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Showing posts with label relationships. Show all posts

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Join us Wednesday at Whole Brain Health as we discussion topics on Relationships.


Topics vary from week to week
Relationships in Second Life can be confusing and painful...or they can bring new joy and meaning into our lives.  Come join us for discussions about relationships in Second Life and beyond.

Date & Time: Wednesday 12 PM *Noon SLT
Location: Whole Brain Health
Facilitator: Pet Karu

THE SESSIONS ARE IN VOICE SO PLEASE ENABLE VOICE SO YOU CAN HEAR.  I hope to see your friendly faces among the gathering.

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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Relationships in SL and Beyond Discussion - Wednesdays at Noon

Join us Wednesday mornings at Whole Brain Health as we discussion topics on Relationships Inside SL and Beyond.

Topics vary from week to week
Relationships in Second Life can be confusing and painful...or they can bring new joy and meaning into our lives.  Come join us for discussions about relationships in Second Life and beyond.

Date & Time: Wednesday Noon SLT
Location: Whole Brain Health
Facilitator: Pet Karu

THE SESSIONS ARE IN VOICE SO PLEASE ENABLE VOICE SO YOU CAN HEAR.  I hope to see your friendly faces among the gathering.

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Also, join our group for any new! (Fearless Lovers or Invite Inc.)

Pet's Fearless Lovers group ----> secondlife:///app/group/89a5ceb7-b82d-291b-a514-52272a28aac8/about

Invite Inc. ------> secondlife:///app/group/5e3fb585-ff90-48e8-ee8b-82a21c88909a/about 
or contact Muza Waco in world for your questions.

Invite Inc. 501 (c)3 provides lectures designed around tools that help build community. We are dedicated to empowering each individual to thrive where they are, while also growing a supportive, respectful community around them.

We are fortunate to present the powerful transformational work of RL professional coaching Pet Karu. Please join us for this new series to inspire and give insights for personal growth. You are welcome to come and find the tools and resources  that help you meet your goals!! 

Thursday, February 27, 2020

A Reality Check about Cyber Bullying, Second Life’s Dating Culture, Relationships and Human Intelligence Decline.- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Are we turning back into cave people?
UPDATE! Back by popular demand. This post was first publish in January of 2016. It is now 2020 and Cyber Bullying is now a social epidemic that has become a major problem. If you or anyone you know is being cyber bullied, speak up!  Many suffer in silence. Make it a topic of conversation with your family, especially youth and make it a point to educate them about the internet and social media.

Original Post: 1/13/2016

I refuse to sugarcoat these topics because they are issues that just keep happening in Second Life (for years) and needs someone to expose it for what it is. If you do not like articles that keep it real, please don’t continue to read.

Cyber Bullying happens in SL more often than most realize. It occurs most often between couples than just random acquaintances on a virtual playground. We are all grownups yet many act like children with no type of parental guidance or self discipline.
Let’s start with failed relationships and the ridiculous tantrums that follow.
 Like countless tales of love and break ups in Second Life, either one or both come out of the situation feeling jilted or scorned. Nearly 2 out of 10 relationships have a mutually agreed upon peaceful split. The rest do not end so peacefully.

Good Break Up
 For those mature break ups, both parties came to the agreement they were better off friends or they just want to see the other happy-even if it isn’t with each other. For the most part, these former lovers remain friends and share a mutual understanding. This is the way to handle a break up with dignity and respect. While both parties might feel sad at first, the damage is minimal and both will not be left scarred.

Bad Break Up
For those couples who end up squabbling back and forth like pre-schoolers with no damn common sense, there is something to be said about how they handle conflict and make choices. They have it all wrong and need to learn some self control and ways to be the bigger person in the situation.  Otherwise, they will go through life not knowing how to deal with relationships and will never find true happiness.  The best way to handle a situation is to accept it as it is and move one. People with high expectations cannot expect things to go back to the way they were once they have been let down. So why even bother bickering or attacking your ex? No one truly wins in this situation and acting like you “owns” anyone is the perfect way to sabotage any healthy relationship moving forward. You are not a cave dweller clubbing your mate senseless for your own needs....

How mature are you when things don’t go your way?
There has to be a level of respect and maturity when things do not go our way. People who think being spiteful or concocting a revenge plan are lacking some form of intelligence. Perhaps it is mild retardation that does not allow them to think rationally.  Have you acted in a way you regret? Stop that shit.

If you know a Cyber Bully do not fuel the flame by bickering back and forth and making it escalate.  You can save yourself some grief by using ban and mute. If the bully threatens you and you feel in danger- seek authorities or qualified professional help that can actually do something about it. That bit of advice applies to both the real world and the virtual world bullying.

Second Life’s Dating Culture- FFS let’s break this down.
Second Life has an interesting dating dynamic. There are multiple factors that play into how we perceive each other.
There is the visual fantasy that we all share being beautifully designed avatars based on what we see as our own personal perfection.  The majority of us DO NOT look exactly like our avatar or even come close. Others may share a resemblance but the virtual lifestyle is not how it really is in their real life.
If you want to argue that, can you fly and teleport in RL let alone dance like a superstar in a club like that? OK then… back to what I was saying.

  Some people fall in love with the fantasy and need a reality check.
For example, In SL you might have the biggest property, Mansion, yacht, cars, wardrobe, ect but be a broke ass living on someone else’s couch and sponging off their internet while on unemployment.  If that isn’t sexy enough, what about the housewife with screaming neglected kids in the background and loads of laundry and dirty dishes piling up as she is flirting in a club with all her goods spilling out of her skimpy outfit.
For those of you who have a happy RL and you are dragging the rainbows and butterflies into Second life, Thank you for being awesome!  My advice does not apply to you. In fact offering your advice as a mentor to those who got it twisted would be great.
Anyway, what I am trying to say is Second Life has a funny way of creating illusions for people to form their initial attractions around. Being aware of these things and finding your balance between reality and virtual existence is very important- Especially, if you want to avoid being sucked into situations that would be awkward to explain to people in your real life.

Sharing Nude Pics and stuff about yourself that you might regret later
When RL information and images are exchanged it either kills the fantasy flat out or adds a spark that causes virtual couples to choose their next step in the relationship. Things in Second Life happen at such a fast paced that a whirlwind romance can lead to more serious conversations, a deep love that almost feels like both parties are soul mates and no one can ever understand their bond. 
In reality, relationships form in Second Life based on this very scenario a hundred times over and break ups occur even as rapidly as they begin. It takes some pretty unique people to make it work.
People in virtual “simlationships” do need a reality check when it comes to thinking about the future and what will become of things if situations change.  No one is ever promised forever and people need to have a plan in place for change.
 If you share information or pictures that you would never want leaked to anyone including your parents, spouse, kids, pastor, hairdresser, cat or dog- it might be best to not share them. If you still share questionable content and act surprised if you get exploited.  Don’t complain to anybody. Stop that shit.

Observe how people act
You might think if you trust your friends or a significant other, you have nothing to worry about right? Just observe them. How do your friends, lover or SL spouse react when they are angry?
Do they bad mouth others and seek revenge? Or do they take the higher road and handle the situation like a mature adult with some intelligence? Just remember, you can easily become the victim of someone’s anger. Choose the people you involve yourself with wisely because you never know when things get ugly, how ugly they will be.

Falling in “Love” in SL- Is it real or just amplified infatuation?
 Falling in love in a virtual world is probably one of the most dangerous things to do with your heart. You are taking a big risk based on whatever the person tells you without seeing their body language, hearing their voice or even spending rl time with them.
These important relationship factors aren’t present in SL-unless the couple is physically involved in rl and also expressing it in SL. If the couple never met in rl or can’t be due to other factors like distance, disability, financial situation, a spouse, being a gender imposter, lying or other questionable reasons, it is best to just have fun  unrestricted and not invest your heart into something that won’t be going anywhere. You will end up frustrated and maybe even resenting the person you thought you loved.
Try polyamory. This type of relationship doesn’t restrict you from exploring your options in Second Life. Make sure that everyone agrees in the lifestyle and just have fun without all the drama, jealousy and BS that weighs down some couples in a monogamous lifestyle. Why limit yourself in SL?

Love is very fragile in SL and can be shattered at the snap of a finger causing problems and potential devastation in its wake. If it hasn’t happened to you, chances are you know someone that has gone through a break up, or two. Stay on the side of caution if you wish to expose your heart in Second Life. Love is a strong word and should not be thrown around like a pair of underwear when you are just in the mood. To genuinely love- (care deeply for someone inside and out) means putting them before yourself and protecting them from harm.

 SL Infatuation is something totally different. It means caring enough to stay and cuddle for a bit after sex but not enough to listen to their partners feelings- even when they act like they care. They are totally in it for the sex.  Don’t be fooled.

In conclusion- F*ck Global warming, There is a Human Intelligence Decline!
Im not trying to say don’t worry about global warming. Please do but isn’t is even more alarming to see human intelligence is declining? We need smart people in this world to help figure out what to do about a crisis.
No matter if it is real life or in Second Life. Drama, problems and issues are always present. It is how we deal with things that determine what type of person we are and how our life will turn out.

Besides that, we as a human race have bigger things to focus on-Like trying to find peace and solutions to this global warming thing before we end our own humanity being a bunch of dumb asses worrying about petty things that don’t even matter.
The way I see it we are all borrowers of time whether it is in Second Life or in Real Life. Each day we are all getting closer to our end and won’t be taking anything with us when we go. Our time right now is the most valuable thing we have in this world. It is something we can never buy back, yet some waste it away blaming everything on everyone else but themselves. Don’t be that person.

Use your time wisely with no regrets and enjoy both worlds. Second Life was not made to replace life but to enrich it with so much creativity and imagination. It would be a waste to squander that dealing with unnecessary BS.

UPDATE 2/27/2020


The guide below features how cyberbullying has become a growing problem, how it can affect kids and adults, and mental health-related problems to name a few.

Special thanks to Outreach Manager; Sarah Anderson for the updated links to important cyberbullying resources!

UPDATE 9/14/2020

An update from the company Comparitech 

We surveyed 1,000 parents of children over the age of five and asked about their children’s cyberbullying experiences.

Here’s the updated study -

Special thanks to Charlotte Bishop for supplying this updated information.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

WBH: Relationship Empowerment in SL and Beyond- Join the discussion February 12th at 12pm SLT

Relationships in Second Life can be confusing and painful...or they can bring new joy and meaning into our lives.  

Positive relationships are one of the major contributors to everyone's well-being. That's why Whole Brain Health is beginning a series of conversations about relationships in Second Life and beyond, facilitated by Pet Karu.  These discussions came about through the efforts of real life coaches Jami and Marla Keller (of Invite Inc, a 501c3), with the assistance of Muza Waco.

Communication is trickier than ever these days, especially in SL, so it pays to have clarity about what you want and who you are in each situation you encounter. Join us to find out how you can empower yourself to have more satisfying relationships... with just a little practice.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


So...this question has been asked at least once, and probably a couple dozen times, by every married guy or gal shortly after setting pixelated foot on the SL Grid. In keeping with SLE’s desire to remain relevant to the population we serve, we thought it would be interesting to make this ubiquitous question the subject of this month’s SLE Poll.  This proved to be a particularly easy question to ask, but difficult to get answers. Almost universally, whenever I posed the question, people had an opinion, but very few were willing to share it. So, My hat’s off to those intrepid few who dared to answer, and even more so to those who wished to be identified with their answer. So then...with that in mind….Let the Games Begin!

When asked, “If you are married in Real Life, and partner in SecondLife, is it cheating?, the first respondent had a very thoughtful answer.

Anonymous, SL Resident, (9 years 11 months; 3650 days)

“I feel my partner in sl just adds more enrichment to my real life.  Perhaps in many ways it fill in little little holes that even a happy marriage can have.  I have a very happy rl marriage, and my adventures in sl bleed out into my rl marriage. My exploration of bondage has lead to me exploring that with my husband, who was eager to take part.  He must wonder and realize what I may be doing in sl, but he knows I am happy and continue to make him happy. I in no way have a partner in sl to replace what I have in rl. Its a balance one has to be mature enough to engage in and have a big enough heart for, to keep that way.”  

Another respondent was equally circumspect.

Lora B. , SecondLife Resident, (12 years 8 months; 4643 days)

“I am happy to tell you my answer....  SL is an alternate existence, we can live by the same compass we use in RL or we can treat this world the way some people treat a video game.... there are video games where you engage in war and pretend to kill people... and video games where you pretend to steal things... I think those people are not truly murderers or thieves.... any more than the married people who are partnered here are unfaithful.... I dont agree with people who believe any division of the heart or mind away from a lawful spouse is infidelity...”

The next two responders brought a unique perspective to the question, since they are actually a RL married couple, as well as SL partners.

Kale Rayne, DJ, Owner Teaser's Lounge & Den (8 years 4 months; 3052 days)

“We are married in both RL and SL Delilah and I. To answer the question, I state this: I encourage her to play at her choosing whether I am present or not. The only thing I ask is that she tell me of her adventures if I am not present or online. She has told me every time therefore she is not cheating on me since I encourage her to play. Our relationship is defined as a Stag and Vixen whereas she may have different lovers and I do not touch any other woman , at times I may watch or even join in if all are willing. Now if at anytime she hides her adventures to me then yes that is cheating, but the trust I have in her is what she cherishes most . We have been together for 8 years plus in SL and she has never cheated.”

Delilah Rayne, Hostess, Co-Owner Teaser's Lounge & Den,  (8 years 11 months; 3270 days)

“No it is not cheating if your RL partner knows about it and is okay with it.  If its done behind your RL partners back and they are not aware then yes its considered cheating in our opinion.

This next couple were also in complete agreement

Richh Devin,  Builder of Dreams, Club Owner (11 years 10 months; 4345 days)
Alexxxa Devin) SL DJ and Hostess  (9 years 5 months; 3447 days)

“As long as both are on same page about SL, then no, it is most definitely NOT cheating.   Communication is key in both worlds.”

This next answer come from one who was holding one of those Magic 8-Balls.  She repeated my question for the benefit of the ball, and responded accordingly with a very reasonable and straightforward  response.

Hunnydumpling  O'Magah, SL Resident (8 years 7 months; 3140 days)

“After consulting my oracle I believe that partnering someone is cheating while just screwing them is not. TYVM”

While the responders answered some variation of the “it’s not cheating” theme, there was one particularly outspoken proponent of the opposite view.

Lisa Icandia,  Renaissance Woman, (9 years 2 months; 3364 days)

“Of course it is cheating unless you have lost all morality from sight. You are emotionally cheating on your real life partner. She/He may be sexually uninspired or fat or old but you're married. You are giving laughter, joy, fun, understanding and time to a total stranger who is a well made and sexy cartoon and is only made of pixel dust. And 9.5 times out of 10 it will end in one of you leaving SL or blocking the other person or cheating on that avatar along with your real life partner. But we ignore that it's cheating, don't we, because we love the thrill of the chase and we love feeling loved and as if we are young and beautiful and viable. There are no real obligations in here to mow the lawn or cook or clean house or bathe or go to work each day so we can always be charming and perfect spouses in SL even though we are not in real life. It's ALL an illusion!”

Often times when I asked a potential respondent, several answered that they did not feel comfortable answering the question, but would love to read the final poll results and asked that they be notified when it went to press.

S  male, (4 years 8 months; 1727 days)

“ummmm...I suspect if you are married in RL and partnered here the odds are that you are going to say no to cheating but I look forward to seeing the results.”

So there you have it many different answers as there were individuals who answered.  So then. What do YOU think? Leave a comment.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Join us Wednesday mornings at Whole Brain Health as we discussion topics on Relationships Inside SL and Beyond.

Relationships in Second Life can be confusing and painful...or they can bring new joy and meaning into our lives.  Come join us for discussions about relationships in Second Life and beyond.

Date & Time: Wednesday 8:30AM SLT
Location: Whole Brain Health
Facilitator: Pet Karu

THE SESSIONS ARE IN VOICE SO PLEASE ENABLE VOICE SO YOU CAN HEAR.  I hope to see your friendly faces among the gathering.

Here's your Uber: 

Topics vary from week to week

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Cheater's High - Relationship Challenge- Seersha Heart Reporting…

            Many of us are in or have been in a monogamous relationship at one time or another in SL.  Relationships are perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of living in SL.  In a virtual relationship we can only rely on IMs, text messages in world, to gage who a person is in SL.  With the amount of people who live in SL, it would seem counter intuitive that most people are honest.  Why not be honest in our virtual world?  You can be anyone or anything, right?  Unfortunately for those seeking honest friendships and relationships there are SL residents who are dishonest about their relationships and their fidelity.  There are many respected studies of the “Cheater’s High”.  This cheater’s high is the emotional boost someone receives when they successfully deceive another person.  And yes, this is a “thing”, the cheater’s high is real.  Those I spoke to experience the cheater’s high by telling me their stories.  All names and identifying information has been changed to protect the contributor.

            Andyy Oh has his SL time all figured out.  He told me he has the best of both worlds.  Partnered to a woman since 2012 he considers that his main relationship.  By most metrics it is a perfect relationship.  He lives in England, she lives in Ohio.  When she finishes her work day in RL she goes home to log into SL.  This is late afternoon early evening for her, for him it is late evening.  They see each other almost every day at their SL home.  However, what she doesn’t know is that Andyy has a second life IN second life.  When he went mesh in 2015 he made a new avi under a new account.  Initially he planned to experiment with that avi and that account but remain on most days Andyy.  For a few weeks this worked as he experimented with the design of the avi.  He also found that building as this new avi gave him quiet and time to concentrate.  He told me he told his partner about this avi, but they never discussed it further. 

            This “quiet” that Andyy experienced while in his ALT account as Hectortst came from the fact he didn’t have any friends with the ALT account.  One day while building in a sandbox a woman approached him and asked him a few questions about his project.  He said it was very exciting to be someone no one knew.  He had a couple hours every day before his partner logged into SL.  He had been using the time to build and to explore a bit.  When this woman chatted him, he saw no harm in joining her a club he had never heard of before.  His new life, his alter ALT had a life blossom easily for Andyy.  His days evolved into a couple hours as Hectortst then the evening as Andyy with his partner.  Hectortst is a different version of Andyy.  Hectortst is “single for life” and a playboy.  I asked Andyy if he was worried about getting caught.  He told me it would never happen.  He insists he is a caring and loving partner and that this isn’t really cheating.  He told me it “doesn’t really count” as he doesn’t have any steady relationships with women as Hectortst.

            It is safe to say that Andyy has not yet read Huckleberry Hax’s series AFK.  If he had, he would learn that Huck seems to know quite a few ways a person may get caught even as an ALT.  You can change the avi and the account, but the RL person behind both remains the same.  People repeat patterns, go places, say things that are similar regardless of account.  Thinking of this I asked Andyy one more question, “has your partner ever met Hectortst?”.  My IM went silent with this question.  After about fifteen minutes he IMed me back and said “yes”.  Maybe he felt guilty for this digression.  I only asked questions and listened.  Leaving the IM silent worked for me.  Andyy told me a short story of how his partner met Hectortst.  He said he purposely went to a club that Andyy and his partner frequented.  The prior night Andyy had told his partner that he would not be online the next day planning out his meeting with her.  Before he walked into “their” club Andyy realized his Hectortst was a very attractive avi perhaps more than Andyy himself.  He went into the club [as Hectortst] and sat at the bar while the DJ played.  She wasn’t there at the bar as he had hoped so he waited.  It took three separate times before Hectortst was there at the same time as Andyy’s partner.  Andyy told me his anxiety grew with each try.  He wondered if his partner was with someone else while he was Hectortst.  He wondered if his partner would flirt with Hectortst.

            By the time Hectortst met his partner Andyy was a basket case of worry.  He regained his confidence when she walked into the club one night.  Finally, his big moment came when he IMed her.  Would she flirt back or ignore him or what???  Andyy confessed that he had thought about having an affair with his own partner as Hectortst if she was interested.  Andyy had moved from a few dalliances to full on manipulation mode.  What happened wasn’t any scenario he predicted.  His RL began more demanding so he only had time for Andyy not Hectortst.  He stopped talking to me after his huge manipulation confession, so I don’t know what happened.  Honestly at this point I would rather not know.
            Women are dishonest in SL relationships too.  Chrissy Aeon has a different system that Andyy’s but seems to successfully have a couple lives in SL.  Currently without a partner, Chrissy says she has partnered before and plans to partner again someday soon.  She wants a partner who has limited SL time, such as only weekend, certain nights, basically a predictable schedule.  She loves having a partner, that someone special, to spend time with in SL.  What she also does is provide and escort service as well as serve as a “slave” to a Gorean man.  There is the “hi I’m Chrissy” woman, the “hi check my picks for gifts” woman and the first girl of Gorean land owner.  I could not keep track of our conversation in a way that I can convey how she does this in SL.  She is sweet, funny and seems to have it all figured out.  She sees no problem with all these lives existing with one avi.  I would agree that there isn’t a problem either, SL is what you make of it.  However, I asked her if she tells her boyfriends about the escorting and the Gorean RP.  To this she said, “no WAY”.  Now that, for many, is a problem.

            I spoke to seven SL residents who in some way are deceiving their partner or love interest.  What I didn’t hear from any of the people I spoke to was guilt.  None of them seemed to feel badly for being deceptive.  Perhaps given I posted my inquiry on Facebook, perhaps only those who felt no guilt would seek me out.  I found myself feeling worse each time I spoke to someone.  It was as if reliving the deception was a thrill.  I asked each one a couple of questions.  These are the questions and the results from my small group;

      What is a ‘partner’ in SL?  [most frequent answer was a partner is your spouse or number 1 person]
      What would you do if you learned your partner was deceiving you?  [surprisingly 5 of the 7 said that their partner would never deceive them]
      Does telling your story make you feel better, worse or the same for deceiving your partner?  [ 3 argued that they weren’t really deceiving their partner/bf/gf, 2 the same, 2 enjoyed talking about it]

Each person was promised anonymity.  I also told each person I would write the story my way using the information they provided.  Only one person asked if they could read an advance copy of this article.  I said no.  What I learned to put this together was deception takes a lot of time and a lot of energy.  There are no specific clues that seem to make one person more likely than another to be deceptive in SL.  I am confident that the deceptive people are the minority here, or rather the long term deceptive practices are few.  Most people are upfront about what they hope for in their lives here.  And in the end, you do your best to get to know someone then…. make a leap of faith.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ballrooms : Where the Romance Lives - Seersha Heart

“In one kiss, you’ll know all I haven’t said”; Pablo Neruda.  In Second Life, a date at a ballroom is a romantic adventure. It all the romance in one stop; the kisses and the dances of a well-earned night out.  I spend time in ballrooms during the year. This past year has been the most dramatic changes in my SL history. SL has lost two of the top ballrooms in the past year.  One of those was the lovely Rose Theatre Ballroom. In its day, if you asked anyone for the best ballroom “Rose Theatre” was either the first or the second one mentioned.  Angel Manor was a cultural hub of art and performance that is missed. Bogart’s is another loss to the grid. To me, losing Bogarts hurt badly. You could always could on Bogarts.  The walk through the shops to the marquee. At Bogarts you could have the formal stylish surroundings of a traditional ballroom, with an atmosphere that welcomed the single as well as the couples.  

SL has retained a couple of “tried and true” ballrooms.  Each providing different opportunities to the visitor. I recommend visiting these ballrooms at different times.  Each one that I am writing about has a wealth of fun to discover provided by the thoughtful and the clever owners.  And as is always true of SL, things change…..a….lot. One of those tried and true is the Avilion ballroom.  Formal dress required, clothing provided, this continues to be a place of magic and of romance.  I find that when I truly want the most romantic possible evening, of all the places on the grid, you will find me at Avilion.  Sometimes I visit alone, walking through, watching other dancers or dance alone. This is a peaceful place with rich colors and lighting that dances around you.  It is a delight to hear romantic music playing, as I ascend the main staircase to the ballroom. There are a couple of nice couples poses along the way. Inside walk to the railing and the ballroom opens in front of you in all directions.  I recommend sunset or midnight lighting. Let your eyes swept the view for a moment, it is in a word spectacular. The older stationary dance pose balls have been replaced with easy to use dance balls and dance hearts. The real magic in this location is that even though you are immersed grand beautiful ballroom, when you look to your date you will realize that he/she is the true beauty in this room.  Simply magical. After the dancing, when you take your date home, if you are not rewarded with the delicious naughty parts, after an evening at Avilion, it will NEVER happen.  This ballroom is the litmus test for a relationship.

Frank’s Place Jazz Club provides different settings for a formal night out.  With Bogarts gone, there remains the Jazz Club and the Elite Jazz Club.  Beyond the sexy sounding jazz, Frank’s hosts DJs and cover band concerts.  I always think of SL Resident and living large personality Johnathan Hiess when I visit Frank’s.  Jonathan is the grid’s cutting edge to music; at Frank’s he DJs, he produces cover band concerts and generates quite a following.  If you are luck to see him in his military dress, that is just a bonus. Frank’s is a place you may meet Mr. Right Now if not Mr. Right.  It is enjoyable to be in a vast room of avis donning their best clothing. Pan your camera around, use your free What is She Wearing HUD and see who is designing these outfits.  See someone who interests you? Go ahead and IM them, that is what people DO at Frank’s so meet, chat and dance.  
Foxxies ballroom and Jazz club is a treat.  Beyond the elegant ballroom you will find a hot air balloon ride and a horse drawn carriage.  Explore and be rewarded at this gem. Foxxies has been on the grid for well over nine years. The traffic is lower here than Frank’s so if you want to have some snuggle up, one-on-one time with that special person try the atmosphere at Foxxies.  They also have DJs, music, romantic gardens, waterfalls and several romantic cuddle spots.

How would you like to enjoy some 40s swing dancing?  Teleport to the Creationspark SIM.  This is the SIM created to facilitate knowledge and support for Parkinson’s disease.  None of those limitations of the physical realm in the CP Swing Dance Hall.  A bit more casual that most ballrooms, this one sits in a SIM chock full of things to do beyond dancing.  Start at the main center and you can visit an art gallery and many interesting boutiques for shopping. In the beach and yacht areas you will find romantic hot tubs, sailboats, row boats, windsurfers and more water activities.  There are swimming animations, tubes and a waterslide. Bring your free Dutchie’s wearable towel to dry off.  Explore the vast expanse of the underwater paradise.  Truly vivid colors and interesting sea life to be found throughout.  I love the underwater paradise! Finish your visit at the Celestial Realm visiting the Spiritual Circles in the sky.
There are some other great places for an elegant night out on the grid.  Phat Cats Jazz Club Ballroom has a very romantic feeling and host live music.  Regency ballroom is one of those that provides clothing for those who don’t have a formal outfit.  A nice up and comer ballroom, I hope they get more traffic to enjoy what the offer to the visitor.  Many of the ballrooms on the Second Life search are not at their locations any more. Before that special date, make sure the ballroom exists before going out.  Save yourself the last minute fumble of finding a replacement location.

Take a moment and sift through your messy inventory.  Do you have a couple nice formal outfits? It is worth the time to make a couple.  It is a great treat to go out in SL to a nice romantic ballroom where in the arms of that special someone you may lose yourself, if only for a while, life can be magic, let it.


Ballroom pictures and more:

Seersha Heart [saoirseheart resident]
Photos by Karmaghna Ulrik