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Monday, June 25, 2012

WIN Boxing: Garret Woodrunner wins title shot

KARINE KOBA ARENA, Warrior Instinct sim: Garret Woodrunner won Friday night's Aver Lightweight Division number one contender tournament, securing his right to challenge reigning champion Jay OHare for the title.

Garret Woodrunner at ringside after his tournament win.

Woodrunner emerged from a field of seven entrants, winning the final by decision over Big Bro Keng.

Keng, making his WIN ring debut in the open tournament, emerged as the surprise performance of the night after taking out heavy favorite Deriand Humphreys by third round knockout in the semifinals.

When asked for his reaction to winning the contendership, Woodrunner said: "With hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Never let anyone tell you that you cant.  Be your own person and have fun doing so!  That goes for anything in life."

Woodrunner's qualifier match, a wild, action-packed bout against Foxxy Vixen, was a highlight of the night, leaving many fans speculating about a possible rematch.

The date for the title match has not yet been set.

The complete list of tournament matches:

Qualifier round:

Goldie (SolidGold Dancer) vs. Rakka (raikkonentheiceman Resident) - Rakka by second round KO

Garret Woodrunner vs. Foxxy Vixen (beesome1 Resident) - Garret by decision, score 157 to 137

Toni Daikon vs. Deriand Humprheys - Deriand by second round KO

Big Bro Keng (Wild Keng) received a randomly drawn bye.

Semifinal round:

Rakka vs. Garret - Garret by second round KO

Big Bro vs. Deriand - Big Bro by third round KO


Garret vs. Big Bro - Garret by decision, scored 217 to 159

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