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Showing posts with label beach. Show all posts

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Island Weekend Round 3 Opens Friday, July 15th, 2022


Island Weekend is a weekly sale open Fridays 9AM to Mondays 12AM SLT. This sale offers brand awareness for all creative designers and intrigues shoppers seeking something new, with an added Island Style Vibe. The appeal of summertime, soaking in the sun, splashing in clear island waters, and sipping something refreshing, is experienced in certain areas All-Year-Around. A non-theme sale, except for Major USA holidays, customers can find a variety of available sale items to purchase. Pricing at 99L for individual items and 50% off Fatpacks. Deals many shoppers will enjoy! A Refreshing, Fun, Bright, and Airy feel as if one is on an Island Escape. Our designers are talented in showcasing a wide range of creativity. Let’s make every day feel like a vacation. Join our inworld update group for exciting gifts, giveaways. Or click on our Kiosk in our office to join the Subscriber list.

Any Questions, please contact Cocohantas. Island Weekend Instagram: Island Weekend Group: Island Event Office SLUrl: Island Event Website:

Sunday, June 19, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Island Weekend Sale Launches July 1st, 2022


Island Weekend is a weekly sale opening on July 1st, 2022. This sale event will offer brand awareness for all participants and intrigued shoppers seeking something new, with an added Island Style Vibe. The appeal of summertime, soaking in the sun, splashing in clear island waters, and sipping something refreshing, is experienced in certain areas All-Year-Around. With the introduction of Island Weekend, we hope to expand that cool and refreshing feeling throughout Second Life, full of Bold & Bright Colors, Fun Summertime Items, and Overall Design Uniqueness. Pricing at 99L for individual items and 50% off fatpacks. Deals many shoppers will enjoy! This event offers Refreshing, Fun, Bright, and Airy, all while offering an Island dream vacation feel. Think of it as a beautiful escape, and designers are on board with themes based on holidays. Every day can feel like a vacation. Join our inworld update group for exciting gifts, and giveaways. Or click on our Kiosk in our office to join the Subscriber list.

Any Questions, please contact Cocohantas. Island Weekend Instagram: Island Weekend Group: Island Event Office SLUrl: Island Event Website:

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Visit Blackwood Beach!


Lose yourself in the dunes of Blackwood and cool off in the cool ocean waters as your surf the incoming swells blowing in from across the Atlantic.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Maribol Inshan and Synergy Island Presents Diva's Of Song Concert


Wednesday September 23rd 6:30 – 7:30 PM

Join us at Synergy Island Beach for a spectacular Fully Staged & Produced Concert Show Experience featuring Songs From Barbara Streisand, Beth Hart, Bette Midler, Camilia Cabello, Celine Dione, Cher, Dua Lipa & Mariah Carey performed "Live" By Maribol Inshan and The Cool Cats Band.

Attire: Come dressed ready to dance!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Kiss Me Hard Club & Beach Lounge is a New hot Spot for Summer Chillaxin’- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Located on Topanga, Kiss Me Hard Club and Beach Lounge is a venue that is gaining popularity amongst beach goers looking for a place to chill and listen to Trance and House music. Owned and operated by Panjana Capristo and KatharinaKonrad, these two ladies put in work to create this beautiful venue. On Saturday July 11th, KMH opened for the first time with a live event packed weekend featuring talented singers Paul Nowles and Wolfie Moonshadow of Moonlight Music. With plenty to explore in the surrounding area from shopping, beach house rental for those “private parties” and a stunning beach to dig those toes in the sand and get your tan on, Kiss Me Hard is the place to put on your itinerary this Summer. The SL Enquirer met up with Panjana and Katharina to learn more about this new hot spot.

Interview with Panjana Capristo and KatharinaKonrad

SLE: Where are you from and how did you discover Second Life?

Panjana: I´m from south Germany, next to Munich. Well, I loved playing The Sims (you know big house, big love, big business haha) and a workmate told me about second life. And that's where it started in 2007. I quit playing after a time and made a new avatar, so this one isn't the original starting one. And now we are here, back again.

Katharina: I'm from north Germany, Lübeck. I first started playing SL around 2007. After three years my real life got too busy to continue playing SL. And now I am back again!

SLE: Nice! Do you know Our original news source began in The SIMS Online? It was called The TSO Enquirer. It’s exciting to see fellow gamers from that grid in SL! One of the greatest things about SL is the opportunity to meet people from all over the world in one community. Do you consider SL a game or an extension of real life?

Panjana: I think it's both. On the one hand, you can be whoever you wanted to be, have experiences that you might never dare to do in real life. On the other hand, there is always the person behind the screen. You always carry a bit of your "me" into the game. And of course it's real. You direct the avatar through your actions, your feelings. There are real people you meet, friendships develop, often in real life. Yes, for me it´s both because it just mixes up.

Katharina: Like Panjana I believe that it is both. At the one side it is a computer game on the other side there are real people behind the avatars. These people have feelings and a real life just like me. And of course you meet people with which you can have fun together and maybe you can start a friendship in real life too. So it is for me a little bit like reality.

SLE: Absolutely! What inspired the name of your venue and brought you two together to create Kiss Me Hard Club & Beach Lounge?

Panjana: Well, we know each other in real life. One day we talked about second life and how successful we were there. The thought didn't let me go and the next day I was there again. The Name, yes the name. I think I said it, but I wouldn't have thought of it without Katharina. So she can answer that better.

Katharina: Yes, the name of the venue..... I'm a fan of the swiss DJ , Dj Antoine. At the time we started in SL he recently released his new single Kiss me hard, and so the name of our venue was born.

SLE: There are two areas, the club and the beach lounge, Since this is a new venue, can you tell our readers a little bit about each and what your plans are?

Panjana: First we planned only the club. By searching the events we saw that there are a great number of live music events, so we decided to get a small stage as well. Our plan. To be successful with our new venue *smiles* and having a lot of fun and good music.

Katharina: I want to add that in the end we do not only want to make music. But we also want to experiment with different things. Like standup comedians for example. I'm still in the process of trying to convince Panjana that we should host a karaoke show as well.

Panjana: never said anything against Katharina ;) But don´t forget mud catching *laughs*

SLE: Karaoke is fun to watch. That’s a great idea. Besides open mic, What kind of music and events will you be hosting at KMH?

Panjana: Various events, live music of all genres. Every musician is welcome. At the club the main theme is trance/house

Katharina: At the club we also play club sounds and we want to make themed parties. Like 80's Parties, Halloween Parties, Black and white Parties,etc.

SLE: What types of live events will you be hosting and how often?

Panjana: Various:) We try to offer a wide range of live musicians. The plan is doing events from Wednesday till Sunday. Let's see.

SLE: Are you hiring? If so, what positions are available?

Panjana: Yes, still looking for all. Hosts, Dancers, DJ´s, Live Musician, Live Artist

SLE: Do you have shops & beach houses currently for rent?

Panjana: Funny you ask. We really have. We have a few shops beside the club waiting for rentals.

Katharina: In addition we have skyboxes as well to rent. Our shops have a special offer, 1 week for free.

SLE:Sounds like you have your plans all laid out and ready to go! Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Kiss Me Hard Club & Beach Lounge?

Panjana: I hope we get the chance to offer a great venue to all of you with good music by a nice beach flair. But we need your help to survive.

Katharina: Like Panjana said, I hope that we have a great time together with our guests and artists. For sure it's not easy to keep the venue alive, therefore we need your help. So let's pop up the champagne and let's party together.

Additional Information:




Kiss me Hard Schedule Weekend July 24th-26th

♬♬♬♬Friday♬♬♬♬JULY 24th

Aminius Writer 12pm

Paul Nowles 2pm

Wolfie Moonshadow 3pm


July 25th

Garth Lannock 11am

Stinna 12pm

Jovan Buchsbaum 1pm


July 26th

Seren McGillivary 11am

KATIA 12pm


Saturday, July 11, 2020

Grand opening at Kiss me Hard Club & Beach Lounge Weekend July 11th-12th

Who: Kiss me Hard Club & Beach Loung - Grand Opening Party
What: Live Music at the Beach Stage and Trance/House Music in the club
Live Events this weekend:
Saturday: 2pm SLT - Renfoyle
Sunday: 11am SLT Paul Nowles
Sunday: 12pm SLT Woolfie Moonshadow
We organize various live events in a beautiful beach environment. There are also evenings in the separated club offering trance/house music. If you feel like shopping before, during or after the events, we also rent out a few shops and smaller beach houses, for those who prefer to party privately. Relax - shop - celebrate - that's what Kiss me Hard Club & Beach Lounge stands for. We look forward to you and your support. Join our group for more informations about the upcoming events.
Owner: Panjana Capristo & KatharinaKonrad

Monday, June 29, 2020

A day on the Surfer’s Bay VIP beach with Persia Bravin - GiaBlossom Reporting

An amazing face of a clean wave, or even a heavy awesome wave and sometimes with the wind conditions you get a choppy wave too. The best part for me while surfing is if you can get a glassy green room, inside the barrel before the waves break. At Surfer’s Bay VIP, you could either go on a dawn patrol or firing (just a fun surf). For a grommet or an inexperienced young surfer there are teaching lessons available too. But that is not all, this place offers the whole experience of a vacation. 

The islands pan across 3 sims with blue sea crushing to the sides. The flora fauna and the rocks are an amazing addition to the beauty. Persia Bravin and Duncan Blackburn are the two business minds: partners who have made Surfer’s Bay VIP a grand success over the years. 
They have built a community for over 7000 members who love to surf, chill, and party by the sea. 

The best DJs and best bands on the grid cater to you. Photographers and bloggers across the grid come to take pictures and take part in the contests. Last month, Surfer’s Bay VIP hosted surfing competition for the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA)

I got a chance to talk with Persia Bravin; you might recognize the name as she is one of the SLE Press as well and has been with SL Enquirer since 2008. She used to host all of the early Miss Virtual World Pageants with Frolic Mills. A resume and a name for herself you cannot beat in SL. And yet, she is the most humble lady. Her advice is something that I am going to take with me through my journey. “The most beautiful people are the ones who keep it real in both SL and RL”.

GiaBlossom: Hi Persia, thank you for your time with SL Enquirer. I went to Surfer’s Bay VIP and was in awe and the beauty and serenity it gives to the soul. Is Surfing one of the activities you love and share with your husband Duncan Blackburn?

Persia Bravin: Surfing was what brought Duncan and I together! Three years ago, I owned my own surf sim called Indigo, but I used to enjoy exploring other surf sims too because SL surfing is a real passion of mine. I found the old version of Surfer’s Bay and got chatting to Duncan about owning a surf sim and all the pleasures and pain that go with that. We were friends for around 5 months before anything romantic happened and used to support each other a lot with our separate sims

GB: If it is not too much to ask, I read in Duncan’s profile that Surfer’s Bay VIP is a gift to you. Am sure there will be a very cute story behind how you both met. Would you like to share your story with us?

Persia Bravin: Surfer’s Bay VIP is a joint project between me and Duncan. He decided to get rid of his old sim and I did the same with mine and we pooled our resources and creative vision to create the current Surfer’s Bay VIP! Two years later, we have added another two sims as part of the estate and have grown group membership to nearly 8,000 people. Surfer’s Bay VIP is not just a sim for us though – it is a community and a place for people to come and relax and pretend that they are on RL vacation! Our belief is that RL is hectic and crazy enough so SL should be a place to relax. I love the real-life island of Bali, so I took a lot of inspiration from there to create all the sims and we always try to create a proper vacation vibe in everything we do.

GB: Who will say is the better landscaper among the two of you?

Persia Bravin: That is such a tricky question! Because luckily, we both enjoy doing different sim tasks. I hate terraforming, but Duncan enjoys it, so he does that part plus all the technical aspects of running a sim. Whereas I love plants and flowers in my real life, so I am responsible for how the sim looks and feels. We have got good at dividing up sim tasks over the years and because of our RL time zone differences, we like to leave each other ‘to do’ notes about what needs doing next! But what is great is that despite the pressures of running three sims, we have never argued once in three years – but maybe that’s because he knows I am always right!!

GB: Surfer's Bay VIP has so much to offer. And you can actually be a part of the island. Would you like to add a little about the rentals?

Persia Bravin: We have boat rentals and also a selection of beachside houses for rent across all three sims but these are very popular and rent almost as soon as they become available. If you are interested in our rentals – or anything else we do! - check out our website:

GB: With everyday parties going on, the place has over 7000 fan followers. What are the other features it offers?

Persia Bravin: We are well known across the grid for our amazing surf waves and we always place the best waves available in world on all sims. I also LOVE teaching new surfers how to take to the waves and we have built a good reputation for teaching new surfers, so pop on over if you always want to try SL surfing! Live music is really important to us too, so we have a lot of live concerts each week plus tribute concerts of famous RL bands. We also have a lot of features on sim for members that you don’t find often such as all members can set any sim as their home location, you can rezz your items or photo props anywhere on sim plus we have changing rooms for male and female avis available if you need somewhere quiet to rezz shopping bags and change. But if you were to ask what I personally love most about Surfer’s Bay VIP, it is the sense of community and support. Our thousands of members know that we operate a safe and fun group and estate and both Duncan and I are really proud of that!

GB: What are the other big projects that we might see in future?

Persia Bravin: Well! We are considering adding yet another sim to the estate. This would also have surf waves and rentals! We would also like to increase the live music events we do. We recently hosted a big surfing competition for the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) and we would love to host more in the future! 

GB: Do you have a team that helps you in making Surfer’s Bay VIP a success? Would you like to say something to them via this podium?

Persia Bravin: This is a good time to say thank you and to acknowledge the INCREDIBLE team we have at Surfer’s Bay VIP – our DJ’s, Lifeguards and especially our General Manager, Ember Firehawk , because we couldn’t do it without these amazing people! Surfer’s Bay VIP is all about the people and we have the best in Second Life working with us and supporting what we do.

GB: Would you like to summarize the experience at Surfer’s Bay in just 5 words?

Persia Bravin: Chill, surf, party and enjoy!

White sands and lush green jungles take you back to the tranquility, myths, and history of the caves, waterfalls. Sip a cocktail or dance on the beach with your loved one. Dawn, sunset or starry night romance is always in the air. 

Additional Information

Landmark -

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Never-ending Summer At Surfer’s Bay VIP

Are you already missing summer? Feeling nostalgic about those long, lazy days on the beach? Teleport over to Surfer’s Bay VIP and relive the magic of those long, hot days at this three sim beach estate that’s famous for its surfing - and wild parties!

With over 7,000 group members, its easy to see why Surfer’s Bay is SL’s premier beach location for adults. With a sim design influenced by the real-life island of Bali, the sims are perfect for relaxing, meeting new people in a friendly environment, surfing and photography. Members can rezz items anywhere and even set the sims as home.

Surfer’s Bay VIP hosts parties and DJ sets plus live music. There are also special events like spectacular light shows, tribute concerts and performances by the famous ‘Strokerz Girlz’. And if you like shopping, be sure to check out the range of shops that are alongside the main beach!

Every month, one male and one female member are chosen to be Bay Guy and Girl and are awarded a cash prizes and a photo shoot with our expert team of photographers. Come and relax at Surfer’s Bay VIP Estates and meet new friends from across the world at these popular and photogenic sims.

Take time out of your busy life and explore the Surfer’s Bay VIP sim alone or with friends. Our visitors can walk around the entire island and enjoy peace and quiet in the many secluded areas or snuggle up with a loved one on the adult furniture that is dotted around all three sims. Come and relax at Surfer’s Bay VIP Estates and meet new friends from across the world at these popular and photogenic sims.
Find out more at:

Monday, May 20, 2019


I recently had the very real pleasure of visiting Skyhill Island, home of the Sapphire Beach Club.  Newly arrived on the SL Grid, Skyhill is the brainchild of Claudine Jewell and her business partner , John Sinclair. Together with Live Talent Manager, Amber LeFavre, they have built a region uniquely suited for the Music Lover in Second Life.  In addition to the Club, Skyhill has a beach area for swimming or sunbathing, or just enjoying good conversation with friends. Complete with Beach House and waterfall, Gaming events, and a Yoga and Meditation place to come and refresh and relax.

I was fortunate to spend a delightful afternoon in the company of Claudine Jewell and Amber LeFavre.  My visit proved most informative as they shared perspectives on Skyhill Island and the Sapphire Beach Club.
Josh (thomas1.bellic): Claudine, what is it that drew you to Second Life in the first place?
Claudine Jewell: Well….I always liked to play computer games and I read a magazine article at the gym about Anshe Chung, SecondLife land baron and its first millionaire.  When I got home I registered to see what this is all about ...that was 2007. I showed it to John later and he joined too
JB:   And Sapphire Beach Club?  How did you decide to build that?
CJ:   Well, John co-owned a club in RL and loves clubbing here and he talked about it all the time.  So, so I suggested we should get a full region, since full regions are more stable than individual Sims and with a Region you can host up to 100 people

JB:  There are dozens, if not scores of Beach clubs in SL.  How is Skyhill Island different from the others, and how will Sapphire Beach Club make a distinctive contribution to life on the grid?
CJ:   Well, I don’t know if you remember the old clubs back in the day.  John wanted it to be similar to Sleek which was beach themed....I wanted something classy like Elements,  so we hope we can provide that to the people. We also don’t want to compete with 24 hour clubs. We just want to organize some quality Live events that people won’t forget.

JB:  So Amber, are there sizable numbers of live music lovers here?
Amber Lefavre: Yes there are.  DJ people and live singer people are different.  One way to help get maximum exposure for the club is to do both. ... live singers performances are not perfect,  expect something happening or not working... but its live...its personal….it shows the person. With DJs you know you are getting the exact song you thought you would.  But its the same every time...Lots more gestures used… chatting etc. Its just different...neither is wrong...or better.

JB:  But seriously. Are live singers really that much better than recorded music? I have heard live singers who...well..their hearts are certainly in the right place….but you can see that their passion greatly exceeds their ability.
AL:  Laughs.  True. BUT when a venue pays a singer up to 7000 lindens for an hour, they are going to be what the  the Club owners hope, and the crowd is going to love them as much as they do, because they will never make their money back.   You do not do live music to make money. You do it for the love of music. Live musicians are a real draw for their personality, interactions and talent.  
JB:  One of the first things I noticed when I landed here was that Skyhill is rated “M” is only rated Mature.  Many, if not most beaches here are rated “R”. Most beach clubs allow..and in fact encourage, nudity. You do not.  Can you share with our readers why you are different from the pack? What is it that sets you apart from others?
AL:  Claudine does not want sex and nudity here.  That is not why they did this. The emphasis will be that it is a quality sim with quality acts.  That will help it appeal to folks who are tired of seeing public sex and naked avis everywhere.
CJ:  Yes. Its that simple :-) I think SL is full of those places...lots and lots of adult clubs.  Besides, why would you spend 1000s of lindens on clothes and then you go party at a nude beach :)))   No, we don’t want people to run around naked all the time. We want to do formal events too..classy, but also modern.

JB:   Tell our readers about your event scheduled for May 31.  What can we expect to see there?
CJ:  On May 31 at 1:00 PM SLT we will host Gabriel da Silva.  Hes a great live singer and his specialty is Rock. The stage will be on the beach close to the pool and after that DJ Tabasco will stream at the pool.   We have other great musical talent lined up as well. On June 8th at 12 PM we have a Lynard Skynard tribute by Lightning Strikes, June 14th at noon we have David Hauptman with a formal dance event and June 23rd at noon we have Toxic Darkmatter.  Additionally, there will be various DJs performing around these scheduled live musicians.

AL:   For Gabe, his stage will be on the water and dancing will on the beach.  In June for the formal dance with David Hauptman we will place his stage on the beach and cover the water with a clear dance people can dance on the water.  

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to say?  Anything else you want to tell our readers?
CJ:   I’m just really grateful for the opportunity to share our space and music with people here in SL
There you have it folks.   Second Life’s newest venue for Live entertainment kicks off on May 31st with Gabriel da Silva at 1:00 PM SLT.  This is one show you do NOT want to miss.

Be there!  Aloha! - J.B.


Friday, May 17, 2019

Sapphire Beach Club Opens to the Public!

On April 13, 2019 Sapphire Beach Club opened to the public. Located on Skyhill; a Full Region Sim. The Venue is outdoors with no solid roof and has direct access to the Beach and its surrounding.  Lined with palm trees and a beautiful Waterfront View. There is a Dancefloor and a Pool Area for hosted Pool Parties.

Our main motivation for creating Sapphire Beach Club was to have fun and meet people so we created a place were people can hang out, dance, listen to music, socialize and meet other people. We started hiring DJ's and had our Grand opening party just a couple of weeks ago. It is very important to us that we don't just focus on one genre of Music but approach different people with different tastes. Our Club DJ's will play Hip-Hop, RnB, Latino Merengue, Pop, Rock, Electronic Music and more.

The Club is not one of the 24 Hours Clubs in Secondlife because we want to create special events. Our team is very excited to host live events with some of the best singers in Secondlife coming very soon! 

We are also planning theme parties, game events and we will work together with tribute Bands for more variety. The lovely Amber LeFavre just recently joined our team as a Manager and as a Venue Owner herself she is very experienced in booking Artists and organizing Events. If you want to stay up to date on the development and future Events join our group or you will get an invite when you visit Skyhill.

There is so much more to experience and discover on Skyhill Island than just the Club. There is a Beach Area where you can chill and sunbathe with your friends, a Beach House and the Waterfall where you can hangout with your loved ones and a Yoga and Meditation Area where we meet to just breathe and relax. We hope that you come by.  We will be very glad to have you as our guests.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Grand Opening! Sugar Beach Nude Beach!

Sugar Beach is a public nude white sands beach that provides many areas of entertainment: 
-adult areas
-dating boards
-2 hour date raffles (coming soon)
- dj/bar
-sex bots
-freelance escorting and dance club
-swingers area
-club house with a lounge, bar, pool, porn theater, rental office, and secret bdsm room

Please Join Us!

Contact: ivydoom or jaxlon

We also have many rentals available!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

“Surfers’ Bay - You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf….- Seersha Heart

Persia Bravin: “I wanted it to feel like logging into a vacation “

It is Wednesday lunch time when I decide to go in world for a bit of personal rest& relaxation.  As I load up my viewer, I am humming Rupert Holmes’ song Escape.  A very beachy tune with a lot of action happening in the dunes of the cape.  This song always makes me think of the beach.  When I come in world tonight, I want to go to the beach to escape the stresses of rl and have a bit of fun.  I recently joined the Surfer’s Bay VIP Group in world.  In my first couple of weeks as a member I had learned that surfing is not only the actual act of riding a wave on a board but also a life style.  Persia Bravin and her partner Duncan Blackburn have opened a spectacular new surfing SIM.

Kick off your shoes and wander down the beach with me here at Surfers’ Bay.  The sounds of the ocean are soothing, the waves are ready and waiting.  I recommend a nice walk around the island.  The main social area has plenty of places to sit and relax.  You can sit on the beach on a towel, a chair or float in the water on nice large floats.  What is Persia Bravin trying to create here?  I joined her at the club for lunch one day last week to see what she had to reveal to us.  She told me that RL is hard enough, this is a place to escape those stresses.  “So, log in, escape and enjoy fellow SLers” Persia says with a wry smile.

Taking a stroll around the island the aspect I most enjoy is the ambient sounds.  The sounds of surf and gulls will take your mind to the ocean as you stroll.  Our first stop is a handy rez station.  We can rez a surf board or a jet ski.  The jet ski is HUD operated and easy to use.  I have taken a jet ski around the entire island, it is possible, and it is fun.  A little bit further down the beach you will see Orchid Island off to our left.  A particularly romantic scene, this island rests in constantly swirling sea water, white caps crashing along a worn stair case.  At the top of the stairs is a view of the ocean and a private place to spend some time along or with that special someone.

I asked Persia about the name “Orchid Island”, where did she come up with that name?  She told me that initially she didn’t quite know what to do with the island claiming it “came out of nowhere”.

Persia Bravin: I wanted somewhere small and peaceful.  I love orchids rl and a friend of mine who makes really good sl plants just came out with some. He sent the orchids to me, so it made sense.  It also runs with the Bali theme

Surfer’s Bay is chock full of spots such as this one.  There are all kinds of romantic stops with any animation you might wish to enjoy.  There is deck in a lagoon of the most beautiful turquoise water you have ever seen.  On this deck is a large round chair.  I take a seat in the chair and find out, like most of the island, I have many options. 

Along with all the couples poses you could ever need, you will find the playful poses too.  In one lagoon there is a platform with several poses for the single traveler including treading water and jumping off the platform into the water.  The island has been designed with a weaving of rock and of sand throughout.  Stone staircases, decking and platforms appear exactly where needed.  The furniture is strategically placed throughout with both the single and the couple in mind.  At many areas of the SIM I feel as if I entered a nice quiet private place.  As if it is designed with me in mind.

There is a double diving board jutting out into the ocean.  I have seen people hanging out on the diving boards chatting up a storm.  The boards are dramatic and tower well above the ocean.  The diving is outstanding.  Nearby there is a spot where elegant comfortable cream-colored sofas sit on a floating dock waiting to be used.  I see a man standing there on the dock looking out to sea.  The people you encounter are friendly.  He sends me an IM telling me I “improve the view”.  I smile and thank him as I continue this stroll.  Almost directly opposite of the main social beach area I find a picturesque swimming pool. 
The pool provides a swim HUD, it works well there and at other points on the SIM.  It is hard to imagine that this Island is only three months old.  The group already has 5000 members and I expect to see a lot more.  I traveled to ten other surf SIMs to research what one might expect to see at a surfing SIM.  While there are a few nice ones, no surf SIM captures as many amenities as Surfer’s Bay.  Surfer’s is a place you will want to visit every day.  If you want to own your own surf board, there is an unobtrusive shopping area a short walk from the beach with surfboards on sale for men and women made by regular a surfer on the sim - Guyot Habana. 

Persia is a charming and a laid back surfer.  I asked her a few more questions for the prospective members of Surfers’ Bay VIP Group.  Here is the conversation:

Seersha Heart: Are you a member of the SL Surfers Association?

Persia Bravin: I have been a member of the SLSA since 2008 – it’s one of the organisations that I have never left or discarded to make room for other groups.  The SLSA is a stalwart of the SL surfing community; they provide competitions and support for surfers and surf owners and do a lot of work to promote surfing as a sport across SL.

Seersha Heart: Do you or will you host “Pro” surf events?

Persia Bravin: Surfer’s Bay VIP is about the fun and non-competitive aspects of SL surfing. It’s a sim for true ‘soul surfers’ or those people that simply enjoy the sensation of paddling out and taking on the huge Maoli waves and we love welcoming newcomers to SL surfing too. There is a hardcore group of surfers that you will see hitting the waves here on most days and they always give their time to coach others. We are considering becoming a destination for future, larger surfing events though – watch this space!

Seersha Heart: How do you track how members feel about the SIM?

Persia Bravin: The Surfer’s Bay VIP group chat is always buzzing with thoughts and suggestions from our thousands of members and we do listen carefully to all feedback. We don’t have a formal suggestion process currently – although that might be something we could implement in the future – but all ideas from our members are welcomed and usually implemented immediately!

Seersha Heart: Any good stories to share about couples who may have met at Surfers’?

Persia Bravin: When we created the sim, we definitely wanted to impart a sense of romance, but not in the traditional way, but rather through lush planting, naturalistic scenery and plenty of areas where you can be alone with loved ones. Romance does bloom at the sim and I am pretty sure many couples have met there! I also love to see all the different friendships develop: Surfer’s Bay VIP truly is a meeting place for people across the world. Who knows…maybe we will host a wedding one day of a couple that fell in love here.

Coming soon to Surfers’ Bay are well known SL performers Jack Slade on August 4th and Max Kleen on August 18th.  Join the crowd at Surfers’ Bay and enjoy some music while you look out on some beautiful waves.

SURL: secondlife://HIDDEN%20VALLEY/138/177/22
Surfer’s Bay VIP Group

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Oahu Vacation Resort - SL's ONLY All-Inclusive 5 Star Vacation Resort

Oahu Vacation Resort is the *only* all-inclusive Five Star Vacation Resort in all of Second Life. If you are looking to rediscover romance with your loved one, relax with friends and family or just looking for a quiet scenic place to get away from it all, Oahu is the place for you to do it all, in luxury and style.

Set in an beautiful and accurate recreation of lush tropical scenery, gorgeous never ending white sandy beaches, clear blue oceans and panoramic landscapes, Oahu Vacation Resort can be your home away from home for peace, relaxation, and most of all: FUN.

Magnificent private suites, romantic hideaways, daily activities, special events and our exclusive shopping district provide Oahu residents with an unforgettable experience they will want to relive over and over. The three-sim wide Oahu Vacation Resort expands through sail-able water from O'ahu to the islands of Pacific West and Kaua'i. Oahu Resort provides the opportunity to surf, jet ski, sail, kayak, wind surf, motor boat, drive a yacht, fly and more, across all three islands for an unforgettable experience. All three islands provide interactive exploration and adventures all while enjoying this scenic paradise.

All-inclusive wedding packages are also available, provided in part by our partner Make it Perfect Weddings. These packages make Oahu Vacation Resort the ONLY place for you and your loved one to have your dream wedding customized specifically for you followed by an unforgettable honeymoon, and all at an affordable price. Make your dreams become reality!
Book your private getaway at the completely redesigned Oahu Vacation Resort today! Relax and be pampered in luxury and style! Contact one of our rental managers and take the first step towards creating memories that will last a life time!

"My partner and I just spent a week in a honeymoon cottage at Oahu Vacation Resort, and we can't say enough about how wonderful this place is. The cottage is beautiful, with unbeatable ocean views, and everywhere you turn there are romantic encounters. The folks who manage the resort are so hospitable and made sure we had everything we wanted. We loved the views, the sim itself is truly lovely, and we felt very pampered. If you're looking for a perfect place to spend your honeymoon or just a romantic getaway, you can't do any better than Oahu Vacation Resort!"
- Customer Review

Rental Managers:
Stephanie Northman (stephanie northman)
Starshine Halasy (starshine.halasy)

Director of Events and Activities:
Jayden Farron (Jayden420xx)


Oahu Vacation Resort Welcome Center

Monday, July 25, 2016

Swan Beach Dancing Invites you for some Summer Fun!

Visit our beautiful beach where the atmosphere is relaxing. Activities include line dancing, jet skis, Cheesy Tables and Spades. We welcome you to come meet people and make new friends in a safe environment. We are open 24/7 with Live DJs nightly from 7pm SLT-to 9pm SLT.

Join our group for social events and parties.

See you there!