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Showing posts with label KevinMThomas Carpool. Show all posts

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

KevinMThomas Carpool Performs Live at The SL Enquirer- May 7th at 11am SLT

Join us at The SL Enquirer Media Center for an hour of live entertainment with Music Not Politics's very own KevinMThomas Carpool. 

About Kevin

Kevin M Thomas Carpool is a Live acoustics, electric and orchestral rock musician. 

He comes to us live from Washington, D.C. His performances in Second Life are acoustic and electric along the lines of 80's rock. His voice has been likened to Steve Perry of Journey. His original music is deep and emotional. Outside of SL, Kevin has written Classical Compositions in his Chamber Music Collection and his Piano Collection. And now you can experience Kevin first hand live in Second Life by visiting today!


Saturday, March 16, 2013


      Music is universal. It can be created in any languages in a variety of genres. It is an art form made up of sounds, pitches and melodies. Musicians combine their unique sounds with lyrics to express themselves and share their natural talent with others. Music has the power to set moods, bring back nostalgic memories and even plays important roles in many of our special occasions. From weddings, birthday parties and other gatherings, to singing along in your car to songs, spring cleaning at home or going to concerts with friends.  For music lovers around the world, there is something for everyone and it seems to be everywhere.
In Second Life, music has evolved into a global phenomenon because it allows musicians from all over the world to perform in front of a global community. They are able to interact with their fans in a more intimate way and receive instant feedback, do requests and get tips for their performances.
KevinMThomas Carpool is a real musician originally from Pennsylvania but now resides in Washington DC.  He brings his unique voice and guitar skills into Second Life©, performing original music with a combination of covers from his favorite artists. With his years of experience in the virtual world, Kevin has rocked out at countless venues across the grid and continues to build his fan base, since 2007.

Interview with KevinMThomas Carpool

Monday, September 26, 2011

IT'S A PAJAMA JAM AT THE SL ENQUIRER Featuring Music Not Politics' Onehempcat Oldrich and KevinMThomas Carpool Streaming Virtually LIVE! 6pm slt

You are invited to an encore Pajama Party in Lanai’s Bedroom on Tuesday,  September 27th @ 6pm slt  . Due to requests, it is an encore  for those that missed the first one at this exclusive custom venue.  After the party, Lanai's Room will be disappearing to make room for other SLE Sponsored events.

Come in your best sleepwear and practice that fist pump or jump split, because Music Not Politics's  Onehempcat Oldrich will be performing virtually live with KevinMThomas Carpool and Edward Lowell!
There will be Truth or Dare, Spin The Bottle and a drawing for a chance at a spotlight feature.  SLE forecast also predicts a downpour of Lindens at random, so be on the look out for some loot!
Exclusive VIP Pass:

Upcoming SLE Event
Mark your Calendars for our next event on Tuesday , October 4th!  Start shopping for those  Superhero & Sidekick costumes!

 Black Soul Rhythms Radio's DJ Marjorie Dibou will be broadcasting LIVE from The SL Enquirer Media Center.  more info TBA.

Don't miss out on the SL Enquirer's exclusive themed Parties!   Join the SL Enquirer Media Group in-world or subscribe to our website for our latest news and events!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Royal Experience to Remember- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Le Magique Castle, Magique Fantasies

 It is almost every little girls dream to be a princess when they grow up or at least dress up in a beautiful gown, pretending to be rescued by a true prince and taken away to a castle to live happily ever after.  Just like in Fairy tales, Second Life is a place of imagination and wonder where you can capture a moment in the real world’s rich history, folklores or fairy tales and virtually Role play those fantasies here with all your friends. 

Striking a princess pose

In Second Life, We can all be Princesses or Knights in shining armors, ruling Sims across the grid, slaying dragons and leaping into other role play scenarios.  Remember, it is your world and your imagination that takes you on the best Second Life journeys.