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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Second Life Etiquette; Sex: Part five- Pandora Drezelan Reporting…

For this part of the etiquette series I want to discuss etiquette and SL sex. Some people in Second Life are horrified by the very thought of avatar sex while others are either dabbling in it out of curiosity or have a virtual partner.
 A few months after I began my Second Life, I had a casual encounter and later became an escort at a busy Second Life Club. Virtual sex wasn’t really my thing; however I was fascinated by the visual side of it and continued on as a Second Life sex worker for quite a few months. Eventually I went on to train as a virtual model, but I always remembered what my working experience had taught me about sex in Second Life as well as what NOT to do.

Casual Sex

Virtual friends with benefits can have a lot of fun together if the setting and time is right, choose somewhere private either his place, your place or at a quiet Adult Sim if that is possible.  


If you have a partner in Second Life then there is more than just sex to consider, such as, whether or not you want to actually be partnered or prefer a verbal agreement like, committing to a virtual marriage and the possibility of starting a family. Staying faithful to each other and having consideration for your real life partner if you have one, is important too.

Sex Clubs

Some people choose to be more adventurous and like to indulge in group sex either with personal friends or at a Second Life sex club, it is a good idea to discuss the situation before rushing into anything and to make sure that this is what you both want. The wrong choices can result in devastating consequences.  

Voice And Cam

Mixing voice, cam or both into your sexual encounters can be a good or bad experience, it depends on how much of your virtual life you want to keep as anonymous and how much of the real you that you are prepared to give up. While using voice may be okay for some, adding cam to the mix WILL take away the Second Life fantasy and that is something to think about. 

Sex Work

Virtual escorting can be both mentally draining and time consuming as well as being exciting and entertaining, the job description usually consists of a mixture of dancing, stripping, private lap dances and full service. You must have patience, discipline, a good sense of humor and be a real people person to be able to handle this job.


Emoting is a matter of choice in any situation and is usually done in private chat or instant message and /me is used before the sentence that is typed so that the emoter is talking in the third person (e.g: She did in opposed to I did) some people are so caught up in the moment that they don’t want to waste any time emoting and others think it makes the scene more realistic.


In regards to what NOT to do when it comes to SL sex all comes down to courtesy and manners. Do not approach a stranger in private chat with the hopes of getting lucky.  You may find yourself getting reported instead.  It is just plain tacky so don’t go there. Never leave your computer in the middle of a sexual encounter that is an extremely rude move.  When embarking on a sexual scene, make sure that you are alone in the real world especially if you are using voice and/or cam. There are many other aspects to SL sex and etiquette. Be sure to treat your partner with respect, always discuss each other’s wants and needs and don’t be afraid to laugh at each other in embarrassing or compromising situations. It all comes down to basic common sense and understanding you and your partner’s sexuality. Relax, go with the flow and have fun.


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