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Saturday, March 16, 2013


      Music is universal. It can be created in any languages in a variety of genres. It is an art form made up of sounds, pitches and melodies. Musicians combine their unique sounds with lyrics to express themselves and share their natural talent with others. Music has the power to set moods, bring back nostalgic memories and even plays important roles in many of our special occasions. From weddings, birthday parties and other gatherings, to singing along in your car to songs, spring cleaning at home or going to concerts with friends.  For music lovers around the world, there is something for everyone and it seems to be everywhere.
In Second Life, music has evolved into a global phenomenon because it allows musicians from all over the world to perform in front of a global community. They are able to interact with their fans in a more intimate way and receive instant feedback, do requests and get tips for their performances.
KevinMThomas Carpool is a real musician originally from Pennsylvania but now resides in Washington DC.  He brings his unique voice and guitar skills into Second Life©, performing original music with a combination of covers from his favorite artists. With his years of experience in the virtual world, Kevin has rocked out at countless venues across the grid and continues to build his fan base, since 2007.

Interview with KevinMThomas Carpool

Lanai: Hi Kevin!  It’s been a long time since we've sat down for an interview. For the readers, can you tell me how you found Second Life©? BTW love the festive St. Patrick’s Day outfit.

Kevin: Hey Lanai!  Thank you, it’s good to be back!  I found SL when I was performing full-time with my RL band, Nixon Nation, as one of our fans, Mama Norfolk, in-world, told me about SL.  I didn't pay much attention as we were in a regional tour from New York City to Ocean City, Maryland.  After the support for original live music started to dry up, I decided to check out this thing called SL.  The rest is history.

Lanai: Good call on coming to Second Life! So, before you discovered SL, when did you pick up your first guitar and realized this is what you wanted to do?

Kevin: I was 15 years old and at that moment decided this was way too cool to concentrate on anything else.

Lanai: Rock on! If you can describe your style in 5 words, what would they be?

Kevin: 80's ,Rock, Acoustic, Electric, Style

Lanai: That totally describes you! When did you start writing your own music?

Kevin:  I started writing my own music as a teenager as I was classically trained and I began to write Piano Compositions.

Lanai: Nice background! How many songs have you written so far?

Kevin:  Literally several hundred between the acoustic, chamber music, piano and instrumental.

Lanai:  Nice. Which of your originals is your most favorite? What inspired you to write it?

Kevin: Impossible to say as each are my children each represent a different side of me.  I would say the most important to me as of late is my new song, "State Of The Union" as it reflects contemporary living.

Lanai:  I believe that every musician was inspired by the music they grew up listening to. Who were your favorites? Do they still influence you today?

Kevin:  Iron Maiden, Sting, Journey - ABSOLUTELY still influence me today.

Lanai: In Second Life and in the real world, you have a created a fan base that has followed you for a long time, what is your secret for your continued drive and success?

Kevin:  It is IMPERATIVE that you keep performing regularly and actually engage with your fan base.  I try to keep up with everyone I can and thank them for their support.  In addition, it's important to add new material weekly to keep the crowd entertained and involved.

Lanai: In SL, most musicians have a management team that helps them book gigs and keep them working. Who markets you?

Kevin: MUSIC NOT POLITICS, since 2008.

Lanai: How many hours a week would you say you spend in Second Life?

Kevin: I perform about 10-15 shows a week so about that in hours.  Most of my time is playing bass for Edward Lowell, Mr Multi and Mike Carnell as we all dual-stream live and create the band experience on SL.

Lanai: I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these musicians too in SL. I think dual streaming is an ingenious way to perform with other talent from around the world, in real time. Not everyone can perform in front of a crowd like you do. Do you ever get nervous?

Kevin: I honestly have not gotten nervous, more because of my OCD and insanity more than anything.

 Lanai: Can you describe the feeling of performing in SL versus on a real stage? Is it any different for you? How do you prepare yourself?

Kevin:  I think it is more engaging, impactful and meaningful as we have a world-wide base here.  I prepare by sound checking all of the instruments and in the dual stream situation setting levels of the main performer as I play bass for them.

Lanai: When you aren't performing, what other things do you like to do in Second Life?

Kevin:  Like to listen to other musicians when I can.

Lanai: What is your most memorable moment in SL?

Kevin:  Very hard to say. I would say playing the first time at the Lava Pit in 2007 when I realized I could perform to the world live without any barriers.

Lanai: I’d have to say, seeing my first concert in Second Life was a “WOW” experience too. It made me realize that Sl is much more than just a game. People really get to showcase their natural talents. I love that. Getting back to your music, where can people sample or purchase your songs?

Lanai: What group can they join to follow your performances?

Kevin: KevinMThomas Fan Club in Second Life©

Lanai: Do you have any advice to give to new musicians that want to perform virtually?

Kevin: Attend shows, engage fans, play daily.

KevinMThomas Carpool performing live in Second Life 

Lanai: Good advice Kevin. If you let me, you know I will ask a thousand questions, but I will wrap up my interview with your favorite quote that sums up you as a person and an SL musician.

Kevin: "If at first you do not succeed, try, try till you die!"

Lanai:  Kevin, thank you for sharing yourself with our readers, I look forward to more years of your music and future interviews with you.

Kevin: It's my pleasure Lanai!  Thank you for all you and your staff do in SL with SLE!

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