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Friday, May 11, 2012

Second Life Babies -Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

Second Life Babies 
I visited the Magnolia Blossom Maternity Clinic and spoke with one of the clinic nurses Ms. Cat and the clinic owner and doctor, Roni Silvercloud. I wanted more of an insight into Second Life babies and child avatars. Ms. Cat talks about how she came to be a nurse in Second Life and what is involved in Second Life conception:

‘I met Dr. Grey through Roni, and he referred me to her. We all hit it off right away. I didn’t have any experience except real life related knowledge, but Roni looks at what someone can be and not what they are, so it worked out well.

‘Once you have visited here, a time is set for you to verify the pregnancy or to obtain information on ways to conceive, a consultation is done and prices are confirmed on what has been discussed, prices do range differently in some cases, never higher, maybe lower.

‘We do help people in special cases, if someone needs it, sometimes if a shape is modify we help tweak them to save Mommy the money that she may not have, we also have a variety of tummy talkers and HUDS to suit every mothers needs.’

Ms. Cat talks about the different reasons for people wanting to have the experience of a Second Life birth, single mothers and same sex couples:
‘Some mothers for one reason or another might not be able to carry or finance a child in real life, but they can here in Second Life and sometimes it is because they love the person they are with but are so far away from their Second Life partner that this is their only option.. so we try and make it as memorable as possible.
‘Nothing about pregnancy is common... just as in real life we have single mothers, but we support them and they are not alone.
‘We have a surrogacy program for same sex couples also, everyone is entitled to love and have a child.’

Birthing Spa

In regards to how long a pregnancy lasts, how old the babies grow as well as services for parents after the birth. Ms Cat explains:
The duration of the pregnancy depends on mothers needs, the most common is 9 months (40 weeks)
‘As for how old a child grows, that is based on the baby and let me stress there are amazing babies in Second Life, more so now. each one is special and they all do different things.
‘The mother / parents are brought back in in three days for a post natal visit.
‘We make sure the mother has not experienced any complications and that she is healing nicely any questions or concerns are discussed. Which all our patients know that our Doctors will come in even if they are out some where and are needed. we are not so much of a ‘in the box’ type clinic.’

Birthing Room

Ms. Cat talks about the seriousness involved in a Second Life birth:
‘Pregnancy and birth in Second Life is a very emotional experience, we take this extremely seriously and we do make it as spontaneous as the parents choose within the consultation.
‘We try very hard here to make everything as realistic as we can, Roni loves babies and she has built this clinic to help mothers to be and yes even ones who might not understand things, we always take the time out to help them, even when they not customers.’

Examination Room

Roni Silvercloud speaks about her experiences with child avatars and how they can be so easily misunderstood in Second Life.
‘I have twin daughters who I adopted in Second Life and a son that I birthed here and two nieces. they are full of life, like flowing rainbows when they run, or talk and their little hands make magic balls out of thin air with teddy bears in them. I love children and I love the energy they have.
‘I think people are more excepting of them now, there are more options than just purchasing a baby.. child avatars are becoming  the later steps in bringing their lil babies to reality.
‘Some places look at them as weirdos, or strange for wanting to be a child here, even predators's all what you make of it.
Second Life children are as rambunctious as they are in real life. It can be an amazing enjoyment or a nightmare. ha, ha,ha.
‘Some children take more understanding and love than others, but my advice is slow down, breath and push through.’

Roni and baby Vlad

In regards to why someone would choose to play the role of a child in Second Life and the acceptance of children:
‘We all miss the child within us at some time, Second Life is full of adventure and fun. and having a family to love them.
‘Second Life children are parts of families, important parts.

‘Mommies and dads here in Second Life can have children here that might not be able to for whatever reason in real life, so Second Life is giving them a chance to share families even if they are thousands of miles apart. (smiles) 
‘These are amazing times we live in and I’m glad that I have the chance share it.

Second Life children are becoming more popular as times goes on, children are seen more and more and becoming more accepted.’

The Wasp Family

Well that certainly was an amazing experience for me and an eye opener to say the least. I’d like to thank both Ms. Cat and Roni Silvercloud for sharing their information with us.


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