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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Second Life Etiquette Part Three - Pandora Drezelan reporting ...

Dress Sense In Second Life

For part three of the Second Life Etiquette installments I am going to talk about dress sense within Second Life, including what to wear in different situations and what not to wear. Now some of you may not see this topic as an etiquette issue but this is my opinion on the subject so please do leave any comments and thoughts you may have.

To Wear Or Not To Wear?

When it comes to dressing your avatar there are a few things to consider, if you would be horrified at the thought of going shopping in nothing more than a bikini in real life then you should be as equally horrified at the thought of doing it in Second Life.
Each sim has it’s own maturity rating, PG, Mature and Adult and they all have their own sets of rules regarding dress code, conduct etc. If you want to be taken seriously and in some cases avoid the risk of being banned from a sim or even Second Life itself then dressing appropriately for the occasion is the best option. 

Business Attire

If you are attending a meeting, going to work or for a job interview in Second Life, looking your best from your hair down to your shoes is very important, base your style around the business requirements and take the time to try on a few outfits if you are not quiet sure. 
If you work as an escort or a dancer then yes you can wear skimpy clothes however certain clubs will either have a theme or ask you to dress in layers to make your strip routine look more realistic.

Casual Wear

From jeans and tank tops to that dress you just can’t part with, casual clothes are for shopping, hanging out with friends or by yourself exploring. Sleep wear such as nightgowns or pajamas look quiet cute and are fun to wear around the house.

Sexy Or Skimpy

Skimpy can be your sexiest Second Life club wear for a night out dancing or it can be bikinis, ultra short dresses to absolutely nothing at all, if you are a bit of an exhibitionist you may want to go topless or nude at an adult beach every now and then.

Formal Dress

The classic outfit, whether it is a stunning suit or a beautiful ball gown is just perfect for an evening out with friends or that special someone. I have been to sims where formal attire is required and if you are not suitably dressed then you will be asked to leave the sim. 

Fantasy/Role Play Outfits

Fun and fantasy is a huge part of Second Life, mermaids, angels, demons, vampires and all forms of role play are available, there are many variations of clothing and fantasy avatars. Some of you may dabble in a bit of a fantasy now and then, while others may live the fantasy lifestyle every day, even some role play sims have strict dress codes and ask that you remain ‘in character’ and dress accordingly. 


Some outfits can be mixed and matched, what you wear is up to you and some of these dress categories can be worn anywhere and others are best kept for your most private moments. It’s all about what you want to do in Second Life and how you choose to live it, no one can tell you what to do in Second Life or what to wear for that matter.

One question I saw in a a job application was how often do you change your avatars clothes? It made me think a lot because in my early days of Second Life I didn't really change my avatars clothes that much, 
People will judge you regarding your attire and dressing your avatar on a regular basis is as important as your choice of clothes, it all comes down to how you want others to see you and how important it is to you in regards to how you see yourself.

It is a good idea to keep your inventory up to date and take the time out to rid yourself of any clutter, just as you would with your real life wardrobe. There are no set rules for keeping up to date with fashion in Second Life but wearing the right clothes for the right situation certainly helps and if you look good then your’e bound to feel good both in real life and Second Life, be vain you are worth it. 


  1. Hear Hear!! It's HIGH time that this was addressed. I can't tell you how many times I've been at an elegant venue like the Fiume in the Roaring 20's Chicago SIM, which has a period-specific semi-formal to formal-dress code, and seen not only non-human avies but the absolute disrespect of torn jeans and T-shirts; as though one would show up to a swanky jazz night club in RL wearing that? Really? really? So, thank you sooooooooooo much for stating this, the obvious! I hope the readers will all "get it". -Vicki


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