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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother’s Day Wishes From Lanai

Mother’s Day is Here!

   It is a day once a year that we collectively show our mothers some love and appreciation for all the stuff they had to put up with throughout our childhood, those pain in the ass teenage years and even the headaches into adulthood. We all came into this world screaming and being all needy. 

Mom was the one up all hours of the night, changing diapers, administering that nasty medicine, kissing boo boos and pretending Santa, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny were real until she had to break the truth to you before you hit middle school.

There may have been times when you thought mom was ruining your life when she embarrassed you in front of friends,  made you do chores or get your first job for those expensive clothes and gadgets you wanted in high school. It may not have seemed like it was in your best interest back then but mom was only trying to help mold you into the adult you are today. 

You may have some regrets for times you worried her grey or acted up and almost got kicked out, but mom was always there when you needed a ride home from being stranded in the rain, needed money or you cried to her for relationship advice. The mama’s boys know all about that!

     Have you called your mom today and wished her a Happy Mother’s Day?  If not, you better grab the phone, what’s wrong with you?!? (Just be sure it's an appropriate time in your time zone)

You might even want to give your dad a shout out and thank him for helping make it all happen! Remember you weren’t an immaculate conception and he had his fair share of headaches due to your behavior too.

 For those that can’t take their mother out for dinner, you can always send her flowers or those delicious edible arrangements.  If your mother is no longer here, don’t be down and depressed on this day. Think about those precious memories and celebrate the fact that she is still loved and will always be remembered. Many people take for granted the other 364 days of the year when they can show some love to mom.

 It should not be observed only one day a year with a card and bouquet. Be sure to remember birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Those are important too. One of the most important things in life is time well spent with family. You don’t want to look back with regrets and what ifs.

 Be sure to make those beautiful memories and pass it along to your kids. Let her splurge on the grand kids and buy them all sorts of stuff they will throw around your house and fill them up with cookies and sweet until the kids come home with belly aches. So what if it gets them hyper before bed. That’s what grandmas do! It’s a way of paying you back for being a pain in the butt when you were little for all the times you threw those tantrums because she wouldn't get you that silly toy or let you ride that quarter carousel outside of K-Mart. Not to mention the countless questions you asked about everything at the wrong time.

  If you are a Mother, be sure to let your kids pamper you without nagging them to death about things you can save for another more appropriate day,  Let them know how much you appreciate them, not just on this day, but every day, even if you had to hand out more spankings then you can count, take privileges away and ground them every other weekend. That’s what some moms have to do and you shouldn't feel bad about it if you can honestly say that you have done your best. Being a parent is one of the hardest things you have to do in your life, but the most rewarding.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there




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