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Friday, August 24, 2012

Spotlight Feature: Meet Musician IceCremn Merlin Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

IceCremn Merlin Profile Image
Music is a staple of Second Life entertainment., whether you are at a nightclub “breaking it down” to your favorite DJ or hitting the numerous venues to catch a performance, it should always be an enjoyable experience.

Each SL Musician has their own style whether they are doing covers and writing their own tunes or playing requests and interacting with the audience on a stream. Artists can even perform with other musicians, using dual streaming. When you include the many different genres that can be found in Second Life, the music scene definitely has something for everyone; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Recently while exploring for a spot to chill and take in the atmosphere, I came across a musician by the name of IceCremn Merlin. What grabbed my attention was his name. It made me want to know more about him.

Interview with Icecremn Merlin

Lanai: Hi Icecremn, it is a pleasure to meet you . I have to ask, what inspired your name?

Icecremn: The name always gets confused and mispronounced. It is pronounced Ice Cream Man...I was just being clever with the spelling...I play a version of the Van Halen version of the song with my band....That's the inspiration behind the name.

Lanai: Oh, I know that song! I agree Van Halen did a nice version as a tribute to the blues. It was originally written in 1953 by a Blues musician in Chicago by the name of John Brim.

We all have our own story about what brought us to Second Life. What brought you you here?

Icecremn: I read two articles in the New Yorker magazine about S/L and how people were making a lot of money renting out virtual real estate so I came in and invested a ton of money in it....I was making bank for quite awhile but the economy went south and I got out. In that time I found the live music scene in here, and it was just starting to heat up, so I started doing that.

Lanai: I agree. The real world economy does affect the SL economy. I have seen a decline in certain activities but I think Virtual real estate is still a booming business in SL and so is the SL Music scene! How long have you been in SL?

Icecremn: 8 years now. I have had my venue "Fire and Ice" for about 6-7 years now. We're one of the oldest in S/L to have survived.

Lanai: Wow that is a great accomplishment.! Maintaining a venue and performing must keep you busy here. What part of the world are you from if you don’t mind me asking?

Icecremn: I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas but at 12 I moved to the San Francisco bay area and grew up there. I now live in Folsom California in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains
Lanai: Nice! The Sierra Mountains are gorgeous.
 If you can describe yourself in 5 words, what would they be?

Icecremn: Driven, friendly, funny, caring, compassionate

Lanai: Those are great characteristics to have. How long have you been singing and playing guitar? Do you play any other instruments?

Icecremn: I've been playing "at" guitar for 30 years I never concentrated to hard on it as I just wanted to be a singer...but everytime I got into a band and they found out I played, I was always asked to play guitar. I think I'm a much better singer than I am a guitar player. I play a little piano and I can play assorted horns.

Lanai: Nice, you are an all around musician. it is always good to have more than one instrument because it opens the doors to a wider range of genres to explore. How would you describe your style/genre?

Icecremn: I like to think that I'm Classic adult alternative.

Lanai: You describe it well. I think its mellow and creates a nice atmosphere to spend time with friends and isten to your variety. What are your favorite songs to perform?

Icecremn: That changes all the time. Right now I am doing a really fun twist of Crosby Stills and Nash's Helplessly Hoping. It's very melodic and it takes a lot of emotion and energy to do it right, I seem to get a good response from the crowd when I play that one

Lanai: Audience feedback is so valuable to Musicians because it helps you decided how to build your playlist. Do you write your own music?

Icecremn: I do write a lot of my own music and I have a recording studio that I record in alot...I try to get all my songs recorded as fast as I can so I can archive ideas and not forget them.

Lanai: Good strategy. What inspires the music that you write?

Icecremn: I tried writing love songs but I never liked how they came out, then Paul Mcartney wrote that song about silly love songs and cured me of it. Now, I write about life through other peoples eyes and the experience I draw from my own past. I always write from a third party perspective.

Lanai: I like music that tells a story, evokes emotion or relates in some way to something in my life. Would you say Second Life is an extension of your real life or is it an outlet for your creativity?

Icecremn: Definitly both!! S/L keeps me current on my playing and as far as performance it's really good to play in front of a crowd in S/ get instant response and S/L forces you to interact with people , I think it helps me overcome my shyness

Lanai: I think that is one of the most amazing things about the SL Music scene. Where else could musicians get instant feedback from their fans and interact with them in such a way. You are right, Sl does help build confidence, it has helped me with my shyness as well.

For the inquiring groupies...are you taken, playing the grid or just having fun?

Icecremn: Well ya gotta meet my Lulu, she is the most supportive woman I know. We have so much fun together, no one even comes a close second.

Groupies?....I don't have them at all, I have friends that come listen to me. There are bigger performers in S/L that pack a shows tend to be ...let's say more intimate. I know all the best players in here and I may not be on their level of craftsmanship but you wont find anyone that has more fun with what they do than Ice.

Lanai: Great answer! Groupies are so 2005...You mentioned during a performance I attended that you have your own venue? Can you tell me about it?
Icecremn: Fire and Ice Gardens is one of the last pay only venues. It's hard to play my place because I try to present only the best in live musicians. I don't do track singers at all. To play Fire and Ice you have to be able to perform live. The player has to also bring the show. We have people like Gina Stella, one of my favorite people of all time, Anek Fukes, Chris Quan, Mankind Tracer is one of my favorite players in here, a very complete professional musician, Sassy Nightly, you have to be at least this good to even be considered for Fire and Ice....funny thing is that I don't fit my own rule here , so I don't ever play my own venue, but hosting it is a blast to do.

Lanai: You mentioned some great performers I am familiar with.I will have to check out your venue and create a groupie section. lol What other venues do you perform at?

Icecremn: When I want to strip it down to basics Dottie at Guthrie's always has me play there, she's a sweetheart and that place is really well run. Aces's is probably my favorite because of the owners Rocky and Shannon and their crew, they make me feel like family there and I get good crowds there. I also play southbound a lot, and just recently got to play Key West, Liz is a great venue owner and I've always wanted to play her place.

Lanai:I’ve been to Guthrie’s many times but Ace’s is where I first heard your performance. I love the atmosphere and friendly people that fill those place. While checking out your profile there. I love the quote you have in your profile. It is funny and true. Aside from performing here what else do you like to do in Second Life?

Icecremn: Well yea I think it's true, S/L is like an amusement park, so many different rides to go on. As always I approach all things with humor, so the quote in there is supposed to make you laugh.
Lanai: I like your free spirit. Got a good joke?

Icecremn: LOL....good jokes aren't very PG, they are funny but a bit off color most of the time.

Lanai: LOL. Thats the same reason my father doesn’t tell me jokes! What is your most memorable moment in Second Life?

Icecremn: I think it was meeting my friend Jayson Dorn, one of the most honest men I have known, when I first came into S/L he saw that a lot of people were taking advantage of me and took me under his wing and showed me how it's done....we remain very good friends to this day.

Lanai: Kudos to Jayson! We all need a friend like that. Being here in SL a long time, what advice would you give to new musicians looking to make a name for themselves in the virtual world?

Icecremn: Don't over think it in here, people and their drama can hurt, do all you can to stay the path, there are avenues for every level of musician, always be supportive of any musician you come in contact with and never tell them they suck or that they need help, it's hurtful and serves no purpose whatsoever.

Lanai: That’s very sound advice. Negativity in Second Life is like a poision. It is so unecessary in a virtual world we can control.

Where can we I find you?
I'm on You tube -Reverb Nation -Roadhouse Rockers and a lot of other places just click on my kiosk at my shows and you get a ton of information.

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For Bookings:
Contact Scarlett Auggers or IceCremn Merlin

Visit Fire and Ice Here:


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