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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Behind the Fennux: Interview w/the Creators -Definate Balfour Reporting...

We can pick from so many breedables to play within world, from kitties to dogs even plants, but has anyone wondered where they come from? Yes we all know the whole girl and boy makes baby part, but what about the creators, the grand masterminds that cause us to fall in love with adorable and awesome creatures to go forth and multiple? With this question plaguing me I was able to find the answer, for at least one cute and adorable breed. The Fennux is the latest breedable to make a big hit, from auction to homes these little fox-like cuties are no doubt causing a tidal wave among all those that come in contact with them.

Interview with Daemon Blackflag

Definate - I've come across many breedables here in SL, but no one ever really speaks of their inspirations to create them so I ask you, what inspired you to create The Fennux?

Daemon - Dashing Riddler and I have dabbled in breedables for the past few years. Like many people, if you started playing a breedable, you would notice what you liked and disliked about it. I have personally played 3 of the most popular breedable games prior to the start of The Fennux, and I learned exactly what I wanted and did not want in a breedable pet game. This sort of knowledge of past success stories became part of the framework that created The Fennux. Keep the good, filter out the bad, and then add in our own creative additions to better the product.

Definate - Since The Fennux is getting more popular how you do find yourself keeping motivated with the large amount of work?
Daemon - It does take a lot of work to keep The Fennux running smoothly, but this is something that Dashing and I wanted to be involved in. We knew back in May of 2012 what we would be getting ourselves into, I even remember Dash having to constantly remind me that we would have to be putting a lot of our time into this, even after all of the initial work was completed. I had hoped he was going to be wrong but deep down I knew The Fennux would be a handful. But with all of the work we do it does pay off when we look out onto the grid and see how many users are taking part in this breedable. The bigger our community gets, the more pride we take in our work which adds that extra pressure we need to make sure we are always doing what is best for our breeders. For instance the moment we noticed the population of Fennux Dens rising we launched the Wishing Well, which allows users to drop any 12 Fennux Dens into the well, and in return they get 12 days of Fennux Food and a Limited Edition Fennux. This has drastically helped with the secondary market, which is one of our main concerns.

Definate - With every turn there seems to be things going on with your breedables, what are your future plans for these cute little foxy Fennux?
Daemon - We have learned it is best not to talk about future plans until they are set in stone, so don't expect me to say anything amazing right now. I will say this, at Team Fennux we are always working to keep ahead of other breedables with our new feature releases, content releases, etc. We are not looking to "keep up" with our competition, rather stay one step ahead. I think one way we are able to do this is by not talking about features before they are ready for the public eye. So expect great things to come from us in the future without me actually having to say anything about them.

Definate – That’s great to hear and also causing me to sit on the edge of my seat, ‘expect great things’! A lot of people are going to be reading this article, is there anything that you want those readers to know? Is there anything you'd just like to say that they may not be able to find out otherwise?
Daemon - Something that a majority of users probably don't know is that they can choose to purchase "1 Fennux for 4 Week Kibble Dishes" on the SL Marketplace for L$189 each, which is actually cheaper than the in-world dishes of food of the same kind.

Definate – On that note, I highly recommend checking out the cute little Fennux’s running around the grid and over taking auctions around the in-world.


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