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Showing posts with label sports. Show all posts

Friday, February 10, 2023

It's SUPER BOWL weekend! Stacey Cardalines Reporting...


The Super Bowl is this weekend, and it may be America's most social event that isn't Christmas or Thanksgiving. Even people with no interest in football can enjoy the Super Bowl, either for the funny commercials or the A-list musical acts or even just to gather together with friends. Yes, the Super Bowl has something for everyone, even on SL.

Ideally, you'd be out with a bunch of friends at some gathering for the big game, but life isn't always ideal. Instead of chomping chicken wings with your friends, maybe you're stuck at home or work. That sucks because no one likes to miss a party, but there you are. You may even be such an intense football geek that you can't properly concentrate on the game if there are a bunch of non-believers there who just want to see the Doritos commercial. I actually get like that when the Patriots make it to the big game. Regardless of your motivation, you're still alone for the game.

However, if you have a computer, you can still at least experience the game with people. Just log on to SL and find a party! Don't know where the party is, you say? No worries. I know just the place.

First, we need to make sure you are up to speed on the basics. I can't have my people go to sims and be complete football zeroes, can I? I have a reputation to live down to.

The Super Bowl was born from the merger of two rival football leagues, the traditional NFL and the upstart AFL. At first, the AFL champ would play the NFL champ. After the 1970 merger of the leagues, they mixed the teams up, and the game was played between conference champions. The NFL won the first few, before Joe Namath scored the first AFL win. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the New Engand Patriots lead the list with 6 Super Bowl wins each. The Los Angeles Rams won the last one, and this year's game is between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles are favored to win by 1.5 points, in a game where the mob has decided that the two teams will combine for 51 points. There is no way to score half a point in the NFL, but that 1.5-point spread is just a gambling failsafe against the game being decided by a point. You can also bet on goofy things like who will score first, whether one team or another will fumble, and stuff like that. These are called Prop Bets. You can bet on how long Chris Stapleton will hold the "and the rocket's red glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare" note in the national anthem, and you can bet on whether Rhianna will open an umbrella during the halftime show. I know a guy who won 500 bucks once when Christina Aguilera wore pantyhose to sing the national anthem.

I have no idea who Chris Stapleton is, but that's more my fault than his. I'd guess that he's either a country singer or a pretty boy/dancer-type guy. I stopped being musically hip when the Wu-Tang Clan started to fall off.

The Super Bowl is America's most-watched television event and is second only to the World Cup if you count the rest of the world. The seven most-watched American programs ever are all Super Bowls, with only the M*A*S*H* finale cracking the top 8. The 2012 Super Bowl was watched by 111 million people. The first Biden/Trump debate, which would help decide who would be running the free world for 4 years, only got 63 million viewers. Of course, nobody got their spine snapped at the Biden/Trump debates, and there were no cheerleaders.

If you want to run a commercial during the game, you'd better have $5 million handy. The high price stems from the massive viewership the game draws, as well as the fact that the advertisers go out of their way to make the commercials be very entertaining. Many, many people go to the water cooler the day after the game and only talk about commercials. The Bud Light Frogs, Where's The Beef, "Thanks, Mean Joe" and Puppymonkeybaby were all Super Bowl commercials. Betty White's career revival was born out of a Super Bowl ad. Farrah Fawcett's first national gig was a Super Bowl commercial.

One year, my husband and his friends got very drunk for the game, which was being played in California or somewhere while my native Massachusetts was having a fierce nor'easter. Our power went out. Faced with a no-TV disaster, I had everyone make a plate, we loaded into the largest SUV that we had, and we drove laps around tiny Duxbury while listening to the game on the car radio. We got pulled over by the police once. I got about halfway through the story I just told you, and the cop just shook his head and goes "Drive up and down the beach road, you won't kill anyone that way." He took a Cop Tax of several buffalo fingers and a Pepsi. I believe it was St. Louis/Tennessee Super Bowl.

Now, back to stuck-on-SL-for-the-game You. Rather than insulting my readership by saying "You have no friends and no party invites," I will instead assume that you are such a football fiend that you can't watch with other people. Yet, you may still wish to be among people, just for the camaraderie. SL is good for that. There are sims that host Super Bowl parties, and you can go to these sims and pay as much attention as you feel like paying.

If your girl asks you some stupid question during a key point in the game and you are physically at a party, it would be considered poor form if you just ignored her question for ten minutes while the drama played out. You can do that on SL easily, however. I do it all the time, almost always for less important reasons. If your guy is a dinosaur and he thinks you're better served to feed him and his friends than watching the game (women make up 35% of the Super Bowl audience, and the number grows substantially every year), you'll be having an argument at a physical party. On SL, you can just tell him to order some Chinese delivery. 

This is important. I missed Janet Jackson's tits because I was handing nachos to someone during the 2004 Super Bowl.

You can avoid all of that by going to Rockin' Robin's for their weekend-long Super Bowl party. One of the pictures in this article is their schedule board, so that saves Stacey some typing. 

They have 9 live acts, a full football stadium with a performer stage set up, and the stadium even has locker rooms. You can get pom poms for your favorite team. The main event will be a weekend-long dance party on the football field. If you are alone for the Super Bowl, a good-sized crowd is just a teleport away. I was there taking pics at 1 AM on a Thursday, and the DJ had a good crowd. I'd imagine the Super Bowl will be teeming with folks.

Rockin Robin's is a go-to spot for me, as they always have the sim set up for various sports and holiday events. You could do a lot worse than to have RR as a regular stop on your rounds. Look for Eve Canadi, tell her I sent you, and you'll be taken care of.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022



High-paced story-driven wrestling every Friday Night at 6PM SLT. Men and women compete to be the best and be crowned VWE World Champion. Attendance is free of charge and welcome to all!

Tuesday, December 7, 2021


The exact origin of skiing is up for debate but the Sami people of Northern Scandinavia used them to effectively get from one point to another for travel and hunting on the cold harsh snowy landscape about 8,000 years ago. If this is true, skiing would be the oldest sport in existence besides spear chucking. Today it is not used for hunting or transportation unless you are into off-grid living in Alaska or Antarctica. With the invention of modern ski lifts, snow machines, and a nice slope on a mountainside, skiing has become a seasonal pastime for the young and old.

 Many winter sports enthusiasts flock to ski resorts to experience the adrenaline rush of flying down a mountain doing fancy moves, and even going aerial!  Others prefer to take the less aggressive approach by going cross country, Nordic, or telemark skiing. In Second Life you don’t have to worry about breaking an ankle, leg, or a few ribs if you fall off a lift or slam a tree on the way down. 

 The Mountain Resort is a stunning mix of rustic and luxury for Second Life residents who don’t want to brave the harsh elements to have a good time. Guests can enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding snow-covered valleys and foothills. Explorers can also hike on foot and take in the beautiful forest and the great outdoors. The SL Enquirer met up with Conte Alchemi to learn more about this perfect winter vacation spot on the grid.

Interview with Conte Alchemi

SLE:  Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you discovered Second Life?

Conte: I came to SL about 13 years ago. I love this world and the possibilities it gives to everyone to express their creativity. My mentor was a builder and introduced me to that. I loved to build but even more to terraform and landscape. I consider myself to be very lucky! In those years, I had the chance to get to know and to work with very talented people. It was an honor to be employed by some of the most influential and well-known estates in SL. I work as an estate manager in Sailors Cove South and Sailors Cove North Estates. I also work as a sim builder and landscaper for private clients. I thank all of them for always trusting in my work. About 10 years ago, I moved to Sailors Cove and met Fanci Beebe and Patrick Leavitt. They were the founders and the owners of Sailors Cove and Fisher Island Yacht Club. I felt very privileged, to say the least, to work with them. After a little while, I had the opportunity to create a new project with Patrick. We made what we call "The Rainforest" estate.

SLE: That’s what Second Life is all about, using your imagination to create. Now that the winter season is here, It is the perfect time for snow sports to begin.  What inspired you to create Mountain Ski Resort and what can visitors expect to experience?

Conte: During a chat with Patrick, we talked of the good times and pleasurable memories of the years spent in SL. We also spoke about an old estate that left a hole for many people in their Second Life for great places to go. It was called the Wolf Mountain Ski Resort. That estate was one of the very best places to go in Second Life.  It ran for many years before the owner had to close it. I also had the honor of building it and being a co-owner until the end. So, speaking about that, the thought occurred "why don't we do it again!"  Of course, it would not be an exact replica of the original one. I now use mesh and other things that were not available at that time. So, thanks to Patrick, who generously added 7 additional sims to the Sailors Cove Area and then created a new estate called Sailors Cove North. After that, we made the ski resort named "The Mountain." In a certain way, it's sort of a tribute to one of the best ski resorts ever seen in SL. I may be biased, but the current one is substantially more interesting. Plus, it offers a ton of amenities for our guests to enjoy. We have fine-tuned the on-mountain experience where our guests can expect breath-taking scenic views of snow-capped mountains and vistas. Gaze upon awe-inspiring frozen, icy lakes and streams. Watch as deers and other animals play upon the landscape.  Become fully immersed in their memory-making visit, which just leaves them saying WOW! They will hear the call of the trails beckoning them to hike. They will feel themselves turning into an adventurer detective to locate the hidden caves where they can find in the arctic-like ice a bar to relax in luxury. Perhaps our visitors have lost their way and find the tent spot just big enough for two to wait out the night in warmth and comfort. Maybe they will see that perfect rental that draws them into wanting to extend their visit. They can rezz a horse and ride the various freshly snowed trails and paths. Also, there are three ski lifts to the top of the mountain. They can also jump aboard a snowmobile and go to the peak where our always open Coffee Shop is warm and welcoming. There they can restore themselves with a favorite drink or a hot coffee after spending some time in the snow.

SLE: We do remember Wolf Mountain Ski Resort. It sounds like Patrick was a great mentor and friend having shared the idea of making this new and improved Ski Resort! Skiing can be intimidating. Are there different levels for beginners and experts?

Conte: Not really. Skiing is done at your own pace on The Mountain. There is a race system for those who are a little bit more competitive and wish to race themselves or against their friends. 

SLE: What a relief for clumsy avies like me.  Learning how to navigate sports HUDS can be difficult too. Does The Mountain Ski Resort offer lessons with an instructor?

Conte: The skis we offer to our guests are placed in the rezzers around the resort. They do not require a hud to be used, as they are just "wear & go." They offer a limited range of animations compared to those driven by a hud but are so much easier to use. That's why "casual skiers" prefer them;  "pro skiers'' want to use their own skis with huds for racing and acrobatic tricks. Currently, we are not providing lessons with an instructor. In the future, we hope to enlarge our staff. Maybe that will include a ski instructor too!

SLE: Rezzers are even better! After hitting the slopes, it's nice to unwind in the lounge by a nice warm fireplace and just relax. What other amenities does the resort offer guests?

Conte: Located in the main lodge, on the upstairs level, is a state-of-the-art fitness center, yoga mats, and a tanning bed. On the main floor, we have a small spa area where you can sit or take a dip in the Meditation Garden Pool, use the sauna, massage table, and shower. Also located on the main floor, you will find cozy, casual dining, a meet-up piano lounge, game and movie rooms. A hidden surprise is our music venue. Also, on the upstairs level, you will find the Moosehead Bar and S'mores Outdoor Deck. You can also sail, kayak, and take a scenic balloon tour. If you want to take a moment to reflect or plan an intimate wedding, there is a small chapel settled like a beautiful jewel in our forest. 

SLE: Wow there are a lot of things to do here! Besides Skiing, hitting the spa, having dinner, or getting married, what other winter sports can visitors experience at your resort?

Conte: Our guests can partake in a plethora of winter outdoor activities offered year-round. They can enjoy snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice skating, hiking, and sledding. We hope to add fishing for the Lake Area of the estate and a winter horse trail. 

SLE: The winter horse trail sounds like a fun date! We will have to come back and check that out.  Are you currently hiring staff? If so, what are you looking for to help enhance the skiing experience in SL?

Conte: The Mountain staff includes two estate managers, Joy Canadeo and myself. Our focus is on building and helping our guests. For this reason, at this time, we are currently evaluating hiring staff. Primarily we are a Resort Rental with many amenities for our guests to enjoy or participate in. Our intent is to give our guests the very best possible experience at The Mountain. With that in mind, we are looking for an event manager. 

SLE: Do you host Ski tournaments? If so, do you have a calendar of events and instructions on how guests can join?

Conte: The Mountain is still under a bit of design construction. We are about 98% complete. We have hosted a snowboarding tournament. We hope to host more tournaments and contests in the near future. We haven't had our grand opening as of yet. The calendar of events is one of the items that is a work in progress. When it is completed we will post around the estate and within our group, with instructions on how to join in on the fun.

SLE: We look forward to the event announcements. Do you have rentals for those who want to live on the resort?

Conte: All rentals are available for guests, for however short or long they wish to stay. Our cabins for rent cover a wide range of styles and they are available furnished or unfurnished. 

SLE: Thank you for giving us a tour of this beautifully designed resort. We wish you much success. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Conte: Unlike other Winter Resort Sims, The Mountain attracts summer visitors, too, making it a great year-round destination. We have a part of the resort that is seasonal. The Mountain is always in winter, whereas the Lake Region experiences all 4 seasons. We also have 2 other themed rental estates that are Rainforest and Tropical in nature. They will come as visitors and wish to stay as renters. I invite your readers to visit and explore The Mountain or any of our properties.

Thank you, Lanai, for the opportunity to share my passion with your readers!

Additional Information


Group: Sailors Cove Legacy Group: secondlife:///app/group/f820af86-e1de-37ee-a591-474860dbdf8c/about

 Flickr: The Mountain on the Blake Sea | Flickr   Sailors Cove South Rainforest Estate | Flickr


Preferred Contact: Conte Alchemi and Joy Canadeo

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Virtual Boxing Organization presents Main Event Boxing 5 live from the Walton Arena! March 14th at 2pm SLT

  Virtual Boxing Organization presents MAIN  EVENT  BOXING  5 live from the Walton Arena in Inopia

◥ Match 1 ◣ Liam Reed vs. Moneyman Firethorn
Male Division 5x3 min rounds RANKED

◥ Match 2 ◣ Ilaria Monzon vs. June Gloom
Women Division 5x3 min rounds RANKED

◥ Match 3 ◣ Kush Windlow vs. Sean Ramirez
Male Division 5x3 min rounds RANKED

★MAIN EVENT★ Chloe Valentine vs Lorena Fernandez

During the event only, the Legacy Body will be discounted by 20%. All bodies are on discount! You can purchase the discounted Legacy Body at the arena.
This event is brought to you by... Legacy Body

During the event only, the Legacy Body will be discounted by 20%. You can purchase the discounted Legacy Body at the arena.

Monday, February 24, 2020


Just when you think you have seen it all, heard it all, done it all in SL.  Guess what? You haven’t. I’m talking to the tens of thousands of you out there who have never observed a wrestling match in SL.  Premier Wrestling has elevated this contact sport to an art form seldom seen anywhere on the Grid today. Their uniquely modern treatment of a sport that is as old as mankind is truly worth your time to see. 

The owners Vince Aftermath and Trey Steele-Legendary™  (DrNeurotic Resident) have combined experience of almost 20 years in SL wrestling.  The Chief Operating Officer, Jasmine Tryce, has also been in SL wrestling for over 5 years. Recently I had the very real pleasure of meeting these folks, along with Premier wrestler Shereif “The Ace” and they shared with me some of the reasons for the success enjoyed by Premier Wrestling in SecondLife.

Josh Bellic (JB):  How long have you been involved with Premier Wrestling in SL? 

Vince Aftermath (VA):  I've been involved with Premier since the very beginning which was about a year ago. Trey Steele and I sat down together in real life and said “Let's do it”. While I was away for while dealing with the real world I had a tremendous amount of support from so many of my friends who wanted me to return in some way shape or form.  Some of you reading this may know me from the VAW days when I was the owner there. I believe when VAW was around it changed the game in many areas. We created the first Fan Interaction HUD and we were the only federation at the time to travel from Sim to Sim for almost an entire year all around Second Life. Now I’m back...Trey and I came back into the game with a different perspective on how SL Wrestling could be presented, taking our craft to a whole new level!

JB:  I understand there are several wrestling Sims in SL.  How is what you have here any different from all the other wrestling venues out there?

Shereif “The Ace” (SA):  Most wrestling shows are live shows only, fans go watch live.  Premier wrestling is different that its main focus is its YouTube channel.  We still have fans come and watch but with a limit of 15 tickets per show, every show we do is fully taped and uploaded online for our wider range fans to watch. Also a major difference is that we are the only federation that pays its staff and wrestlers per show

JB:  You limit your ticket sales for events to only 15 people? Why is that?

Jasmine Tryce (JT):  We only limit each episode show to fifteen people because we want to keep the lag down to a minimum so the wrestlers can perform their matches to the best of their ability, without being hindered by the monster called lag. We also do what is called a  “House Show”. This is a show we usually have off-sim and sponsor land. This is to help them not only bring traffic to their land but it also helps up get the word out about SL wrestling and Premier in general. Anyone can have a show at their land for a small fee, they just need to get in contact with me.

SA:  Since our priority is on the quality of the videos.. we don't want the sim or the performers to lag when too many fans attend at same time. You said we limit it to 15, but it's more like we removed the limit all together and upload to YouTube so even 100 or 200 can watch without any lag issues.

JB:  How can our readers learn of upcoming events? 

VA:  YouTube is our main network so please please please Subscribe. You can also follow us on our Website. So why are we pushing YouTube? By being on YouTube we are able to capture many fans across the world and not just in Second Life. This allows us to not only show them what Premier Wrestling can do but can also show everyone just how powerful the Second Life engine is. By doing this more people will come into SL for the first time wanting to participate in what Second Life has to offer. That is a good thing Josh!

JB:  Vince, who would you say is the greatest wrestler of all SL Time?

VA:  I'm not entirely sure, that is a very interesting question. There are three things that make a good wrestler into a star. First, you have to have the look..meaning that you have to stand out from the crowd.  Second, is voicing... You connect better with the fans when you are able to talk and show your emotion. A lot of people use text while calling out their foe but that doesn't have the same effect as voicing. Last but not least is in-ring performance.  Back in the day it wasn't such a big deal. Everyone had the same moveset for the most part but now, thanks to Team Wildfire and specifically the Prime Hud, you are able to do things that at one point seemed impossible to do in Second Life. If you have two out of three of these, you are on your way to becoming a huge star in the Second Life Wrestling business.

 JB:  Are there prizes for winning?  And if so, who funds those prizes?

Trey Steele (DrNeurotic Resident) (TS):  The prize for winning, is well.. You move up in standings. Each match you compete in could put you closer to the ultimate prize, the World Heavyweight Championship for the men and the Women's Championship for the women.

SA:  Winning or losing doesn’t matter in our business, it's not a competition, it's a performance.  We all work together (some in backstage and some in ring) to make the perfect show come to life every week so fans can enjoy it.  Everyone who works gets paid by Premier Wrestling. We have partners sponsoring us in return for getting promoted on our shows, on our social medias and in our videos. We can even go throw a show on their lands to bring them traffic.

JB:  In RL Wrestling, it is widely assumed that the matches are all "fixed"  and the winner is usually the one with the most elaborate costume. So, your secret is safe with me (and our 30,000 viewers each month)....Are the results of Premier Wrestling Matches "pre-determined"? 

VA:  Haha.  Well there is only one way to find out. To all 30,000 of you reading this  we are always hiring. We are always looking for that next star that is ready to make an impact in Premier Wrestling. If anyone wants to know, including you, Josh, sign up and tell me how your first match goes. Hahaha.

JT:  Well, let me ask you this? Would a magician tell you how he does his tricks? SecondLife Wrestling is an art form. It is a sport, it is also a skill that people work very hard to hone and perfect. Wrestlers work tirelessly to perfect their match and make it look flawless. They do it by hard work and dedication - Upgrading their moves, working on their ring skills and their presence. Are the results of Premier Wrestling matches pre-determined you ask? I ask you:  Does it really matter as long as the fans are enjoying what they are seeing and having fun at the shows?

TS:  Pre-determined?! I tell you what.. You step into the ring with me and I'll let you decide if its pre-determined or not. Lol

JB:  Thanks for that generous offer Trey, but I think I will take a “pain-check” on that, if its OK with you. Anything else you guys would like to share with our SLE Readers?

JT:  Join our in world group and go to a live house show and judge for yourselves. I think you will like what you see and if you would like to get involved we are always looking for wrestlers commentators, valets and also now extras for our shows. So if you would like to join the fastest growing wrestling federation in SecondLife, please IM me Jasmine Tryce and I can let you know how. And also check us out on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and our in world fan group. Thank you for your time.

If someone is interested to be a premier partner they go to this website:


So, there you have it folks.  Premier Wrestling! Now available on a YouTube channel near you


Sunday, October 13, 2019


Q: Why don't Race Car Drivers eat before a big race? 
A: In case they get Indy-gestion.

His name is Mango Darwinian, and there is no one on the grid more qualified to speak on the “evolution” of racing in Second Life.  I have been Duck Racing at Quackerstone, and Chariot Racing in Roma, but I had no idea that Motor Racing was such a popular event in SecondLife.

"Wait, what? That's a thing?" is a common response when people first hear of racing in SL. I was  surprised to find out, as that during SL racing’s Golden Years from 2007-2011, there have been racing sims owned by real-life car manufacturers? Or that sponsors have fought over advertising space on cars? Or that car racing has been one of the top shows on certain Second Life television channels? Or that there are a known handful of racers that have topped a million lindens in prize-money? Yes, racing was big business and racers enjoyed celebrity status, with racing being talked about by people that have never attended a race.

Today, the manufacturers, sponsors and big prize money are memories, as are big fields of 20-30 racers at events. However, now anyone involved in racing is in it only for the racing and as such it's a scene that is genuine and made by racers for racers. The Racing and Motorsports Association intends to bring that big ol' buzz back and this time, with it's more authentic driver base, it will be bigger and better than before.

Recently, I caught up with The Godfather of SL Motor Racing during some down time between races, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions I had about the sport and his involvement.

Josh Bellic (JB):   How did you first come to be interested in racing in SL?

Mango Darwinian (MD): A slightly strange career path for me! From 2006, my first date of joining, until early in 2007, I just looked for fun things to do and stumbled across RacerX Gullwing's giant snail racing. One day, watching the race replay on SLCN (old SL television station), I saw they also showed car racing highlights. After a few watches, I went along one day and was a racer from that day onwards.

JB:  I understand we are at the beginning of L$125,000 Launch Week, Oct 12th-20th 2019.  

MD:  Yes, Racing & Motorsports Association is no longer just a group to hear about other people’s races, although we intend to keep doing that!  To celebrate the RMA now hosting it’s own races, we’re starting things off large with a 12-races-in-9-days pre-season launch week. With cars by three different creators, a range of start times, road and oval, dirt and tarmac, there’s sure to be something for everyone.  Each race is holding an L$10,000 purse and the final one will be for L$15,000, just to make it a pleasing overall amount.

We’ll also crown a Champion of Racing at the end of the week.  You only need to get 4 race results to win this, although the more you attend, the better your chance of getting 4 scores good enough.  No extra money is offered for this, but you will have the prestige of being the second RMA champion after Svenja Rhodes two years ago, who will no doubt be having another strong attempt at it.

Classes that normally use pit stops will run double features for the top 12 instead and the only fueling will be done between races, so you won’t lose on menu skills, only your race skills.
If you won’t race now, when will you!?

JB:  Do you remember your first “Win”?

MD:  Yes, kind of.  It was 12 years ago now, but I remember it came about when I started looking up other racing sims than the initial one I'd started racing at. The competition at the initial one was far too much for me, as you might imagine from a televised organization. So I tried some other less-competitive places and won a few races, and I needed that or else I might have thought racing wasn't for me. Somehow, winning at other places made it start happening at the initial place as well. Confidence is key, I guess!

JB:  The schedule is quite extensive.  If you had to take a guess, How many people are involved in today’s racing community?

MD:  Well, there's not that many regulars that go on tour from sim to sim. I'd say there's only about 20 racing regulars and another 80 or so that pop in and out.  That all equals about 7-10 racers per race, as there are quite a lot of races. It's WAY down on the "good old days", which in my mind is 2007-2011. Probably a third of the size of what it was back then

JB:   Have any big-name NASCAR Racers ever participated in SL Racing that you know of?

MD:  Haha, no. Maybe a pit crew member here and there!

JB:  Why do you think corporate interest in SL Racing died?

MD:  I think it was just the realization that it wasn't as big a vehicle, so to speak, to promote their brand as they thought it might be. They all wanted to get in there early in case it was a good investment or involvement and we reaped the benefits for a few years before they decided otherwise. I don't think that's specifically about racing though, just a Second Life thing generally.

JB:   Do the different time zones make it difficult to race?  If so, how so?

MD:  I've always been a late night person, so not too difficult until it starts getting to about 7pm (3am my time) and then I'm starting to lose my co- ordination.

JB:  So tell me Mango. When was your last speeding ticket in RL?
MD:  I'm law-abiding, of course! I don't fancy myself as a racer in the first world, only here. The real racers in first life are on tracks already, only wannabes use the roads for it.

So, there you have it folks. Straight from the horse’s mouth.  Why don't you visit the Racing and Motorsports Association's HQ, or join the group and pick up the notecards posted in there regularly. They even welcome fans that just like to watch racing and they have some superstar spectators, too. You can do that in person or just watch races on one of the streaming channels you'll find addresses for within the 'SL racing schedule', like

Come on, be a racer! (You'll love it, I promise.)