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Sunday, March 24, 2013

SLE Event Review: Paramount Playhouse Delivers Entertainment with Audience interaction- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

On Sunday, March 24 @ Noon slt,  The SL Enquirer was invited to a great show; Dancer’s Choice by Paramount Playhouse. It is a unique Burlesque show experience and if you weren’t there, sorry to hear that!

The event kicked off with Pathmaker Campbell-MacGregor dancing for the crowd before the show started. When the curtains opened the performers were introduced.Hosted by phatbottomgrl clarity and performances by Pathmaker Campbell-MacGregor LeAnBurt Resident, Vicki Erikson, Susan Sharpshire, Lotta Difference, Belle Burner, Starlena Darkfire and announcer Ebony Zander. 

You can tell they put time and effort into creating an entertaining experience.

Each segment had a detailed scene accompanied by matching music and a dance routine. For those into sexy, there was even a bit of nudity and  topless dancing!
 During the burlesque performance, the dancer emoted and interacted with the audience and applauds and cheers could be heard throughout the venue.
The performance took you on a journey from a kitchen scene, Indian reservation, padded rooms and Gypsy camp to a joke segment, Broadway , morgue, 20’s cabaret and more.There definitely was something for every wild imagination.

 The SL Enquirer gives this performance two thumbs up. It is a must see show for those that like the performing arts in Second Life.

Coming in April Cleo and the Czar

 Be sure to join the Paramount Playhouse Group for showtimes and information

Visit Paramount Playhouse


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