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Showing posts with label Amanda432 Cheviot. Show all posts

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Better Beauty in Opium Evolution™, The Story of Ramsa Luv and Veracity Afterthought, Amanda432 Cheviot Reporting...

John Keats once wrote “Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty, that is all ye know on

earth and all ye need to know.” Beauty is not how you look on the outside or not

how you look on the inside. It’s a combination of both inside and outside. Of course

there is that saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes when you get

up in the morning, you may look in the mirror and say “I look pretty good to be a

model.” You have the shape, the skin and the hair, what more does one need? Then

you meet two people like Ramsa Luv and Veracity Afterthought and realize

there is more to modeling than you may have imagined. That is the feeling I got when I met

these two individuals. One look at them made me think you’re seeing two people on

a European runway.

nice picture of Ramsa and Vera

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Willowdale High School - An Education Experience -- Amanda432 Cheviot Reporting

“School + Students = Education” – Rose Kramoloc

When I tell people that I teach high school in Second Life, there is shock and disbelief. The expression says “My goodness, why???” After all, when one thinks of Second Life, there is clubbing, chatting with friends, and exploring. If there is any roleplaying (RP’ing), it is either of the adult variety or something to do with dragons, zombies or vampires. And if there is education, there are building classes and maybe some college classes. High school is another story though. Why high school?

For me, I had the same reservations. Strangely, teaching high school in Second Life is too close to my real life experience and a lot of us in Second Life are trying to separate the two. And even stranger, I teach High School Algebra. When making your dream in Second Life come true, the last thing I thought that would be is being a high school Algebra teacher.

Willowdale High School (WHS) is my first SL high school (yes, there are actually others out there!) and I’ve been there for almost a year. Why do I stay? Well, because it’s fun. But not only is WHS an education environment, it is also an RP. People role play as teachers, students, and WHS staff. This was a new experience for me because I’m not a general RP’er. There are times I’ve found myself having to role play as a teacher with the students and times I’ve actually taught something in class. Then again, isn’t this the same in real life?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ginette Pinazzo's Future Femdom™ -- Amanda432 Cheviot reporting....

One of the greatest questions of the 20th century is “Who is Kaiser Soze?” One of

the greatest questions of the 21st century is “Who is Ginette Pinazzo?” This is not

to say that Ginette Pinazzo is a killer and should be feared by the masses! Ginette,

or Gina, is far from a killer and is a genuine passionate soul. The one thing she is

passionate about is women, specifically female empowerment. Like Kaiser Soze, she

is a name you hear so much about. Both names carry this sense of reverence. So to

understand who Gina is, I thought it was best to go to the beginning, and that would