to imagine a look to represent one of the 12 Fashion Capitals of the planet, to attend a prestigious charity ball organised by Rihanna, Cher and Madonna! Here again, the capitals will be assigned to the finalists by draw.


It is the sum of the scores awarded by the jury during the two challenges that will determine the winner and the two super finalists. The second challenge will be immediately followed by the crowning of the new LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR.

LUXE Paris 2022 ambassador will win L$50,000 cash and numerous gifts offered by the sponsors. The two runners up will each win L$10,000 cash and also many gifts.

The Judge's Brunch is a private event but the challenge-shows are open to the public. The challenge Decades of Fashion will be held on Sunday July 31th at 9 AM SLT, and the challenge Fashion Capitals, followed by the crowning, on Sunday August 7th at 9 AM SLT.

These shows are something to see as they present great fashion and a lots of beautiful emotions. More information at LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR 2022

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Strutting Down the Catwalk in Second Life- Sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting…

Tiviyah Resident/ picture taken by Fuzz Lennie

Many dream about becoming a model. But do people really know what this industry is all about. Come with me as we explore this profession.

Everybody wants a job that is financially and emotionally fulfilling; whether it be in Second Life or Real Life. Some professions require more of one’s mental resources, in exchange for a bigger paycheck. One vocation that while emotionally rewarding can also be mentally and financially draining. The career that I’m referring to is modeling. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Announcing ProFashion Productions Model Training Program

The ProFashion Model Training Program includes fun and exciting opportunities for aspiring or seasoned models development. Classes include everything from how to walk the runway, to hair and makeup lessons, how to dress appropriately for every occasion, and multiple viewer usage! ProFashion model trainees will have the opportunity to become part of the ProFashion Productions team upon graduation! Course duration is 6-8 weeks and includes a commencement ceremony and diploma.

Cost $L8,000

Course Outline

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Better Beauty in Opium Evolution™, The Story of Ramsa Luv and Veracity Afterthought, Amanda432 Cheviot Reporting...

John Keats once wrote “Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty, that is all ye know on

earth and all ye need to know.” Beauty is not how you look on the outside or not

how you look on the inside. It’s a combination of both inside and outside. Of course

there is that saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes when you get

up in the morning, you may look in the mirror and say “I look pretty good to be a

model.” You have the shape, the skin and the hair, what more does one need? Then

you meet two people like Ramsa Luv and Veracity Afterthought and realize

there is more to modeling than you may have imagined. That is the feeling I got when I met

these two individuals. One look at them made me think you’re seeing two people on

a European runway.

nice picture of Ramsa and Vera