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Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Lucky Lady" Premiere in SL Review By Allen Eppenberger

Ambrosia Lanley's newest production "Lucky Lady" was premiered on Friday March 2, coinciding with International Women's Day. Starring Ambrosia Lanley, Sin Irelund, Mitzy Jules, Terrin Rembrandt, and Lina, it's a dramatic story about a young woman discovering her sexuality and orientation while living and working with her grandparents in the state of Texas.

For the event, the airplane hangar in the movie was recreated in the sim to house the screen for the viewing. Also included were the models of the Lucky Lady DC3, and the Purple Heart P51, along with the motorcycle that was part of the storyline. I arrived early, anticipating a good crowd, in which I wasn't disappointed. Among the notables were AviewTV's LaPiscean Liberty, Rysan Fall, and Ginette Pinazzo, the event's MC.

It was easy to understand the main character, Ambrosia's, point of view in the story. Living with her grandparents after being left by her mother, and growing up in an indrustrial background, she finds that she's frustrated with the status quo. Everyone and everything in her Texas hometown is straight and normal. Until she meets Jennifer, the girl that delivers the daily newspaper. A girl with a classic "wrong side of the tracks" upbringing, Jennifer immeadiately bonds with Ambrosia, and in doing so, brings out both girl's true natures and desires.

As the story continues, a sad turn of events happens when Ambrosia loses her grandparents in a plane accident in bad weather. Finding a letter in her grandmother's belongings, she discovers the location of her mother in California, and decides to meet with her. At this point, I'll leave you to watch the story to learn what happens.

At the end of the show, Ms. Lanley thanked her audience and hosts for our kind reception of her work. The evenings event ended with a party afterwards. I encourage you to go to Ambrosia Lanley's YouTube channel and watch her video!


  1. beautiful moving film, Ambrosia is brilliant

  2. Loved the vid entirely.Thanks for the review.I shared it on Fb here:


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