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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beautiful Boys .... 8 & 9

As we continue meeting the finalists for this year's Mister Virtual World pageant, it gives me great pleasure to introduce Mr Austria - Silvano Korobase to you.

Silvano looks incredibly dashing here, one could say almost regal ....

Next we have Mr Belgium - Boniefacio

Boniefacio looking like he has just been taken down off an art gallery's wall, certainly makes a statement.

I have something I would like to share with you, lol, overheard in the InWorld MVW group .... talk of seduction and closets......

[05:41]  Markski Glom: hello
[05:41]  erikstyle: hi
[05:41]  Ramsa Luv: :)
[05:41]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): hiya ;P
[05:41]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123): Hiiiii
[05:41]  Falbala Fairey waves
[05:41]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): who else is online that is not with us in the sim? loool
[05:41]  Ramsa Luv: hugs all :)
[05:41]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): i guess only us
[05:41]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): lol
[05:42]  Ramsa Luv: hihi
[05:42]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): were having a mini rest day of mvw people...if anybody is interested to come...ask for TP
[05:42]  Ramsa Luv: yes ;)
[05:42]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): yessssssss
[05:42]  Frolic Mills: markski are you seducing my boys?
[05:42]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): he does that all the time
[05:42]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): lool
[05:42]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): no uncle...
[05:42]  erikstyle: hahaha
[05:42]  Frolic Mills: omg
[05:42]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): actually theyre the ones secuding me here
[05:43]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): sureeeeeee
[05:43]  Ramsa Luv: löl
[05:43]  Frolic Mills: aham
[05:43]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): you do it first!
[05:43]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): lol
[05:43]  Falbala Fairey: aha.....dow ith the girls what you want but don´t touch the boys?? :P
[05:43]  Lacy Muircastle: Are they seducable Frolic?
[05:43]  Falbala Fairey: -w
[05:43]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): lol
[05:43]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): actually hikaru started it...(points fingers at hikaru)
[05:43]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): loool
[05:43]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo) looks innocent
[05:43]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): <.<
[05:43]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): >.>
[05:43]  Ramsa Luv: looks floor...
[05:43]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): lol
[05:44]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): goes back to styling...snickers at HIk
[05:44]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): noooo
[05:44]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): <.<
[05:44]  Lacy Muircastle: Hmm ammunition
[05:44]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123): would come but my hubby just started streaming for me at home he would hate me to leave
[05:44]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): come on Adonis! ;)
[05:44]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): awww
[05:44]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): its rest day!
[05:45]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): oh yes
[05:45]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): come adonis
[05:45]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): rest...once I am done then I will rest...lmao.....
[05:45]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): lool
[05:45]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): what is rest anyway? define it for me please
[05:45]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): smirks
[05:45]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo):  <---press it
[05:45]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): youll find out meaning by pressing
[05:45]  Ramsa Luv: welcome :)
[05:46]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123) presses Hikaru
[05:46]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123): ummmm
[05:46]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): hahahhaha
[05:46]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): xd
[05:46]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): loool
[05:46]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): where you pressing? :P
[05:46]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): haha
[05:46]  Falbala Fairey: lol
[05:46]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): jajajajjaja
[05:46]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): im gonna tell kalli
[05:46]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): loool
[05:46]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): lool
[05:46]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123): your.............................................................................................nose
[05:46]  Lacy Muircastle: < ------  Papparazzi listening in here
[05:47]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): she said its fine
[05:47]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): hahahah
[05:47]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): loool
[05:47]  Markski Dench Glom ™ (markski.glom): will be in headline tomorrow "Zaara pressing Hikaru's......... nose"
[05:47]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123): o.O
[05:47]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): lool
[05:47]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): just nose...
[05:47]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): :P
[05:47]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123): yes cuz I am elegant and stuff
[05:47]  Lacy Muircastle: and Markski stirring big time .....
[05:47]  Falbala Fairey: something like that ya *smiles to zaaraÜ
[05:48]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): lol
[05:48]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123) grins gracefully at falla hhahahaha
[05:49]  kreolita Decosta: Hello Everyone, have a nace day :)
[05:49]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): hey :)
[05:49]  Falbala Fairey pets zaaras head "yes yes.....innocent girl you"
[05:49]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): ok rest day does that mean bathrobe and slippers
[05:49]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): innocent...until proven guilty:P
[05:49]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): yes Adonis
[05:49]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): lol
[05:49]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): as long as you not naked
[05:49]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): haha
[05:51]  Tillie Ariantho: Why, what's wrong with nakedness?
[05:51]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123) meows at Falla
[05:51]  Lacy Muircastle: Ok that is going to be in the new paper now
[05:51]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): you may get banned ;P
[05:51]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): loool
[05:51]  Tillie Ariantho: Oi. ;)
[05:51]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): oh noes paparazzi on the run
[05:51]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): :P
[05:51]  Ramsa Luv: yesh :)
[05:52]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): OH BUYING A SPY CAM THEN
[05:52]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): did i say that out loud
[05:52]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): you did...
[05:52]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): lol
[05:52]  Lacy Muircastle: indeed you did
[05:52]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): tucks it in my towel
[05:52]  Falbala Fairey: wasn´t there a towel in marketplace who just hides know what I mean
[05:52]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): didnt see a thing
[05:52]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): lol that towel is weird
[05:52]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123): Nose Falla?
[05:52]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): lol
[05:52]  Falbala Fairey: yes! noce
[05:52]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): no what do you mean????   hmmmm
[05:52]  Frolic Mills: hmm too many people here with roo much time to chat ... thinking about getting some tough judges and starting the voice interviews ... have a nice day :)
[05:53]  Falbala Fairey: nose*
[05:53]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): please explain
[05:53]  Falbala Fairey: hahaha
[05:53]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123) hands Frolic a kittten cuz he gets all soft when he holds one
[05:53]  Frolic Mills throws the kitten out the window
[05:53]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): does he make it purrr
[05:53]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): omg
[05:53]  Falbala Fairey: LMAO
[05:53]  Falbala Fairey: poor kitty
[05:53]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123): ADONIS!
[05:53]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): yesh
[05:54]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): grins
[05:54]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123) faints of Innocence
[05:54]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): lol
[05:54]  Lacy Muircastle: oohhhh
[05:54]  Tillie Ariantho: Apparently frolic doesnt like pussies. :P
[05:54]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): coughs
[05:54]  Lacy Muircastle: lol
[05:54]  Zaara Desmond (zaara123) chokes
[05:55]  Lacy Muircastle: Tllie
[05:55]  Tillie Ariantho: Here, at work!
[05:55]  Tillie Ariantho: Why what, he threw out that kitty!
[05:57]  Falbala Fairey: its a cat, she will fall on her feet
[05:58]  Tillie Ariantho: Good thing. =)
[05:58]  Lacy Muircastle: lol
[05:58]  Stiehl Carver: I like pussys
[05:58]  Falbala Fairey: O_o
[05:58]  Stiehl Carver: cats I mean
[05:59]  Frolic Mills: ok children - go style ...
[05:59]  Lacy Muircastle: wow - watch the SL Enquirer
[06:00]  Falbala Fairey: first thought as I saw this picture: misters after the finals ---->>
[06:00]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): I rest for the weary....
[06:00]  Falbala Fairey: poor guys
[06:00]  Falbala Fairey: XD
[06:00]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): IkR
[06:01]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): throws off the towel and dives back into the closet
[06:01]  Tillie Ariantho: :-o
[06:05]  Lacy Muircastle: frikkin closets .....
[06:12]  Frolic Mills: Adonis you really need to come out of the closet
[06:12]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): hehe
[06:13]  Lacy Muircastle: Ahem
[06:29]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): omg
[06:29]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): omg
[06:29]  Frolic Mills: tillie :)
[06:29]  Frolic Mills: tillita
[06:30]  Frolic Mills: tillita bonita}
[06:30]  Lacy Muircastle: is that you coming out the closet Adonis
[06:30]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): it seems so...but but my clothes are in there
[06:30]  Frolic Mills: naked is a good way to come out of the closet
[06:30]  Lacy Muircastle: lol
[06:31]  Tillie Ariantho: Why guy has his clothes in the closet? Don't you just drop them onto a chair and floor and everywhere else when coming home? :D
[06:31]  Tillie Ariantho: Which guy...
[06:31]  Adonis (adonis.hansome): no they get wrinkled
[06:31]  不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo): or the bed tillie :D
[06:32]  Tillie Ariantho: Yes, especially the bed! :D

If you want a little more insight into this year's entrtants follow RicoRacer Flux's interview series with the guys at:


  1. After seeing this today, I had decided to change my look.My style is so....hmmmm...dull. I'm going to go along the lines of Mr Bonifacio.That should add a dash to my clothing.

    Malachi Aironaut


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