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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nobody Does It Like Maxx -Evelyn Rieko Reporting...


Maxx Sabretooth is one of the best singers in Second Life. He has a soulful, sexy voice that makes you really feel the songs he sings. Maxx agreed to an interview.

Interview with Maxx Sabertooth
SL Enquirer: Hi Maxx, it is good to see you. I enjoyed your show today at the Moonshine's Rockin' Blues Club. You were awesome! I love your voice.
Maxx Sabretooth: Thank you very much! I perform there every Monday at 3pm slt.
SL Enquirer: Maxx, how long have you been performing in second life and what brought you here?

Maxx Sabretooth: I have been here a little over 3 years. I was introduced to second life by Strummer Vultee as an outlet during my illness. He attended a benefit my musician friends gave me and told me about Second Life.
SL Enquirer: I'm so glad he did! He is also a singer in Second Life. Maxx, how are you doing now, health wise?
Maxx Sabretooth: Since my LVAD surgery I have improved considerably to a point of relative normalcy.
SL Enquirer: That's good. I'm very happy to hear that.
Maxx Sabretooth: Thank you.
SL Enquirer: How did you get started performing?
Maxx Sabretooth: I began music as a trumpet player. I started playing at 8 years old. I have played in a lot of real life Jazz and Dance bands through the years at a wide variety of venues.
SL Enquirer: Now you are a singer.
Maxx Sabretooth: Yes, I am. I didn't have the lung capacity to blow my horn anymore after my illness.
SL Enquirer: I'm sorry to hear that, but you found a way to continue performing and that's great!
Maxx Sabretooth: Yes it is great, and I enjoy singing more than playing the trumpet. It's easier to interact with people.
SL Enquirer: I like the way you go into the audience and sing to the women. That's very cool.
Maxx Sabretooth: Yes, that's the way I perform in real life and I brought that into Second Life.
SL Enquirer: You sing from a lot of different music genres, and I think that draws a nice sized crowd.
Maxx Sabretooth: I like to keep it mixed up a bit and I love the crowd. I sing R&B, Soul, Lite Rock, Country, Jazz, Motown, as well as some Contemporary Country.
SL Enquirer: You mentioned real life. Are you still performing in real life?
Maxx Sabretooth: I'm working on a band project at the moment.
SL Enquirer: That's great! I'm sure it will be successful. You have a great voice, great stage presence, and great rapport with your audience.
Maxx Sabretooth: Thank you.
SL Enquirer: What's your favorite thing about second life?
Maxx Sabretooth: The friends I have gained and the opportunity to sing for people from all over the world.
SL Enquirer: Maxx, thanks so much for sharing! It's been a pleasure interviewing you and I wish you all the best in the future!
Maxx Sabretooth: Thank you. I enjoyed it!

Maxx is available to sing at venues, weddings and parties. Please contact Sandyc6569 or Candy Kane for bookings.
EVENT INFO. All times second life time
Event Dates:
Mondays 3pm: Moonshine's Rockin' Blues Club
Wednesdays 8pm: Nat's Jazz Club
Thursdays11am: Anaconda
Fridays 9pm: Cheyanne's Blues Warehouse


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