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Friday, November 30, 2012

Explore the newly renovated *Two Moon Paradise- Wish813 Resident Reporting...

Two Moon Paradise opens up the holiday season with a bang, bringing it's visitors full featured fun and entertainment.

The sim provides ice skating in the middle of a winter wonderland, that is beautifully decorated with snowmen, little cottages, and a gingerbread house. While you are skating and enjoying the snowflakes fall from the sky, feel free to indulge yourself in Two Moon live entertainment, including a DJ on a drum set and all of your favorite holiday melodies; And if that's not enough to get to motivated, Two Moon Paradise also features a full fledged club/lounge complete with dance intans and live appearances by musicians such as AMForte and The Follow.
 The club/lounge has seating enough for an entire crowd, and enough Christmas decorations to brighten any occasion. Scattered around the sim are all kinds of treats, such as a romantic bubble in the sky for two, couples or singles poses, and a host of walkways and merchant parcels along the water for anyone who loves to shop. There are jet skis and para sailing vehicles for the sports fanatic, allowing one to travel along the surface of the surrounding body of water, along with a hot air balloon ride so you can scope out the entire sim from a distance. Be sure to check out the outside art gallery, which is located centrally to the sim, and features all kinds of art from various artists. Upon further exploration, one can come to find Two Moon's own coconut rock club, which on any given day, there are at least Two to four performers booked back to back, which ensures that entertainment is always plentiful and available.
 Sports, art, and entertainment are not the only things going on at Two Moon Paradise; There are plenty of things going on just below sea level as well. For the underwater enthusiast, there is a dance floor and lounge located below sea level which you can teleport to from a number teleport pads located throughout the sim, complete with swimming fish, lighting effects, and some of the most beautiful pant life around. Walk, swim, or fly around the underwater scene and enjoy wonderful music as the DJ works hard to please an entire audience. The underwater location is divided into two rooms, one is the dance floor, and the other the lounge. Two Moon Paradise has been in the business of entertainment for about a year and a half, and they feature giveaways every week in lindens.
  Free gifts are always available for both men and women to go with whatever season we are in, so be sure to check for them located throughout the sim, and be sure to check out the destination guide for more information about Two Moon Paradise.


  1. That would be Two Moon Paradise [singular] but thanks so much for the article :)


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