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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

FASHION: How to look fabulous in Second Life for free - Kavi Aldrin Reporting...

Learn tips and tricks on how to look fabulous in Second Life without burning a hole in your pocket.

Does it cost money to look good in Second Life?” The truthful answer is yes it does. To be able to customize your avatar it can cost in average up to L$ 5000.This includes the best looking skin,good body shape,hair,clothing,accessories and an AO. That being said, not everyone has the money or wants to spend on a virtual world character. So the big question is, how to you look great for free?

Lets start with the default avatar.
 ( Do a character test to reset your avatar to default)


A good shape is essential in building a great looking avatar. You can have designer skins and expensive clothing,but if your shape looks bad you end up looking like a newbie. There are many shapes in Second Life that you can buy with a price range of L$ 10-L$ 1000. The higher the price the better the shape. But why pay for something that will look just as good if you made it yourself. All you need is a little time and effort to come up with your own shape.

Here's how:
Steps in creating a shape.
1.Open your inventory and locate Body Parts folder.
2.Right click the folder and pick the option “New body parts” and then pick “New shape”.
3.The new shape should appear in your Body parts folder,rename it so you can look it up easily.
4.Wear the new shape. Right click your avatar and pick “appearance” and then pick “edit shape”.

You can use your imagination to create a shape you like or seek for some examples that you can follow. There is a group called “What's your digit's”on Flickr,where people share digit's of their shapes. You can pick the type of shape you are looking for and copy the numbers.

This is what I came up with:

Here are the figures:
Heigh - 6 feet 10 inches
Body Thickness-18
Body Fat: 2
Head size – 50
Head Shape -50
Egg head -55
Head Length -50
Face Shear -50
Forehead Angle -30
Brow Size -30
Upper Cheeks- 52
Lower Cheeks-47
Cheek Bones -38
Eye Size -29
Eye Opening -35
Eye Spacing- 50
Outer Eye Conner -40
Inner Eye Conner -25
Eye Depth- 38
Upper Eye Lid -30
Eye Bags- 0
Puffy Eyelids-0
Eyelash Length- 0
Eye Pop-50
Ear Size -40
Ear Angle -30
Attached Earlobes- 50
Ear Tips -12
Nose Size -23
Nose Width -25
Nostril Width -10
Nostril Division -60
Nose Thickness -25
Upper Bridge- 25
Lower Bridge -50
Bridge Width- 23
Nose Tip Angel -61
Nose Tip Shape- 13
Crooked Nose -50
Lip Width -16
Lip Fullness -26
Lip Thickness- 53
Lip Ratio- 50
Mouth Position -42
Mouth Conner -30
Lip Cleft Depth -31
Lip Cleft -39
Shift Mouth -50
Chin Angle- 40
Jaw Shape -65
Chin Depth -25
Jaw Angel -50
Jaw Jut -50
Jowls- 0
Chin Cleft -50
Upper Chin Cleft- 3
Chin-Neck- 20
Torso Muscle- 38
Neck Thickness -50
Neck Length -50
Shoulders- 58
Breast Size -54
Breast Buoyancy -50
Breast Cleavage -10
Arm Length -70
Hand Size- 10
Torso Length -55
Love Handles- 27
Belly Size -8
Leg Muscle-45
Leg length – 50
Hip width – 51
Hip Length -25
Butt Size-30
Saddle Bags-38
Knee Angle -50
Foot size – 0

After modifying your shape you will need a good skin to go along with it. Buying a good skin in Second Life can be pricey. In average it would cost anywhere between 800L-1500L. Of course there is a loop hole in the system :) Its called group gifts. If you want a good quality skin from a good designer,you will need to take a little effort and visit a few different stores and join their groups. When you are a member you are eligible to the group gift they offer.

I decided to join the group “Al Vulo” and got their free group gift:


There are other ways in getting good skin. You can browse through marketplace and find free skin, go on hunts where designers share free stuff or if you don’t mind spending a little, you could always visit stores like TDR & Collabor 88 where high quality skins are discounted and sold for only 70L-88L.


Now that you have a great looking shape and good skin to go with it,its time to shop for hair. There are plenty of hair's for free available in marketplace. What we want is high quality hair for free. Again the trick here is free group gifts and going on hunts.

I dropped by Elikatira store and got their free gift :



To complete your avatar you definitely need fabulous looking clothes and matching accessories. Instead of joining groups, you could easily get free clothing and accessories from marketplace without any trouble. There are hundreds of items you can pick from.

I got a mesh dress from {Bii},straw cowboy hat from Riders World, Earings from JCNY and shoes from Industria all for free on marketplace.


There are a lot of ways to look fabulous in Second Life without needing to spend a small fortune. It does take extra time and effort but its worth it! There are a list of bloggers who blog about free clothing and where to get them. They even discuss free group gifts and hunts. If you follow the list,you will never run out of things to wear.

List of Freebie Blogs:

1. - Excellent blog for freebies.

3. Blog that covers all Hunt events.

Stay Fabulous
Kavi Aldrin
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