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Monday, October 8, 2012


Last week on The Wilder Side of Business talk radio show we had the amazing Apple May as our guest. As many of you know Apple May is the owner and creator of the fabulous Apple May Designs, one of SL’s most well known clothing stores since 2007. Time did not permit for us to get to all the questions asked from our listeners and Apple agreed to answer your remaining questions so we could post them for you all to see. Thank you so much for your time and being a guest Apple May,  it was truly a pleasure!

Ericka asked: Do you solely make your living from your work in SL or do you also work in real life?
Apple’s reply: Second life has become such a big part of my life that yes it is my personal sole source of income.

Redflare asked: What type of changes in SL clothing have you noticed during your time as a  designer?
Apple’s answer: Mainly the quality! What was once considered high quality is yesterday's news and every designer is striving for more realism in their designs. For me, I've focused more on the realism of lighting & bending which plays a big part to how realistic the clothes look. Of course, styles have changed as well just in real life. I feel that in Second Life we push the boundaries a bit more while looking for our own unique 'style stamp'.

Trishelle asked: Does the realism of mesh inspire you to be even more creative and push the limits of your own creativity?
Apple’s response: Absolutely! I feel that unless I push myself then I can't grow. As I said during the interview, mesh has really released the chains on the creativity and restraint of sculpties. Now I feel I can conquer designs that I once shied away from. Pacing myself is now the hard part. I can't even count the amount of designs that I have started but yet to finish just because I had to get the basic design out of my head.

Emiliana asked: When you started making clothing in SL, did you dream this big or is the reality of what you’ve created larger than what you hoped for?
Apple’s reply: The store has turned out more than I ever thought it would be and I sincerely have the customers to thank for that. Each purchase is something I'm grateful for and I'm absolutely delighted that others can enjoy my passion and visions for fashion. Every design is based off of what created AMD... the need for something unique that embodied quality textures and at a price just about everyone can afford.

To hear our entire interview with Apple click the link below:

To learn more about Apple May Designs visit:

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