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Friday, April 5, 2013

Area 54: The Future of Second Life Clubbing- Launching on Saturday April 6th @ 3pm SLT

By mixing up multimedia such as sound, video and graphics plus dual streaming of music in both second and real life, the new ‘Area 54’ club, built and conceptualized by artist Thoth Jantzen, is paving the way for a whole new type of virtual clubbing experience.
Launching on Saturday April 6th, at 3-7PM SLT (PDT) with a live DJ set courtesy of acclaimed Techno DJ and Producer, Cari Lekebusch (Mantis Oh in SL) and Gragee  Pikanen (GraGee Piek in SL), Area 54 is the most immersive mixed reality venue on the grid.
“Area 54 is a legal way to damage your mind without the physical harm to your brain chemicals can cause and almost no risk of incarceration!” exclaims Thoth Jantzen, describing the intense visuals at the club. “Plus, it will be streamed live across the internet, so you could become famous!”

For Cari Lekebusch, performing in Second Life can be just as creatively rewarding as playing the numerous music festivals and clubs that are a regular part of his real life work. “SL sets and online set in general are fun in many ways,” says Cari, as he loads up his playlist, “you can get other and different levels, in the interaction and feedback between artist and audience. Using various tools like video and audio streams, direct chat feedback and music track and title information.”

Techno - as a music medium - is well known for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and now with the opening of Area 54 and the opportunity for both Second Life ™ and real life audiences to be part of a shared multimedia event, it seems that mixed reality events really are the future.

Area 54 

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