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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beauty of Culture in Second Life- Kavi Aldrin Reporting...

Culture is the invisible bond that ties different people together. This propagation of values not only transmits knowledge and retain relationships, it builds up a long term tradition in communities.

Culture is the invisible bond that ties different people together. This propagation of values not only transmits knowledge and retain relationships, it also builds up a long term tradition in communities.

In the real world, you are either born into a culture or you adapt into one. Cultures range from music to clothing bringing joy and happiness to different parts of the world. It is something that will always remain to be a part of who you are.

Avatars from around the world bring passion and love for their culture to the land of Second Life in many different ways. Some flaunt their bright coloured clothing and others spend hours building art in the name of culture. It is a journey that every avatar in SL should be a part of.

One of the most prominent culture across the grid is Asian. Art,music, and cuisine, as well as literature, are important parts of Asian culture. One of the most complex parts of the culture is the relationship between traditional cultures and the Western world. In Second Life the biggest number of Asian’s come from countries like India, China and Japan. Their culture is filled with bright colours, beautiful structures and delicious food.

The easiest way to showcase Asian culture is by their traditional clothing.

To truly experience the Asian culture you have to visit locations where the traditions are kept alive. Places like Japan Tempura Island,a place you can learn just how stunning the Japanese culture really is. In Fantasy China Dynasty Land you can explore the mysteries of the Chinese legends where the structures are built to look almost like real life. There is a festival in India, known as the Maha Kumbh Mela. It is a gathering of Hindu Monks and Gurus that happens every 12 years, when the planets are at their maximum alignment. This year you can experience this festival in second life.


The Western culture plays the biggest role in second life community. Today, Western culture has at least some presence in nearly all nations of the world. There is also significant presence of the Arabian and South American culture in second life.

The Arab Gate is somewhere you can explore and learn the Arabic culture. People there are friendly and will be more than willing to show you around. What better place is there to learn the South American culture other than Costa Rica. Costa Rica, Tropical Dry Forest & Wetlands has the most spectacular wetlands and one of the best examples of tropical dry forests remaining anywhere in the world. One of the most favourite places to visit in second life that represents the western culture is Paris,France. It is said to be one of Second Life's most romantic destination.

There are many more cultures in Second Life you can explore. The most widely spread and versatile culture would be the American one. American's around second life celebrate their culture with pride and joy by organizing events like 4th of July, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving and many more.
If you take the time to experience different cultures you will be able to understand other people and the reasons why they live the way they live.

Stay Fabulous
Kavi Aldrin

Check out these locations:
Japan tempure island

Fantasy China Dynasty Land

Kumbh Mela festival in India

Arab Gate

Costa Rica, Tropical Dry Forest & Wetlands



  1. Interesting read, will keep an eye out for more articles by Kavi

  2. Thank you ;) Do take the time to explore the different cultures in SL. You will be amazed!


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