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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mermaids In Second Life -- Pandora Drezelan Reporting

One of the beauties of Second Life is that you can be whoever or whatever you choose to be, the styles of avatars are almost unimaginable and the list is endless from human, vampire, demon, etc.--the choice is yours.

And then there are mermaids, an amazing aquatic and mythological species with a human form and the tail of a fish, truly graceful and amazing. "Mermaid" is a mixture of two words, mer the French word for "sea", and maid, being a young woman.

Me as Mermaid

You can either buy a full mermaid avatar or you can simply buy a mermaid tail and keep your own shape and originality.

Mermaid accessories are also available, such as jewelry, hair, AO’s skins and shapes, if you do want to be different, mer fashion can cost a little or a lot depending on what you are looking for and most mer sims have gifts for group members and lucky chairs.

The Trident Mermaid Lagoon

In my opinion the traditional mermaid tail and sea shell or star fish top and a good mermaid AO is the most realistic look; however, mermaid attire can come in many types of fashion depending on your taste.

The mermaid culture is very popular in Second Life, there are a number of groups, stores and communities for all mer folk such as Sirens Nest, The Trident Mermaid Lagoon, Gold Mermaid as well as Safe Waters Foundation, to name a few.

Safe Waters Foundation

Some residents live the mermaid lifestyle to its fullest in homes under water complete with mermaid furniture and animations and never revert to being human, their way of life is one of a kind.

For others their life as a mermaid is a part time fantasy, whether it is for relaxation, fun or role play.

Mermaid sims are quiet breathtaking and have a very calming atmosphere, most of them are mature rated and some are adult for the ladies who prefer to swim topless.

Safe Waters Foundation Group

There are photo competitions for Second Life mermaids and modeling jobs to show off the best mer fashion, many Second Life mermaids take their way of life very seriously and for the mermaid looking for a partner, there are many eligible mermen to be found in Second Life as well.

Mermaids present a fashion statement in it’s own right and get a lot of attention wherever they go, some people don’t expect to come across a mermaid, even in Second Life and some residents know very little or nothing about the mermaids of Second Life.

Being a mermaid in Second Life is a great experience whether you choose to mer full time or part time, to me it is invigorating and almost liberating in an unusual sort of way.

I have been a part time mermaid in Second Life for over a year now, it’s an enjoyable pastime for me and even though I don’t get to mer as much as I would like to, it is always a fascinating journey.

The mermaids and mermen that I have met so far have been very friendly, they don’t seem to mind that I am not into role play or that I’m human ..... most of the time.


  1. Since going mer I have found it really changes how you view SL; being more enigmatic and fascinating. The only problem is that I can't seem to find any merfolk anywhere now.

    1. I havent been able to find any either...let me know if you do?

    2. I havent been able to find any either...let me know if you do?


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