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Showing posts with label Happy Mother's Day. Show all posts

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother’s Day Wishes From Lanai

Mother’s Day is Here!

   It is a day once a year that we collectively show our mothers some love and appreciation for all the stuff they had to put up with throughout our childhood, those pain in the ass teenage years and even the headaches into adulthood. We all came into this world screaming and being all needy. 

Mom was the one up all hours of the night, changing diapers, administering that nasty medicine, kissing boo boos and pretending Santa, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny were real until she had to break the truth to you before you hit middle school.

There may have been times when you thought mom was ruining your life when she embarrassed you in front of friends,  made you do chores or get your first job for those expensive clothes and gadgets you wanted in high school. It may not have seemed like it was in your best interest back then but mom was only trying to help mold you into the adult you are today. 

You may have some regrets for times you worried her grey or acted up and almost got kicked out, but mom was always there when you needed a ride home from being stranded in the rain, needed money or you cried to her for relationship advice. The mama’s boys know all about that!

Moms: This One's For You- Aaliyah Munro Reporting...

Working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to maintain a household, kids, and her own sanity is enough to warrant a special day. Celebrate your mom with these amazing events around the grid! 

Like myself, most people begrudgingly shop for the perfect gift for those highly publicized special days of the year like  Christmas and Easter. Mother's Day, however, signifies the one day of the year that you can freely stop to reflect on all the gifts your mother has given you throughout your life. Stretchmarks, growing impatience, and stress are the wrapped packages she's used to receiving from her precious little offspring, but it would make her happy to receive something a little less invasive for a change.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

CELEBRATING MOTHERS DAY ON SL -MarriellaAnna resident Reporting...

image borrowed from
Over 70 countries around the world now celebrate their own version of a ‘Mothers day’ and it would seem that Sl too is no exception.

Mothers are important, after all, you only get one and good bad or indifferent all they ask is that you remember them once a year. So, its mother’s day, time for some meticulous planning to prevent the blind panic setting in as you realise you’ve completely forgotten despite the big red circle round May 13th on the calendar and are forced instead to rush to the supermarket to see if you can find an overpriced and wilted bunch of flowers,  ring every restaurant within the next 8 states to see if there is a single seat left left available in any of them or scour every shelf for the last remaining dog eared card and tatty envelope.  Fear no more, this handy guide to mother’s day on sl will leave you well prepared and guilt free.

BREAKFAST IN BED: Start the morning the traditional way by treating your mum/mamma/maman to breakfast in bed. There are a large variety of breakfast items available in sl, and what better way to ingratiate yourself than carefully tromping up the stairs with a laden tray full of assorted goodies. No grubby hands and fear of salmonella or the ensuing mess that you’ll leave behind for your mother to clear up either and everything is beautifully laid out and ready to consume.  Luckily on sl too, nothing ever gets burnt and the toast is always hot.