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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Culture: Adventures of Snake Part II - CCoursey reporting ….

So it was Snake who introduced me to basic SL and that’s where our adventures together began…. (Excerpt from Part 1) – Snake you will recall came to my rescue and helped me understand some of the basic ins and outs of operating in SL.

Snake and his partner “Amy” introduced me into the world of Vampires and this is where my adventures with Snake continue.

As I understand it, a vampire clan is usually run by a queen…  I shall call this one Ophelia.  As intimidating as her title, Ophelia nevertheless was nice, beautiful, and came across as a very sensual person.  When in her company though,  I chose to keep my mouth shut, because one moment she seemed friendly, but in the next she was complaining about some aspect of the clan.

She wants a clan with titles, with many that look up to her, and she believes she is irresistible.  In my opinion, confidence is a major turn on but conceit on the other hand is a major turn off.  Ophelia encouraged me to spend time with ‘the family’, but she also always complained there wasn't enough hunting happening.

I was pushed and encouraged to get out and hunt.  In my first week, I met a Lycan, a Dominant, a Cowboy, and a Polish man. I took these men back to the Clan land…  Yes, it is easier for a noob female vampire to talk to a male or it was for me.  Snake was impressed, but constantly asked why I hadn't bitten anyone.  These residents were only a handful that I actually brought back; many others I encountered merely thought they would be getting into my pixel panties. ::Scoffs::   Snake questioned me as to what kind of conversations I was having with potential converts, he drilled me with words not to use, and even took time to teach me about things around the SIM.

One day Ophelia offered to go hunting with me, even allowing me to pick the spot.  We went early in the morning and there were not too many people around at the time and so we stayed in each other’s IM boxes talking.  Eventually a male avatar walked in.  I jumped in his box like I had many before him.  I proceeded to make a remark to Ophelia, just as I would do to a friend in Real Life, that I bet I could get him to dance.  She replied to watch her.  I watched as she moved before him, her body shimmying and swaying seductively to the rock music blasting around us.  After a few minutes she gave up and called him a lost cause.  No sooner  had she finished the sentence than he was responding to my simple “hi” and asking me to dance.  Ophelia didn’t seem irritated by this and encouragied me to go ahead.  I danced with him and found out he was from Spain.  I’ve found it is easier using small words, no slang, and correct spelling to talk to foreigners.  He was a nice guy and after one or two dances wished me luck in my Second Life and headed to Real Life.  Ophelia went to bed and I goofed around for a bit before seeing ‘Amy’, Snake’s partner, log on.
Amy and I talked for a few minutes about Real Life, about her health issues and my own issues.  I considered her a close friend.  I then logged off wishing her luck at her doctor’s appointment, dreading my own issues I had to face during that week. 

I logged back in at a later stage, jumping in ‘Amy’s’  box to check in with her as I usually did and received no response.   I then receive a ping from The Queen of the clan who teleported me to her location, and when I rezzed in Snake was there too.  Out of nowhere I was read the riot act, 1) No foreigners were to be invited into the clan.  2) She was to be respected.  (At this point Snake jumped in my box, informing me I must address her as ‘my queen’). 3)  Snake, Amy, and my love triangle were not to affect the clan….  Yes, you read that right.  I was being accused of fooling around with a partnered man I barely knew.

Suddenly I was being shunned; when I went down to the club no one would talk to me.  I was then informed I was going to have to get a job at the club to earn lindens to pay for my housing costs.  In among all this turmoil, Snake pulled me aside, and went on about how well I was doing, and that I just needed to get over that last hump of closing a deal and biting the victims, he even talked of making me a princess.

The following day when Ophelia got on, she called a clan meeting, which I was unable to make.  The next day she made everyone wait until I was there to hold the meeting.  She then proceeded to speak directly at me:  ‘When she made a rule it was to be followed, she was to be respected, and she was the one to choose titles.’  Then another minion started pledging his loyalty and support to the queen, kneeling to her.  Four people sent me the ‘kneel’ gesture, which I just ignore.  Out of the blue some griefer hit the queen with a pink pony humping during this ‘loyalty show’.  I had no clue what it was at the time, I  thought it was funny even.  Ophelia blamed me for the griefing, so I left upset and confused.  Snake thought it was hilarious and told me not to worry about it.

Alone, confused, and ready to say ‘forget Second Life’ my friend ‘the Dom’, I’ll call him Victor, contacted me.  Victor is all about ‘doing your own thing’.  He gave me note cards to help me work in clubs, he gave me objects to help me, took me to his apartment, showed me a couple of Sims, took me horseback riding, and even took me shopping.  I then told him what had happened, and he encouraged me to leave that group.   He introduced me to a free photo SIM where he dressed as a goofy looking vampire, put me on his back for a piggy back ride, and danced the monkey robot up and down the SIM.  It ended being the best day I’d ever had on Second Life.  It was so much fun, just watching his avatar prancing around asking in open chat if people wished to join his monkey robot lesbian vampire clan.  It was absolutely wonderful.   Victor told me not to worry so much about the queen, she was on a power trip with a huge ego behind a tag,  that she wasn't even smart enough to teach me how to respect her, (his words, not mine).  I logged off feeling much better about things, but little did I know what Snake had in store for me the next day….



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