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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spotlight on Bound to Excite; D/S Lifestyle Themed Sim - Vapor Paragorn Reporting...

Bound to Excite is a D/S lifestyle themed sim  and it's an exciting blend of many ventures.
Unlike many D/s themed sims , focus here is not only on lifestyle but whole sim offers variety of activities for its visitors. Bound to Excite is a home of bound melodies, jungle pleasure, topaz, eyes wide shut and Naturally bound, a beautiful surf beach. In village area here designed with Victorian styled buildings, you can shop for bdsm and D/s related photographic art. Entire sim offers many fun activities to get yourself indulged in. You can Surf at beach , Listen to live music at bound melodies, have an erotic jungle experience at jungle pleasure and can be a part of secret sex society called eyes wide shut.

Naturally bound - Surf Beach
Bound to Excite beach features a Sunset wave. It's a surf-able wave, that runs from south side of sim to almost its middle. You will find wide ocean area here, on which it's very easy to maneuver surfboards while surfing. Also free loaner surfboards, jet-ski and wind-ski rezers are available here. They are located across the beach under a tiki hut. You will find a main beach area that is very tranquil and colorful. A nice tropical beach to relax alone and also to bring someone special for cuddling and dancing. The beach area also features a  variety of games like greedy in a cozy hot tub, bondzee and SL-dictionary . You will also find skippo and can't stop game tables here.  Surf beach has a colorful dance platform, many sitting and cuddling spots and also a cave to have some erotic intimacy with your special someone. Variety of fun events are held regularly at the beach. They have weekend beach party with a dj every Saturday. Another exciting event they do there is "Dare to be Greedy".  Players are invited to play rounds of greedy game. A winner of each round chooses one piece of clothing to be stripped from rest. Winner of each round may also select one of players to spend an hour as their submissive partner or slave. It's an exciting idea to incorporate d/s lifestyle in a game. The thrill and uncertainly of greedy game makes this contest more thrilling. If you are a dominant master/mistress, a free spirit submissive, a slave, a switch or even just a D/s lifestyle explorer, then that event is recommended for you. They also do bondzee challenge events there time to time. You can join "Naturally Bound" group for more information and to stay up to date with their events. The group is free to join. Surf Beach welcomes all genres of people, so you don't have to be particularly into  D/s lifestyle to hang out there. It's a clothing optional beach so naturalists are always welcome and nudity is allowed.

Naturally bound group Link : secondlife:///app/group/0887994c-1100-f1bf-cf74-686a9208bd32/about

Bound Melodies
Right next to beach you will find live music venue called Bound melodies. Venue features mix line up of SL's elite & amateur singers for their each event on Thursdays. They do seasons of live music events time to time. You can find about events timings and details by joining "Bound to Excite" group. Group is free to join. This live music venue is set in a Victorian styled building with its own small beach area. You will find a big bar inside and walls are decorated with D/s photographic art. It's a nice cozy place for music lovers , especially live music. You are always welcome to lounge in their facility to enjoy music, even when they don't have events. If you are fan of Live music in SL, then this venue is recommended for you.

Bound to Excite group Link : secondlife:///app/group/3f3d85e0-3a2e-0579-d58d-218638b6472f/about

Jungle Pleasure
Jungle pleasure is another one of venues hosted by this sim. It's set in a jungle environment with hidden and open places for sex & kinky play. It's a busy hangout and you will mostly find someone there for chat and more. Whole place is designed like a jungle covered in trees and plants. You will also find wild animals and birds lurking around them. Random sounds of wildlife nicely complemenst the feel of whole jungle environment there. This place features many spots to have steamy intimacy with your partner in jungle's calm environment. There are many regular visitors of jungle pleasure and you will mostly find them dressed in Tarzan's and Tarzana's costumes. With all those people dressed as jungle natives, it really sets the mood of place. If the idea of being sexually pleasured in a wilderness excites you, then jungle pleasure is recommended for you. The main dock of jungle has some dance poles for freelance dances. Anyone can use the dance poles and keep 100% of their tips. They also have jungle parties every week, with many djs playing different varieties of music . The best way to get hold of their events, is to join "Jungle Pleasure"  group. Group is free to join.

Jungle Pleasure Group URL : secondlife:///app/group/4cd21857-5ddd-4d89-6b83-b0c4d77530a0/about

Eyes Wide Shut Society
Eyes wide shut is a new addition to this Sim. It's a secret underground society where members are committed to explore their sexuality. They are invited to participate in orgies and bondage parties, while hiding their identities behind masks. They can use house slaves in the dungeon, also lounge, talk and dance as they wish. It's a group only venue and membership fee is 300L$ (onetime payment).All facilities are for members only. Members of this society can enjoy very stylish, classy settings with many fun adult toys, lap dances, Shibari (Japanese Bondage), a ballroom and much more. Eyes wide shut is currently hiring staff members as hosts. You can contact owner "Bill Baramm" for more information and application form. If you are into sexual role play and the idea of being discrete about it excites you, then this place is for you.

Eyes wide shut society group Link : secondlife:///app/group/854106bf-7065-f968-8fa4-ffb90342d881/about

Topaz Strip club
Topaz is a busy strip club where you will find girls performing on dance poles for visitor's pleasure. Topaz Strip Club also offers other adult entertainment services. You can find out about them by visiting the venue. Join their group to stay updated with their events. Its free to join.

Topaz Sophisticates group Link : secondlife:///app/group/2125ddce-4216-b177-f53e-9b94d658057f/about

Sim Info
Sim owner : Bill Baramm
Bound to Excite group Link : secondlife:///app/group/3f3d85e0-3a2e-0579-d58d-218638b6472f/about
Rating : Adult
Sim type : Estate/ Full region


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