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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Making the Impossible Possible- Sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting…

Many people who have disabilities come to virtual environments to live out their dreams without limitations. Let me tell you about a RL organization that helps the disabled online.

Virtual Ability is a nonprofit corporation that is based in Colorado, U.S.A., in the Real Life realm. It was created for the purpose to assist those with handicaps and their loved ones, as well as those in the medical field, via online programs. Their virtual headquarters is located in Second Life. There is so much to do at this sim. Come with me as we explore each area and its corresponding activities of this place.

Let’s start at the Welcome Center. This is the place  where information about the organization and its services are available and teleports to its other places on this sim are located.

For those who are new to Second Life, one will definitely want to check out the Orientation Center. In this area, one can learn about how SL works. While one can become educated on how Second Life functions at Orientation Island, when they first enter the grid, the Orientation Center at Virtual Ability provides people with a lag-free and stress-free environment to study the tools to operate SL. A separate place is being developed to teach individuals tricks on how to make Second Life easier to use, once they have mastered the basics of Second Life.  

Our next stop is the Sojourner Auditorium. At this location, large scale events take place. To give you an idea on the type of affairs that are held here, let me tell you about the one that has recently transpired.  On Saturday, April 27th, 2013, Virtual Ability hosted the Mental Health Symposium. This was an all day event that featured lectures on topics that concerned mental health. So, the next time that you are looking for a space to hold a big educational affair that is directed towards folks with disabilities, you may want to consider having it here. The structure for the auditorium was built to honor the memory of one their members; Karen Gans aka The Sojourner.

The next two places that we are going to hit are identical in their purposes, but are slightly different in their appearances: The Blue Orchid Cabana and the Yellow Hibiscus Cabanas. These two buildings are used to teach classes on various subjects.

The last spot that we are heading to on this official on this official tour is Mentor Park. This area is filled with accessible playground equipment and places for people to gather and socialize.

There are many exhibits and learning facilities spread throughout the sims for those to learn about issues that pertain to people with handicaps at their own pace.

Do you want to live in a community where you are accepted just the way you are, disabled or not? Virtual Ability has two residential sims for folks who are interested in living among individuals who will make you part of their families.

For more information on the homes on the sims and to see if there are any vacancies, please contact a staff member.

Virtual Ability is the place to go to for those with disabilities to seek support on topics that matter to them and to make friends with individuals who are similar to them. This location also welcomes those who have a loved one with a handicap, as well medical professionals..

For more information, contact Gentle Heron or visit


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