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Monday, March 12, 2012

Trippin with Price/ Take a Risk

Ok! I have never taken drugs, and never will. If you know me....Be Quiet! I'm reporting here. I have to say in a good way this Sim is like being on acid. Here are some new words my wonderful SL Readers I want you to remember, I will use them many times. This Sims was “Frosty”, totally “Iced”, really “Frigid”.

Now I do not know why lately I keep finding these Sims that have you doing double takes around every hill. The imagination of our SL residents is at an all time high. All you RL artsy fartsy folks come take the "Blue" pill for this Sim. Enter this Sim at your own peril, ummm its called “RISK CITY”. Seriously people go spend some time on this Sim installation and tell me after you have done about 4 teleports offered, that you did not have the best time of your Second Life.

SuzeLaRousse Milo (suzelarousse.milo) Madame respectfully what’s in your coolade and can I have some?  Not only did you feed my visionary senses, but you threw in a shopping spree too. You’re my Hero!

Risk City is best explored on a night setting. When you arrive you will have the urge to either laugh or scream…”What is That!” Maintain your calm and venture out. If you have the time try and explore every available Teleport and please, please, please play with the pose balls. Some of her pose balls were downright inventive. Who does not like being chased by a Hippo and having a great place to hide under a headless ghost gown...Who I tell ya?

Some locations her TP’s will take you will have you thinking….some therapy sessions are needed for the artist. But if you give this Sim enough time to convert you, you will appreciate her views and use of all things known as prims or mesh or whatever some of that goo is made of. There are places to sit and meditate when your eyes are done dancing… take them. I preferred just hanging around.

There is so much to see that if I tried to describe each environment offered and help you see it thru my eyes, not only will I be doing you a disservice, but….Wow! I will just say this more. I found religion, Lost my religion. Questioned my BS&M desires and felt very dirty. I had thoughts I hoped no one could hear. I saw scenes that would be impossible in RL. I walked on settings that had me looking over my RL shoulder. I giggled like a kid at some animations. And swore only the Best of Friend or Hottest of Date would ever repeat this walk on Risk City with me. We are all sooo not worthy.

Read what the Creator says about herself and her Sim:

Visit My Dream @ Risk City!
Hummmmm, thanks for visiting Risk City!
Explore at your own risk...not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious!
Make sure you see it all,
just take the teleport and you will explore Risk City in this order!
 1 - Ice Storm
 2 - Chocolate Factory
 3 - Gallery
 4 - I Spy
 5 - Honey Water
 6 - Suzerella
 7 - Farm Spa
 8 - Be Wild
 9 - Ladies Night
10 - Dirty & Mad
11 - Paradox
12 - Hot Roof
13 - Wild Beach
14 - Castle
15 - zzZzzzz
16 - @ Risk Store
17 - Back to Start 

About me SuzeLaRousse Milo---------------                                       
I have put a lot of energy into my 'Risk City' Sim.  Risk City is a exploration sim where I  also
have a showroom with a wild collection of products. I build as much as I break down it is a constant prim battle ;-))

My Influences?I love real life, things I see on the streets, strange mixes of styles and wild combinations of the unexpected .I believe in the phrase:  Anyone can look for fashion in a boutique or history in a museum. The creative explorer looks for history in a hardware store and fashion in an airport!

My Goal ?First and foremost my goal is to be happy and to do what I like to do, to move, to play. I have what most would consider to  be  an unbelievable need for space and freedom of movement through my world.  I have no hard and fast set plans, preferring  a spontaneous path.  I believe in the journey not in the destination, so no goals here ;-))

My Style?I think that my sim is an inner directed reflection of me.  I use what I like, colors, shapes, can’t really tell its abstract.  I have called my flicker page “Visit My Dream @ Risk City!” I think my idea is to create a dream, a perfect world on the first place for myself! But ur all welcome and enjoy!

My Picts!                                                                       

About Risk City!-------------------
Explore, Art, Sexy Secrets, Mysteries, Shop,  Fun @ Risk City!
Chocolate Factory,  Secret dressing room, Picture exposition,  Skating @ ice storm, Barbarella, Spa ...I hope u have as much fun exploring 'Risk City' as I have building it!


This is Prissy Price reporting…I need a drink. Wait I don’t drink. I need Chocolate ...see you soon. Look at my photos on my Flickr page to wet your appetite.
 Then gooo make your own.


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