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Friday, June 7, 2013

Art is Love: Spotlight on MumuHime Resident - sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting…

Think your schedule is busy? Here's a story about a woman that does pretty much everything in SL, but still finds the time to help those around her.
MumuHime Resident joined Second Life in 2011. A friend of Ms. Resident suggested that she should try SL, as she felt that Ms. Resident would enjoy it, due to her love of games. When MumuHime first entered Second Life, she wasn’t sure if she would remain. But once she found out about all the things that she can do in Second Life, she decided to stay. With SL’s wide array of opportunities to get involved in, Ms. Resident made the decision to partake in the following, based upon a hobby she he has in the offline realm. 

Ms. Resident draws in Real Life. She is able to pull from her artistic talent every time she snaps and edits a picture for her clients that come to her photo-studio and students that  she teaches at a modeling school. 

MumuHime Animation Photography was established in 2012. This establishment does all the things that an average photo-studio does, with the addition of an extra service. MumuHime Animation Photography offers its customers the option to turn their pictures into animations! Morphing photographs into animations is the newest trend. If you want to take part in this fad and not create a hole in your wallet, check this place out.

Elizabeth Tailored has been in operation since April, 2013. What makes this academy unique is that it accepts men and women of all age groups. If you’re looking for a learning establishment that educates individuals in the art of modeling and provides its pupils with work in this field, Elizabeth Tailored might be the right fit for you. 

When Ms. Resident isn’t working, she enjoys fighting and role-playing in various sims. Her character is a twenty-one year old, who alternates between being a neko and a vampire. She’s feisty, playful and witty. She’s often seen with her Second Life and Real Life partner, InuIchi Resident.

In the future, Ms. Resident hopes to add singer as one of her professions. You might think that this woman may only be interested in becoming an important figure in SL, but this isn’t the case. Whatever successes that she experiences and skills that she learns in Second Life, she hopes that she will be able to share with those in the online and offline worlds.

Ms. Resident would like people to know this about her;
 “MumuHime is a artist & a real person with a kind heart but plays no games when it comes to telling it like it is. I know some join SL to run from RL. But at the end of the day SL has real people with real feeling. If i say I'm a friend i mean that. If i say i care I mean that too. I want to shine BUT I want others to as well.”

For more information about MumHine’s photography and Elizabeth Tailored, visit  

Contact: MumuHime Resident


  1. Just saw this on her facebook wall. Happy to see her shine like the diamond she is...


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