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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Here Mesh, there mesh everywhere mesh, mesh ....

We have all encountered Mesh in one way or another haven't we? 

If you don't have a Mesh compatible viewer it can be quite hilarious but frustrating at the same time, then there are the sizing issues if you buy a Mesh outfit, suddenly size raises its ugly head in SL, and here's me thinking that would be one issue we could leave in the real world, but apparently not. The fashion designers in partricular have had a tough time getting to grips with Mesh, but it has been a god send to other content creators.

If the whole mesh thing is confusing or you want to know more about it and the state of play of where we are at with Mesh in Second Life then you need to attend some of the workshops and presentations taking place at the SL9B auditorium on one of the sims sponsored by Dream Seeker Estates.

SL9B AUDITORIUM: (DreamSeeker SL9B Negen)

11:00AM  to 12:00PM 06/20/2012 AUDITORIUM: Making Mesh: Builders Brewery talk about Mesh Creation
12:00PM  to 1:00PM 06/20/2012 AUDITORIUM: Qarl Fizz (ex Linden) talks about the Mesh Deformer
2:00PM to 3:00PM 6/20/2012 AUDITORIUM Meet the Designers: Mesh

SL9B for the community by the community!


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