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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SLE Staff Interview: Meet Pandora Drezelan

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Pandora:  ‘I am a perfectionist, a listener and a talker as well as being both humorous and serious, depending on the situation.’
What brought you to Second Life and how has it impacted you as a person?

Pandora:‘ It was my real life niece’s idea and even though I didn’t think that I’d like it, obviously I did because I’m still here, it’s been amazing and I have met so many remarkable people and done things that I never thought possible.’

How often do you visit Second Life and what kinds of activities to you engage in?

 Pandora:‘I am in Second Life every day. I am house bound to a degree in real life, so I am here for up to eight hours a day more or less, depending on what’s going on in real life. I work in Second Life and spend time decorating my home and entertaining friends.’
What are some of the topics you like to write about?

Pandora:Fantasy, people’s opinions, general and community topics.’
How many friends do you currently have on your friends list? Do you participate in any of their events?

 Pandora: ‘I have 72 contacts and not all contacts are friends, some are business acquaintances, some are friends and some fall into both categories. I don’t go to many events but I love shopping or hanging out with friends.’
What type of music do you listen to? Any favorite Sl musicians you'd recommend checking out?

Pandora:‘Whatever is playing at the time. I do like Celtic and Classical music. Mel Cheeky is my recommendation, she has a beautiful voice.’
Are you partnered or have ever been partnered in Second Life?

Pandora: ‘No and I do not wish to be.’
Where do you shop for your avatar?

Pandora:‘That depends on what I’m shopping for, my hair is from LollipopZ, my skin is by LAQ and a few of my favorite shops are AvaGirl, League, Emery and LARRY Jeans, for boots it’s Bootgasm and for shoes it has to be TIPTOE.’
How does a virtual friendship/relationship differ from a real one, besides the long distance and physical restraints a virtual world has?

Pandora: ‘I think it’s because you can’t actually see the person that you never really know who your’e dealing with or who is on the other side of the screen. I do voice with a few people, also you can delete someone on Second Life so easily and sometimes for all of the wrong reasons, you can’t just delete someone from your real life.’
Any advice about online dating you want to share?

Pandora: ‘Well not in regards to dating but I never use my real last name and I don’t post real photos of myself online.’
Have you ever met someone from Second Life, in the real world? If so, how was that experience? Would you recommend it to others?

Pandora:‘No I haven’t personally but if you do decide to meet someone, for whatever reason then maybe exchange photos first and have phone conversations, obviously if you do decide to meet then make it in a public place.’
What are your most memorable moments in Second Life?

 Pandora:‘My early days at Help People Island where I first landed in December 2009, they are now known as Helping Haven since they changed sims and I still go there to mix with old friends.’
Who has inspired you the most? This could be a real life / Second Life family member, friend, or celebrity.

Pandora:‘My mother (may she rest in peace) she was very religious and had an uncanny way of reasoning with people and situations, whenever I have to make any important decisions I always think about how she would have dealt with it.’
What is your favorite quote?

 Pandora:‘Bullshit Is Not An Option ! ! ! it’s my own personal quote and it is in my Second Life profile.
Second Life has many different creative outlets to explore, what are the kinds of things you have been involved in or created yourself?

Pandora:‘Training to be a Second Life model has to be my best experience ever. I graduated with Model Pages International and Baxton Model Agency, it taught me more about Second Life and myself.’
What are your thoughts on how Second Life is governed, have you ever ran across a situation where you ever met or had to call on the Lindens for assistance?

 Pandora:‘ I have submitted abuse reports on several occasions but I didn’t get any answers, except for an email acknowledging my report, apart from that I don’t get into the political side of Second Life unless a friend brings it up in conversation.’

If you could change some things about Second Life, what would they be?

Pandora:‘More viewer options, including third party viewers and Linden Lab support for people with basic accounts.’
With your experience in virtual world media and the Second Life community, what do you see for the future of this type of platform? What other media sources have you been involved in?

 Pandora:‘ I like Second Life just the way it is but things are always changing. I can’t think of anything specific. I did try SpotOn3D, Avination and IMVU but I cancelled those accounts. I am still in InWorldz, however a lot of people who are there are very anti Second Life so I don’t go there much.’
What is your ultimate goals in both your real life and Second Life friendships and relationships. Does one help the other? If so, in what way(s)?

 Pandora:‘I don’t have any long term friends in real life, well none who I can rely on. I have a great relationship with all of my family members and my Second Life is so much a part of my real life, so the two are combined anyway. Second Life is not a game to me, it IS my Second Life, therefore it is a huge part of my real life, Pandora is simply my creation and an extension of my real life self.’
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