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Showing posts with label asian theme. Show all posts

Friday, February 10, 2017

Imperial Arts Presents Dance of the Lantern Festival, A Chinese Ballet Feb. 10th at 6pm SLT

Join us for a night of beauty, wonder and the soft glow of red lantern light, as we share with you the final glimpses of China on the last day of the New Year celebrations. The Dance of the Lantern Festival is a Chinese ballet production, where the dancers will move seamlessly from traditional dance to modern ballet, and back again.  

Imperial Arts is an inclusive group which focuses on providing East Asian themed performances, educational opportunities, and cultural experiences for its residents and guests.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beauty of Culture in Second Life- Kavi Aldrin Reporting...

Culture is the invisible bond that ties different people together. This propagation of values not only transmits knowledge and retain relationships, it builds up a long term tradition in communities.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

ANSHE CHUNG SIMS: An Asian Themed Sanctuary

Have an exclusive and distinctive living experience with our all new Asian themed neighborhood sims! A collection of beautifully crafted sims with naturalistic eastern architecture. A mastery of details that add the right finishing touches to your special Asian themed sanctuary. Have one now! Visit our hub at Lorena Chung Estates or IM Lorena Chung for more details.

 Theme: Strictly Asian
Zoning: Residential/Light Commercial
Prim Count:  (10% more prims included)
Land Size: All parcel sizes available
 Price: Very much Affordable