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Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Haunts - Evelyn Rieko Reporting...

Hey, you want to have some Halloween fun? There are lots and lots of fun places to visit in Second Life! I've got to warn you though some of these places are pretty scary and not for the faint of heart. BOO!

Horror, terror and spookiness are the three main ingredients for a great Halloween Haunt. I have found 3 places in Second Life that have an abundance of these ingredients. I would like you to visit them with me if you dare. As I mentioned earlier only the brave dare follow where I lead. Still here? Ok great, follow me.

The first stop is:
The 6th Annual Halloween Trail at Aero Pines Park.

Man eating plants and Killer Bees...need I say more? It's a fun Halloween adventure!
Visit a ghost pirate ship. Get your head chopped off in front of a mulling crowd! Then explore the other 30+ interactive spooky builds at Aero Pines Park 6th Annual Halloween Trail along the roads in 9 regions! Hike, Fly a Broom, Horseback Ride, or Bicycle your way along the roads to find unique spooky interactive builds. Visit Cannibal island with it's beautiful scenic views. There's a corn field maze, zombies, giant spiders, haunted houses and haunted cemeteries. Walk through the Vampire Cave, Shhhhhhhh Don't wake the vampires! There is a spooky haunted house here with a cemetery in the back. Walking through it at night sent shivers down my spine. Walking this trail was scary fun. I was actually frightened at some points like when I walked into the giant spider web across the road and saw the giant spiders. Pssst! There is a surprise for you in the back alley of the "AWFFLE HOUSE". This is a great Halloween Trail and also a great place to visit at any time of year, with beautiful scenic horse trails and many activities.

Lets move on to our next stop: Halloween @ Spooksville
This place is so spooky Spooksville is the perfect name for it. There is a very spooky haunted house here. It has a creepy feeling about it. Will you go inside? There is a cornfield behind the haunted house with a scary looking scarecrow. Walk closer and you'll see it is not really a scarecrow at all! Even more frightening is Silent Hill. Yes, Silent Hill is in Spooksville! It has the same eerie and creepy feel to it that the video game has. You can get a weapon and health meter at the entrance to Silent Hill, and believe me you will need that weapon! There is also a dungeon with all kinds of creepy things inside. When I arrived at Spooksville I looked around a bit and then I noticed a woman behind me. I turned and said hello...she did not answer. I looked at her and noticed she was splattered with blood and was holding a big knife in her hand. I told her I just remembered I had to be somewhere, and I teleported to Silent about jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Last stop: Haunted Halloween Village
I found this place to be the one that really had my heart racing the most. Horror is here. I shivered as I attempted to cross the swamp under the watchful eye of an alligator. You must cross the swamp to reach the haunted house. Above the swamp a ghostly couple dance on a bridge. There are all kinds of ghosts, zombies and creatures here and none of them are friendly. You can get a weapon at the entrance. I just started walking through the swamp. I did not get a weapon....big mistake! I was frightened but I enjoyed it. I was too scared to go through everything there alone but I am going back with a friend.

This ends our tour of my top 3 Fun Halloween Haunts.


Evelyn Rieko


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