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Showing posts with label Ccoursey Resident. Show all posts

Friday, January 16, 2015

Getting Swept Away at Sweethearts by Ccoursey….

            Sweethearts Jazz Club lives up to its name.  Shannon Bramlington and Blake Hambleton run Sweethearts as a business, but with heads in the clouds.  Inspired by her real life dreams Shannon is a true romantic, every column, every perfectly textured table cloth, ever rose placed among the scenery are inspirations of romance.  She and Blake together in SL and RL, set out to make dreams happen.  From budding romances to renewing sparks, Sweethearts Jazz is a stirring environment for romance.  

            With over five years on the grid and the word of mouth, Sweethearts Jazz is a well-known formal venue.  2013, they swept the avi choice awards with seven nominations they carried home four titles:  Favorite Group, Favorite Jazz Club, Favorite DJ, and Favorite Host.  You may question how one club made such an impression, then you need to visit.  The hosts are friendly, welcoming, and able to keep a comfortable conversation flowing in local chat.  They don’t do this alone, although they are wonderful, I’ve found even at the oddest hours that guests are just as laid back and chatty.  I’ve witnessed avi’s of all ages, new and old, some time and again visiting Sweethearts Jazz.  According to Blake Hambleton this is exactly what Sweethearts Jazz is.

            “Sweethearts is the most fun you can have without leaving your chair and the actual room you're in, in the house.  The folks here are down to earth, friendly, ACCEPTING above all and tolerant of others differences and if you're looking for a place to call home....we've always got room for you.”

            There is a dress code within Sweethearts: Formal.  However, if you come unprepared there are plenty of options on the sim. From the famous Azul to the enticing Naughty & Nice, shops are as well put together as the club itself.  The shops are elegant with a variety of designs and options.  Shannon Bramlington decorated and built everything with a careful eye on details.

            Looking for a place to watch the action, maybe role play with your own sweetheart?  She offers that as well.  On the balcony patio you can find elegant tables set out so you can cam around or conduct your date with a touch of privacy.  Looking for an elegant background for a picture of yourself or a classic couple shot?  She has many hidden angles.  It is amazing what camming around will find you, the moon in the roof was completely unexpected, yet cute surprise. 

            Another surprise I found was the ability to find the romance everywhere you looked. Red Patton, the dj manager, brings that point to life in her profile.  She found the man of her life, even challenges one to come find their own.  She spared a moment to talk to me and share the secret of finding the awesome dj’s. 

“We look for a good voice, great music and a awesome personality that can get along with our guests, and most of all likes to have fun!!”

            I asked how she would introduce someone who had never been to Sweethearts.
            “I recommend it to them and let them know that it is a very friendly place to be,  the people that come here are very nice, and the staff is awesome always ready to  lend a hand if they can.”
            I couldn’t possibly write an article or go to Sweethearts Jazz without meeting another of their most famous personalities, Auntie Lockjaw.  Radiating a fun personality, she was a pleasure to talk with.  As General Manager, she is considered “in the know”, so I asked her as well how one would introduce Sweethearts Jazz.

            “Sweethearts is more than a club. It is a home away from home for many of our guests. Here they can relax and listen to music, Chat with friends, or dance.”
            I do believe the level of comfort here is equal to that some would feel at their own homes with the way conversation eases from the harsh work week into the discussion of easy music.  Talking to Ty Reeee, that exact sentiment was expressed.

            “We are a romantic venue… with a very helpful staff.  We are a PG sim so that the atmosphere is very normal and well controlled… As far as being a new person here if there is any questions they would have, they are more than welcome to ask.  (We) would try very hard to make them feel comfortable and help introduce them so they feel at home.”  

            Sweethearts is not just a club, nor just a place for romance, it is a place that makes girl’s dreams of winning a pageant, being crowned, being recognized as a Sweetheart among the population happen.  Well known is their Ms. Sweethearts competition.  With over thirty rules, up to a hundred contestants, and plenty of spectators the girls of Sweethearts compete to carry the crown and become the next Ms. Sweetheart.  The Ms. Sweetheart is expected to be a woman of grace, class, poise, and elegance, showing only her best among Second Life during her three month reign.  For over a month women have signed up, displaying their pictures and biographies to be voted on among the guests of Sweethearts Jazz, with Sweetheart days allowing them to compete for small prizes throughout, the amount of general public votes will narrow down to only five. 

Voting is expected to wrap up this month, narrowing it down to the final five.  These five will then compete in the final pageant, answering questions before judges and audience of why they would make the best choice to be the next Ms. Sweethearts.  Kennedy Fairlane stepped up to be the current Ms. Sweetheart.  Kennedy was wonderful to talk to when I had the opportunity before; I can understand why she carries the title.  To all the current contestants I wish luck. 

            Sweethearts Jazz has its many facets, including charity work.  Each year Sweethearts Jazz is involved with at least three charities: The American Alzheimers Association Charity Fundraiser, Relay For Life, and their Parkinson’s Fundraiser.  They also have a competition every year among their hosts and hostesses called Hosting Heroes.  They compete against each other in various hosting activities and the winner/s donate their linden prize to the charity of their choice in Second Life.   This month with a tentative date of January 27th, is the ALZ event which is Creations for Parkinson’s.  With their yearly charity events Sweethearts is looking to make a difference in the lives of the people of Second Life as well as those less fortunate outside of Second Life.

            I recommend visiting Sweethearts for the romantic atmosphere, plus at the moment you could make a difference in so many ways to someone.  Voting is open, the Ms. Sweetheart Final Five is close at hand and you could help decide who makes it.  The ALZ should be fun and exciting and it is always a good feeling to do something charitable. 

            Elita Wardell Parx, 2013 Avi Choice award winning hostess, invites you.
            “Welcome to Sweethearts.  I really hope you enjoy your stay with us and please make yourself at home.....if you need anything at all just ask.”


Learn more here

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More Christmas Gifting Ideas for the Second Lifer- Ccoursey Reporting...

OMG!  It is that time again.  That time when we are boring ourselves on the marketplace looking through page after page of whatever seems the most relevant to the words we just happened to type.  It gets the job done, but it is so much more fun wandering around the stores checking out everything and picking up on ideas, more importantly catching the holiday sales... This is the thrill of shopping for Christmas! 

Here are just a few of my favorite shops and ideas.

7 SG, 7 Exits, Moolala, Pinup Girls of SL
For the special girl in your SL never forget clothes are wonderful.  You can never have enough clothes.  My favorite stores offer gift options or even gift cards.  7SG just put out a beautiful Mini Dress with a choice of 15 different huds, each hud coming with 6 color choices. 

  Moolala's Moobucks work the same as a gift card and Mandy has been known to throw stuff in if there is any balance left on card to make all happy.  Cry has stuff for women, pregnant women, and if you look around on the sim there is men's clothes as well as motorcycles for sale (one stop shopping).

Jewelry!  Who doesn't like a bit of bling?  JCNY has everything from personalized collars to wedding rings to show your loved one how much you care.  For those that do not have a lot of lindens this time of year, they even have a tree with free/dollarbie gifts underneath that are transferrable.  There's even less personal items such as bracelets and necklaces available.  Not to say you can't make them more personal with birthstone or engravings, but you don't have to worry about premature partnering ideas or your friend thinking you want more than you do. 

The Arcade
Gacha'ing we will go... Yes, December is one of the big months for gacha lovers.  The Arcade is back.  It has been around for a little over two years now, with over a hundred different designers participating in the gacha fest.  The great thing about gacha- Transferrable.  The only kicker here is that you don't get to choose what you buy, it is a matter of luck.  Each machine is set with a percentage on script, usually having a rare item that isn't passed out as much.  So you can pass extras or even sell if your trying for a certain one or to complete a collection.  But there's something there for everyone usually, so you can hit the machines and cover most of your friends.  For the animal lover- The Sugar Garden has holdable pugs, Boogers has cute little hamsters, or Aisling's Zak & Zoe pups.  The partner- Jewelry from Sweet Thing, hair from Spellbound, or even household items such as the Tarte Repurposed Collection.  There is everything from small complete avatars to reindeer to lead your sleigh.  It is a wonderful stop to hit so that you can start checking off the Christmas list.  You can find everything offered at this site before stopping by:  

 X-clusives Animations

            Looking for something a bit more extreme for that friend or lover?  X-Clusive Animations has the more exotic offering of second life like a sex cycle three wheeler, a kinky bunny, or even the hidden shelf with couples animations.  They also have outdoor decorations, beds, and dances available.  Always check if the item is transferrable or check out the gift cards and don't forget their sales.  This Holiday season they have all gift cards buy one get one free.  Be sure to take your time to check out the store, because there are lots of options and huge variety.  

Have fun shopping and Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An Evening of Truth with Leesa Donner- Ccoursey reporting...

Leesa Donner is a professional model in Second Life, she is also a business owner of Anchor and Compass Pub and Truthballs. The Truthball is what you see set out at parties and clubs. When someone clicks on it it asks in nearby chat a preloaded question.  Questions can be Adult or even PG, depending on what kind are loaded by the owner.  They are a great icebreaker and a fun way of keeping the nearby chat flowing in clubs.  I stopped by to look at the store and Leesa's newest edition of Statue Truthballs. The statueTruthballs are meant to be a more artistic edition for people who didn't just want the balls sitting around.
 There are many different types, including seasonal, the basic truthballs, and now the BDSM Statues.

I was pleased to see Leesa showed up while I was there checking them out.    

Ccoursey:  How did you come up with the idea behind the Truthball?

Leesa Donner:  Well, one of my best friends and I were wondering around SL and there was a tiny, very crappy Truth or Dare game with about 25 questions inside.  The game did not work well, but the basic concept I liked so decided to make a better one.  One that did not repeat the questions, did not jam, and one that had good content and looked nice.  We have way more content than anyone and our content is good.... You can pick whatever mood suits you.  So I partnered with friends to help me build it, a programmer and an object creator. 

Ccoursey:  Do you come up with new questions on a regular basis? So they can be added to the ones already bought?

Leesa Donner:  I did a lot in the beginning, and then I partnered with customers who now are part of my guest writer program... So they make 50% of all sales of their questions... But we have to approve the questions for quality.  The balls hold up to 32 sets and we offer over 50 sets total in every topic you can imagine...  I have had some health issues over the last three years and I am better now so I am refocusing to make Truthball even better and add new content.

Ccoursey:  Do your friends (the programmer and object creator) still help you as well? 

Leesa Donner:  Yes... My relationship with the programmer is on going as needed... And my original artist is Torus Heliosense and I have a new artist helping now who is Jhan Lionheart (andrejohan).  Torus is on doing a lot of new products for his own business but we are still business partners on Truthball as he made all my other content.

Ccoursey:  Do you plan to keep your focus on Truthball or do you have other plans in the future?  I have been looking at the Truth Statues, your newest editions.

Leesa Donner:  Yes, these are brand new.  We are planning more.  Johan will be adding to these as RL permits.  We will make more modest ones.
We guarantee product satisfaction and we can create custom gifts for the Holidays... Customers would need to contact me and drop a note card with their requests.  These make great gifts.  They break the ice in SL and get folks talking.  We think it is a great addition to SL.

Ccousey:  When you say custom, if I had an object I would like to make into a Truthball would it be possible?

Leesa Donner:  Mostly yes, it would depend on the object... If the object is easy enough to drop the code and questions in and it is mod., sure.  We could test it out or, you can pick one of these objects and customize the sets inside.  That is mostly what I meant but other objects can work too.  So if you wanted a more PG ball, we would pick out those sets.
My friends have played for over 4 hours and not made a dent in the questions.  There are over 50 sets of 50 questions per set.  No one else comes close or lets you control the content you want.
By the way, I use my proceeds to support a venue and live music.

Ccoursey: Thank you so much Leesa for taking time out for us and bringing the Truthball to SL.  We'll leave on the note on Leesa's note which I thought was more than fitting consider the Truthball's start and what it is used for now:  "Truthball is a labor of love, friendship, and community."

Leesa has a store set up at Couture Boulevard- ,

There is a lot to the Truthballs. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

SLE Behind the Scenes at the Foreign Music Grammy's- Ccoursey Reporting...

Sunday, November 23 at 1:00 SLT the 2014 SL Foreign Music Grammy's were held. Gazpachita wished to show her thanks and honor the singers in Second Life by making a special award and holding a ceremony to honor these incredibly talented Second Life singers.

Gazpachita welcomed everyone. Avatars from 17 different countries were in attendance Introducing herself, she explained when she came to Second Life she found live music and thought it was wonderful and how great it was to have such a place singers could use.

 The sim was decorated in a captivating way, so that when they announced  the winners each walked down a red carpet,along a path, then up a huge staircase into the awards arena.  Beautifully decorated in a way that anyone could feel how important the day was.  The atmosphere was perfect to honor the participants.  Lukrecia Merchiston, who was kind enough to give me English translations, also informed me Satanass should be given credit for the work she contributed to the sim  for this event.

The staff had a beautiful stage set up with flags representing the countries around the world, with Grammy awards were placed along the sides of the floor.  After the award ceremony, many guests were teleported while others walked to a huge dance floor with live music, set up to celebrate 
with the winners.  It was an incredible event.

The ceremony took place on voice with 77+ avatars in attendance followed by a huge after party with dancing and pictures.

Congratulations to all the Winners
Avanti Delwood
Javi Gearz
Jugalar 3
Destello Blanco
Celia Cruz
Cosmica Virtual
Sensual Mhia
Nazirah Avro
Melissa Stars
Ceci Dover
Jackie Lefko

Parker Static

Being Thankful in Second Life- Ccoursey reporting....

"Never let the things you WANT make you forget the things you HAVE"

Some of us play Second Life as a way of escaping our real life, some play as a hobby or way to waste time, others may play because that is the only way of socializing with other people because real life has restricted them in some way or another.  What are you thankful for in Second Life?  What has it given you that you?  

Kasslina Moonglow:  The friends I have made.

Savannah Darling:  Friends and family mostly.  SL friends and family are there for you in times when nobody else is.  Personally, friends and fam here have been more supportive and understanding than RL ones.  SL would be nothing without them ya know?

Trixie Morgenstern:  Meeting the people that have enriched my real life.

Irish:  The wonderful people I have met :)

RavenRider:  Freedom.

Daniel the Kid:  The fact we can express ourselves through our avatars, the worlds we travel too, and the friends we make.

Mira Bond: That I can hang out with my friends from all over the world.  Being a at home mum I can't get out much, so this is as close as I can get to going out in the real world right now :)  Also that I can spend time with my guy here and get close to him.

Cry Jewel:  I am thankful for my friends and family on SL.

AZKadellia:  the ability to be me here, in whatever form, skin, hair I desire I guess is the biggest one.

Uncle Bob:  Some of the people I have met.  Friends made.

McBain:  Being able to try anything I can't do in RL, like skydiving from the Eiffel tower.

Violette Ravinelli-McMillan: I'm thankful for my family and husband :)

Gypsylynn Whelan:  The chance to meet Synny.  I don't see how we would have met otherwise.

Lisa:  My friends!

Barusa:  The ability to fly.

Zio:  I can speak with people around the world.  I can be thankful for listening to music and making me wanna be updated with whats happening in the world of music.

Gabriella Rossello:  Granny.  Because she is awesome and she is 82... And she is my rock that gets me through anything.

Mandy Moo Viper-Hallison: I am thankful for all the friends and family I have gained here.  I am also thankful for the creative outlet that SL has given me that I would never have dreamed or thought possible in RL.

Cheetos:  Hmm, for ability to meet new friends.

Kel:  Friends.

Sins A. Smooth Harrington:  I am very thankful for all the people I have met over 7 years time... Most have become good friends even out of SL... The laughs shared with them, MY family.. And thankful for SL who brought me my RL partner... And thanks Sl for making me who I am today in SL :)

Bo Haggard:  My wife and Friends.

For Americans, Thanksgiving is coming up, a time when we are to remember the things we have in our lives that we appreciate.  It is easy to get wrapped in the every day happenings and chores of life, but even little things that we've grown used to seeing as a norm should be remembered.  There is never any telling who isn't lucky enough to have those things we do or when we could lose them.  Enjoy Life, Enjoy Second Life and never waste a moment, because if it isn't what you want then why do it?

What are you thankful for? Use the comment box below.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Looking for a Place to Live in Second Life? Ccoursey Reporting...

Renting in Second Life is something we all do or have done.  The only thing is deciding where, what, and who to rent from.  There are many factors: Price, amount of prims you want, what you'd like the land for, and how much interaction you'd like with the landlord or lady.  It is so much more than just finding a place you like and handing over the lindens.  I went exploring options in Second Life, from skyboxes to just land.  It is always good to explore options before settling on anything.  

Seychelles Isles

Teleport inside a beautiful Yacht Club in Port Victoria Isle.  Upstairs there is two boards set up to see available land and available boat slips.  To purchase property you must contact one of four people, Jericho Napoli, Baila Palmira, IrishGent, or Ericaanne.  There is a staff board set up across from the land boards to let you know who is currently online to contact.  The purchase price is one week's tier plus the first month's tier which helps pay for domain costs, support staff, community costs, advertising, and landscaping among other things.  Once you pay for your land, you'll be invited to the group for residents as well as the Seychelles Isles Yacht Club.  There is a builder available to make sure all parcels are consistent with the theme and aesthetic tropical design Seychelles has established.  Custom terraforming is available to tenants.  The waterways are connected with direct access to the Linden Ocean and the Blake Sea promoting boating and flying.  To invite anyone to the group you have to contact either the CEO or Chief Operations Officer, this protects everyone's privacy making Seychelles Isles more secure for each tenant.  

Virtual Reality Skybox, Skybox Rental

When you teleport into skybox rentals it is an office with boards to click for information on the inside, outside are teleporters to take you to each skybox.  The scenery and housing can be changed anytime here, some are fully furnished.  There is mention if you'd like unfurnished there might be a price break.  Prices starting at 295 L's a week.  Security orbs allow tenants to decide who is allowed within their home, all intruders are ejected when they get within 1m of the skybox.  It is a virtual reality cube located high in the clouds. For privacy, you are not seen from the outside.  There were several options from just a plain platform to a ritzy motel room, an Egyptian setup, even a deserted island looking house surrounded by water.  There are over 20 scenes to choose from.  The beds, some furniture are equipped with pose balls, there are available prims to buy and use to decorate as you wish.  The radio is set to Contemporary music and cannot be changed without affecting all the tenants, also the TV isn't set to keep lag down. 

Mystic Rentals

As soon as I landed at Mystic Rental property there was a rental agent there to help me.  She was filled with information, knew all available lands, and gave me links to helping me find the perfect land to suit my needs.  There is a Marketplace available to check out the lands from Mystic at .  There is also a website with information On each land is a rental box with all the information you would need.  There is different size rez areas and also different themes to chose from.  There are full sized parcels available at 1480 L's a week with 1005 prims, 980 L's a week with 702 prims, and 1/4 sized parcels available at 480 a week with 310 prims.  There are 15 themes to choose from.  You receive a prim counter and a intan dance ball.  All properties are private and come with security orbs that give you eject and ban rights.  There is a radio hud for each land, and access to shared TV media.  What I love is the websites allowing you to search around at the options without having to visit each one.  First time tenants here get a 5% discount if they rent for four weeks with their initial payment plus ten days free.

Bella Pointe

You teleport into an office filled with boards of the different lands available here.  Then you have to click the board of whatever land you are interested in to receive information.  They rent commercial land from the small rentals of 16,384 square meters with 250 prims for 399 to the large rentals of 65,536 square meters with 1000 prims for 1499 L.  There are Winter Bliss domes to choose from, Hollow, Cove, Sakura Island, a Mountain Retreat, and Canyon Falls.  Each has options of 65,536 sqm- 1000 prims for 1499 L, Medium rentals of 32,768 sqm-500 prims for 799 L's, and Small rentals of 16,384 sqm with 250 prims for 399 L's.  No one that worked there teleported in while I was there, there is names to message with any problems, but I might talk to them first.  It says in note card that once you pay into the available sign that the next available member of management will stop by to move the signs out of your way and check in on you.  I like to be at least on talking terms when I rent from someone (personal choice) so would have to message and meet to see if I did need something there would be someone available.    

KC Estates

As soon as you touch ground there is a bot greeting you.  Each option has a picture showing how many available, prims, price, and teleport so that you can look from their office.  The castle look is only 190 L's a week with 40 prims,a Vegas look with three floors and 40 prims a week for 240 L's, a pink skybox (win) with two floors and 40 prims for 240 L's a week, and a beach with 350 prims for 700 L a week.  The beach does say it is a quarter of sim though, which isn't a bad deal.  You can't use a TV or a radio in the skyboxes, but you can change for another model anytime and your rent will be transferred.  The skyboxes here are older styled, but great animations. 

Shark Key Residential Land

This is a beach themed residential sim with the option of furnished or unfurnished space and 937 prims. 4096 sqm furnished is 1400 L's a week or unfurnished is 1300 L's a week.  Gypsylynn Whelan is the manager to contact.  There are no poofers, temp rezzers, or breedables to keep the land low lag.  Each parcel has privacy rights restricting voice, gestures so that you can be only seen and heard by those on your own.  You have terraform rights on parcel allowing you to achieve whatever look you'd chose to go for: from beach homes, tiki huts, cabins, or villas.  The land is beautiful with many options for decorations and living choice.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pop Music and Party Clubs in Second Life- Ccoursey Reporting...

 Are you in need of something different?   Maybe something a little more playful and loud?  Pop music is a global commercial music culture with public appeal. It is a collection of sounds influenced by various genres including, urban, dance, Latin, rock and country. You can find a variety of Pop and Party Clubs in Second Life that keep the energy flowing.
            Visiting Pop Clubs with friends I’ve learned this type of venue has a bit of a different vibe. These clubs are unique in the way things were usually done in Second Life.  It seems the more gesturing the better, as long as they keep the mood uplifted and tone upbeat.  DJ's will talk during the music, some personally thanking tippers or even greet you as you come through the door.  Hosts are friendly, laugh constantly, encouraging dancers, gestures, and teasing.  They didn't rely on conversations so much as friendly 'we are here to party' chatter. 
 Stepped into a different kind of atmosphere by visiting some of these Pop/Party club scenes

Big Daddy's
            At some point, everyone has heard of or been to Big Daddy's.  There is good reason... This club is fun.  It has a great mix of party music from pop to rock, the hosts are friendly with constant chatter, and the club is well put together.   You teleport in and it is best to move to the side and just take a moment to rez, because there is people here day or night so if you're like me it is going to take a minute.  The hosts here were more of the type I was used to having conversations in nearby and whenever I go I have to say they involve everyone.  They greet everyone like old friends.  It is very well put together with the stage clear and upfront so you can find the dj and host easily.
 In honor of October being breast cancer awareness month, they even decorated for it.  The whole environment is fun, promoting a good time.  This club is always hopping. 

Energy Club
            This place was new to me, but there was no disappointment. It lived up to its name each time I dropped by.  I loved the way it flowed, but let me explain how different it was than what I am used to.   Once I stopped by, there was German, Spanish, and English being spoken. With the assistance of translators conversation happened easily and naturally, where there might be a stutter in other places with so many varieties this seemed like a normal every day thing.  There were a lot of nationalities, there was a lot of energy too. It was fun.  They played gestures often, but stayed upbeat.  There were a lot of older avi's at this place, In fact, I was a younger one.  The DJ's were engaging the crowd, they talked whileI was there instead of the ones that just play music.  Even the shift change went unnoticed until someone spoke.  Lichy Love Portal was there the first time I went, and I have to mention her, because she was great.  She was friendly and kept the crowd actively involved. She was quick to answer questions which makes people feel like they are being heard.   There is a lots of interaction at this club.  It was surrounded by water, a blue overtone to the whole places with dances in the floor and as Lichy said "in her belly", this place is a must see.  I was surprised to have never heard of it before, but impressed with it.   It is definitely a place I will go when I am in the mood for party.  

Rez Nightclub
            Another well known and busy club in Second Life is Rez.  I chose it because it is a place where one of my favorite dj's might show up, DJ A.F.I.  She is always fun to watch, a real sweetheart to speak to.  Rez is a nightclub and mall combined, and from what I understand a sister club to Club Ambrosia.  Landing you walk through a line of stores to get to the club.  It is always busy. Rez is another place that might take you a moment to rez everything.  The music is a great mix, each dj is different with mixed styles. It is a great build, the stages are all around the floor for patrons to dance.  Best part for me was the pink floor.  Dances are different here for both couples and singles, there were some I was unfamiliar with that I had to see.  If you are looking to be around people at a fun upbeat environment, then Rez is a good place togo, day or night.   

Woods Club
            When I was looking for pop clubs a friend told me to check out Woods.  I found that you need to come during PM SL times to catch people  here though.  This build is gorgeous.  I loved the grey with gold trim, the dances in the woods sign on the floor, and the bars and tvs set up around the place.  The dances were common, I recognized most from other clubs, but they did match the music.  The music here I would say are more like party music, not so much pop.  The atmosphere was great though. It is very upbeat.  It was a nice mix of avatars here from 26 days old to 6 years.  Some friendly chatting in my box and nearby, others were like me spectating and enjoying the scene.  Friendly hostess and DJ, decorated for Halloween to add to the theme of the month.  It is a nice place to hang out sobring friends to this one. If this is your type of music and you wish for more relaxed conversation then this would be your club.  

The Black Inferno
            I have to admit I fell in love with this last place.  It was a mix of hip hop, club, pop, reggae, and a bit of Rhythm and blues.   The Black Inferno was one of those places you could teleport into and have to sit back a moment to take it all in.  The club was very colorful.The build is beautiful. There are steps on both sides of the club room.  The Dj was a talker, fun and upbeat, his music selection was a great mix to match his attitude.  The hostess, whom I fell in love with, Tahiry was all over my box letting me know where things were since she realized I had never been, and kept nearby flowing with several conversations at once.  A multitasker!  She let me know that Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays were tag free here, but there was a charge to come on other days.  She did say even though you pay 300L for a tag, the Black Inferno gives back to its members.  You add them to your pics and you have a chance to win lindens and gifts from their sponsers, plus they are good with club contests.
There was a manager when I was there and she was in nearby with Tahiry. She was friendly, taking a moment to talk to me too.  I was told The Black Inferno was the only four in one club on the grid, meaning, they had a male strip club, a female strip club, a regular club (that I visited), and a casino in one.  The club had a nice mix of people when I visited, and they didn't spread out like other clubs sticking in a tighter knit group they included everyone, laughing and dancing.  It was great.  I had a lot of fun here, I will be visiting again.  

Do you have a favorite SL pop/party club you would like to share? Us the comment box below and drop some club names and slurls!