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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spotlight on The Ohio State Buckeyes Club

Sport is a unifying element no matter where in the world you are from, certainly when it comes to nations competing against one another, on the other hand it also creates great rivalries particularly between the likes of the American Football leagues and their various clubs.  This rivalry spawns avid fans, no more so than Brutus Buckeye (aka Franklin Underwood).

Brutus is just such a fan and in particular of the Ohio State Buckeyes.  Being the avid fan that he is he has created an Ohio State Buckeye Group Inworld.

I touched base with Brutus to gain a little more insight into this fan of all fans.

I asked Brutus to tell us what brought him to SL? "A friend I met playing Sims Online told me about SL and thought I would like it.  I did and loved the fact that graphics were so much more advanced than Sims Online."

Brutus has been here since June 2005.  As with most of us he has had a number of ups and downs but he has stuck around to keep the Ohio State Buckeye Group going which he started in 2006. He says he has had a lot of friends come and go,  romances start and end, with the only constant being the clubhouse and the group.

I asked Brutus to give me some background to how the Ohio State Buckeye group came into being. He enthusiastically stated "I have always been a big Buckeye fan as we are called and it just came to me one day, so I bought land and built a clubhouse, which has stayed basically the same in terms of the look on the outside.  The size has changed and the location has moved from time to time. Buckeyes are one of the largest and strongest fan bases in the USA. I have the clubhouse just because I believe in promoting the Buckeyes anywhere and everywhere.”

I asked Brutus how he has managed to keep the group going for such a long time, he answered “it’s hard getting much going in SL as everyone knows and my RL schedule is always up in the air, my only constant is I never miss a game and have been here for almost every game in the last 6 years. So to keep it going has been hard. But the members of the group are all diehard fans and we meet during the RL games, chat as we watch the games at home or when we can stream on the T.V. in the clubhouse.”

In the clubhouse you will find portraits of past coaches, banners for past championships and other memorabilia lining the walls.  Walk across the football field to the bar and drink in the scarlet and gray colors throughout the club.  A large board announces the entire season’s games and lists the wins and losses.  To the right a big screen TV streams in the games when available.  One wall features pictures from 2006 to 2012 of club members and another segment features pictures from the most recent games.  I am told the clubhouse would not be complete without a Michigan wall deriding the team up North and a caged wolverine to barbeque after the big game!

I am led to believe that the Ohio State -Michigan game is one of the most watched and arguably the fiercest of college football rivalries, featured in NCAA commercials.  A perfect time to visit, enjoy the game and meet other football fans.  Each game day the members of the group arrive dressed in OSU gear ready to cheer on their team,  from  guys in football jerseys and helmets to cheerleaders and band members in uniform.  According to the fan themselves it's the best club on the grid!


  1. Go Bucks! Best clubhouse ever!

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