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Saturday, February 2, 2013

IMPORTANT LETTER FROM THE EDITOR IN CHIEF: Is Second Life a breeding ground for Lunatics and Griefers? You too can be a victim. - Lanai Jarrico

How should we handle people that hide behind avatars and trespass against us with the thought that they can easily get away with it because nothing can be done to stop them?
In the years I have been reporting news in Second Life, I have come across people with major attitude problems, drama enough to book solid five seasons of Jerry Springer, and emotional baggage handlers that we just want to put on a flight to oblivion in the name of preservation of  peace in a virtual world we value.

It is understandable that there are a variety of personalities that clash with others. There will always be disagreements and confrontations.  As residents of a virtual world, we have the option to mute, boot and ban them. Others choose to allow these individuals to continuously harass and make people’s second lives miserable. One thing is for certain, when it comes to messing with the wrong person, it can lead to a very public display of awareness and embarrassment of the offending party.

 Is it wrong for me as a journalist to exercise my liberties and freedoms of expression, or is it a deserved opportunity to express myself with the option to share things with my readers that occur in Second Life?  My motivation is not for self gain or satisfaction, it is to keep the people I care about informed of those that grief and violate me and my friends in the hopes that I can prevent the same for others.
 I’m sure this subject is up for debate but how would you handle a person that threatens to have you put in jail for 30 to life for being a thief when you never stole from anyone in second life or in the real world?
interesting profile jargon

On Friday, February 1, 2013, I was approached by a woman name Loki Mortmagus that seemed to have a concern about the health of the grid by turning her attention on how the Lindens were managing situations and claiming she would go after Ron Humble in her attempts to stop them from some sort of assault on a particular group called The Little Text people. (A RP Group)

 Between here force fed information into my IM box, I tried to understand exactly what she was trying to tell me and I even offered her an exclusive interview to see if I can sort out the information being received. As real life always seems to present itself in the middle of talking to someone, I simply apologized and let her know I had to leave because I would be expecting company shortly. Not thinking this would cause a foul reaction, I exited Second Life and went about my real life business. Approximately 7 hours later, I received a disturbing offline from this woman mocking me as media personnel and accusing me of controlling media and that I was a joke. When I was able to come back online, I contacted her to let her let know I was confused by what she had said since I was not rude to her in any way.

Here is the conversation prior to me having to go: (It is partial since that was as much as I was able to copy from the IM conversation with her) The entire conversation can be made available because I also log them to my computer. (Just in case someone wants to question my credibility)

[2013/02/01 10:55]  Loki Mortmagus: i dont know when Al will gret h ome
[2013/02/01 10:55]  Loki Mortmagus: but im making that call to get him to put in a call to sert uip a call with rod humble
[2013/02/01 10:55]  Lanai Jarrico: brb phone
[2013/02/01 10:56]  Loki Mortmagus: and im hoping - prahying at this point - that someone can get whjoever the idiot is killing this product off the LTP and LL payrolls. it's time. 2 weeks to their anniversary and nothing to show for it.

[2013/02/01 11:04]  Loki Mortmagus: as for who i am and why people should take me seriously... my name is Hsing Lee, ive been a producer in mainstream andindie film and tv since the late 80's.  my partners and me opened thje first indie digital non linear post production company in western canada. i released the first feature length creative commons licence documentary to use internet download as the primarhyg distribution vehicle

[2013/02/01 11:04]  Loki Mortmagus: i also have a rather... agile mind
[2013/02/01 11:05]  Lanai Jarrico: sorry Loki i have unexpected company in rl I will be afk
[2013/02/01 11:05]  Loki Mortmagus: cold u give me aname pls
[2013/02/01 11:05]  Loki Mortmagus: of one elder?
[2013/02/01 11:06]  Lanai Jarrico: I am one
[2013/02/01 11:06]  Loki Mortmagus: ok well, i wouldlike to talk if possible today
[2013/02/01 11:06]  Loki Mortmagus: hopefully with yuo guys befoe humb;le
[2013/02/01 11:06]  Loki Mortmagus: if not, i understand
[2013/02/01 11:23]  Loki Mortmagus: the survival of this grid - social, economic, and in terms of relevance - is at a nexus point. and all of the issues people have with so-called 'drama', much of what people dislike about the current economic model, has a solution at hand. a very good one. and i can spell it all out for the elders if theyre willing to listen. but it needds ot be done before the 4th
-- End of Log --

Here is the confusing part....

[06:35 PM]  Loki Mortmagus: (Saved Fri Feb 01 2013 05:24 PM) ok. so i see now. control the news. or so you think lolol what a joke
[06:36 PM]  Loki Mortmagus: save  it
[06:36 PM]  Lanai Jarrico: Ms. Mortmagus I don't understand this IM because I have not disrespected you in any way.
[06:36 PM]  Loki Mortmagus: all they have to do is look at the ads
[06:36 PM]  Loki Mortmagus: you're done
[06:37 PM]  Lanai Jarrico: Have a nice second life
[06:37 PM]  Loki Mortmagus: lol
[06:37 PM]  Loki Mortmagus: have a nice 30 to life
[06:38 PM]  Loki Mortmagus: you already know what my demands are. so do the other inbred rednecks in your little pope wanna be brigade
[06:38 PM]  Loki Mortmagus: as i said to your prince darling.... come here tonight and kill me
[06:38 PM]  Lanai Jarrico: What you are doing is a form of harassment and will be logged so chose what you say wisely to me. Goodbye
[06:38 PM]  Loki Mortmagus: because if you don't, and you don't give back all thtat was stolen, you are all going to jail forever

   Like night and day her whole demeanor changed, suddenly I was being accused of the same offenses she had previously been telling me that the Lindens were committing. She threatened that if I did not give back all that was stolen, (unsure what was stolen) I would be going to jail along with my “little pope wannabe brigade” (unsure what that meant either).

 After ending the IM with letting her know that she should choose her words wisely because they were being logged, I offered her kind words by hoping she has a nice Second Life. Immediately after her confusing comebacks, I exercised by right to mute her and let all my friends know to be wary of this person and to exercise their right of protecting themselves and their land as well.

I am unsure how effective my approach is but I hope that by sharing this story and proof  of harassment  and grief with you, it will allow you to protect yourself too.
 Second Life can be a peaceful place where you can work and play without being harassed by those that feel the need to spread negativity and accusations. If you value your peace, my advice would be to add this person to your mute and ban list so you too don’t end up accused of things that you did not do or threatened with jail time.  Orange jumpsuits are unflattering, just saying.

-Lanai Jarrico


  1. you are lucky you are just a victim of outrageous accusations. You should speak to someone in the fashion community about the griefer racket thats been going on there for a few months - keyword: Ramonzita. Copybotting, crashing sims, asking for ransom money are just some of the few offences this avatar has been responsible for. And - the LLs know about it and seemingly have no way of stopping it.

  2. Thank you for your feedback, I am very aware of Ramonzita because this griefer also tried to attack me as well as other media personnel. Believe me when I say I am well aware and have even heard a 10 minute recording of Ramonzita and her minions harassing someone and snickering at their own actions. It is a shame that LL's allow that behavior and don't take action against those that repeatedly grief the grid. I will make it my mission to continue to inform our readers of these types of people. From there it will be up to you to take names and add them to your ban list.

    1. Wow ! Its my second trip around the SL world, having taken a bit of time off after a stalking prob few years ago.I am amazed at the time and energy some crazed ppl have put into harassing other ppl on sl! Most of the times you arent even sure what the base of the problem is! Ive been there.A woman that thot we had some kind of intimate romance going on, began to haunt me many times a day.Id mute and she would go to another avie in mins.
      I feel for you being in the public eye brings more attention to you.You cant just change your name and more on.
      Hang in there and stay safe.

  3. The scary thing for me is that you don't have Loki muted..I have for over 2 years...

  4. We need to talk . This same individual has been terrorizing the staff and top players of a large business / game in SL for months . Accusiing us of being bots and so many other things.

  5. I just un-muted Loki for the first in in 2 give loki a is fair and right under justice and the law in both England as well as is unfair for me to pass judgement on someone unless they have chance..even 2 years justify themselves. So please feel free to justify why you STILL arn't on meds.

  6. Hi Anonoymous, please feel free to contact me at and I will listen to your complaint and try to help you.

  7. Sal, I wish you well in your decision. It is apparent that she is harassing others as well. I doubt anyone would admit to being on or forgetting to take medication.

  8. It hasn't stopped harassing people since the day it entered SL. This is not a news story...this is a 3 year old news story that linden labs don't care about.

  9. That´s how it is to be a journalist dear. I´m a journalist in both life and thats my everyday.
    We hade some problem of that kind among the Scandinavian avatars. But most of us has taken the hard line to deal with it.
    We block consistently, in pref. you can check a box "hide unloaded avatars", and they disapear totaly. And the sim and/or club owners rejects them if they not behave. Spamfilter in mail is very useful.
    If no one sees them it won´t give them any satisfaction.
    They wan´t to be seen, but have a very curios way trying to being seen.

  10. Vanadis, thank you for your insight on this matter. I absolutely agree that being in a journalist position, attracts griefers and people with hidden motives and agendas. I would compare it to how a light attracts pesky mosquitoes. This particular one seemed to go to the wrong light and ended up getting zapped. I have taken the initiative to direct her mail attempts to my spam folder. She is now trying to email me with a sudden change in tone,saying that she did not threaten me and still wants to explain her issues with ludacrist conditions. I've let her know that her actions won't be tolerated by me and her opportunity to be heard by SLE has been revoked. It is a shame that people feel the need to harass others without merit or accurate proof of wrongdoings. Sometimes they mess with the wrong person and end up in her situation. The reason I chose to exposure her ignorant tactics is to make the Second Life community aware in hopes they can protect themselves before they too become victims of grief and false accusations. I will continue to do so with anyone else that tries.

  11. It just looks like a harmless retard to me. If LL went around banning those, the second life userbase would be absolutely decimated. Point and laugh at them.

  12. I just wanted to fill you in on some important information (Not that you haven't noticed from this Hsing Lee character) he/she seems to have a severe case of irritable bowel syndrome, over festering hemmoroids and unrelenting diarrhea of the mouth. This person has been in Second Life for over two years harassing residents and continues into 2013. This person has contacted a number of virtual world residents on some kind of ridiculous mission to make unfounded accusations, and threatening to sue people and put them in jail for 30 to life. Don't let this person get the best of you and infect this site with their menacing diseases of the brain. Hsing aka Loki Mortmagus (in Second Life) has long winded ending comments and random write ups all over the internet, from other gamer forums to political forums. I'm unsure what Hsing's motives are but this person's only goal is to make other's lives miserable. I hope this person finds the right medication or finally dehydrates from the massive crap it expels or at least goes mute, deaf and blind.

  13. I see the anonymous who posted Feb 26, at 6:33:00 has met this person . The people affected by this person stretches far and wide .


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