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Monday, October 15, 2012

Best Halloween costumes 2012 -Kavi Aldrin Reporting...

Halloween is by far one of the most celebrated events in Second Life. People from all over the world participate and enjoy this American festival.



There are many ways to dress up for Halloween. Everyone should start with what they want to be or represent. 2012 has quickly become a year for Vampires and Zombies as they are one of the most popular costumes across the grid. There are people who also like the wild side of Halloween and choose bright coloured “silly” costumes which adds a fun touch to the event. Whichever your style is, its time for some shopping!


After experiencing over 3 Halloween in Second life I vote this one of the best costumes out there.




This is the kind of outfit you can wear as a couple and look fabulous. You will need to invest some Lindens but its worth it for this high quality outfit that you can use for a few years. Miss Thetra Blackhear designed this fantastic costume and is sold at E-Clipse.


Of course the Vampire Halloween costume is a classic and one of the easiest costumes to find on the grid.




Designer Darwin Mizser created this sexy take on vampire Halloween costumes and did an excellent job. There are many different styles of vampire costumes you could go for depending on your taste. There is always the Dracula style with the large cloak with big collars or black leather with 8 inch heels, all you need are sharp fangs to complete you vampire look.


For those who like the fun side of Halloween and love dressing up with funny themes like superman, cowboys, bunnies, ninjas, and Spiderman, there is a wide range of options where you can purchase your outfits.




This particular Red Dragon Ninja outfit was designed by Mr Kennethh Yamdev. It comes equipped with swords and a striking red belt. It will definitely help you stand out in a Halloween party, or maybe you don’t want to stand out? Just like a true ninja!



After you get all dressed up, treasure your 2012 Halloween memory with a snapshot or visit a photography studio to get a quality photograph done of you and your friends. Pure Shot Photography is currently having a sale with all their packages. Why not take advantage of the it and drop by their gallery to book your shoot today.


Where to buy your costumes:


Since its 2012 , the mesh era has a big influence in this year’s Halloween festivities.


 The easiest way to browse through costumes and pick out the one you like, is to visit the  SL marketplace. You can also open search in your viewer and type in Halloween costume and find hundreds of store offering different styles of costumes.


Take the time to browse through different mesh avatars you might just find what you are looking for. A little effort will bring you a long way in finding the best Halloween costume out there.



Stay Fabulous

Kavi Aldrin




Second Life Marketplace-



Pure Shot Photography Studio-



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