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Sunday, October 7, 2012

SLE Relaunch Party Update! - Annette Wilder Reporting from Wilder PR

If you missed it then you really missed something special. The SLE Relaunch Party was an amazing experience. The mood was right, the people who attended were all so happy to be there and be part of such an astronomical event. To tp in, walk the red carpet, and see a sea of people wearing all white was what it must feel like to attend a Puff Daddy all white event. It felt so good to see such a large turnout and I could not think of a better person who deserved that huge show of love from the public other than Lanai Jarrico. She has been in SL for many years and has done nothing but support Wilder PR and so many other businesses.

To see that we were not the only people who truly appreciate and respect Lanai was wonderful to see. She really is well known and well loved in many different circles in SL. It has been both an honor and a privilege to be friends with Lanai over the years and she is one of the people who has shown me that it is possible to be real friends with people you’ve met  in a virtual platform. We respect each others crafts and I know if things get rough I can always lean on Lanai. Thank you Lanai for all you have done for me and many others in SL. You are truly one of a kind!

If you have not gotten the chance to know Lanai or her newspaper please checkout our in-depth interview with her:

If you have an event coming up, want to know what is happening on the grid, or would love to find out more about SLE please visit:


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