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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lights! Camera! Action!; Machinima in Second Life –Sarahelisabeth Brenham Reporting…

Have a burning passion to make movies? Here is your VIP pass to go behind the scenes with one of SL's famous videographer's and learn about this growing field.

We all have a voice. Each individual decides for him or herself on the best way to express their opinion. For those who love filmed productions, but prefer to be behind the lens, instead of in front of it, you may find that being a videographer is the best way for you to tell the world all of your thoughts.
In Second Life, one can share their views on everything in mediums that aren’t available in Real Life and vice versa. The processes in filming something in RL and in SL are quite different from each-other. Until today, I didn’t know how to tape anything in either realm, but I had the good fortune in meeting and talking with Rysan Fall; a popular machinist in Second Life.

What exactly is a machinist? A machinist is a person who creates machinima or a piece of film, using a virtual world as their location for shooting it. He not only taught me how to film something in SL, but also all about the career of a filmmaker in SL.
Before one begins advertising their services as a machinist, let me share with you the things and skills needed in order to be one.

To be a videographer in Second Life, one must have a durable computer. Having a PC that is able to handle SL, a video capturing program AND a film editing vaporware comfortably, will make your job as a machinist so much easier.
 Mr. Fall recommended two pieces of software that are both able to record every element of Second Life: Fraps and Bandicam. These two programs are both operated similarly. While these two programs are free, one has more features if you pay the fee for registering this product.
Once you have  captured the images in SL of your choosing, those “pictures” must be compiled and edited, in order to create a filmed presentation. The program that Mr. Fall uses to streamline and adjust the “photographs” that he took in Second Life, is Adobe Premier. 

Rysan Fall became a filmmaker in SL, in 2008. He decided to become a videographer to hone his skills, so he may be able to use them for the business that he co-owns with a friend in Real Life. Throughout his career as a filmmaker in Second Life, he has won numerous awards. When asked how much his services cost, he told me that he prices each event that he tapes differently, as each requires a different amount of editing.

For those who wish to become a videographer in SL, Mr. Fallen offers this advice “take advantage of “the ability to create anything". Dont stay in the box, .express yourself, push limits and boundaries. Say something and Have fun.”

 Machinima Bookings, Contact: Rysan Fall

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