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Saturday, June 1, 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tornado Benefit @ The Inlet

Dancing with Michael Jackson proved to be a fan favorite as club-goers joined the History group dancers

    On May 19th and the 20th, Strupples Davidov watched as the state she lives in was torn apart by tornadoes. One of the May 19 storms passed within sight of her home, but it was the next day's destruction that shook her to the core.

    She is safe and still has a home and family. But she watched in horror as the destruction in nearby Moore, Oklahoma, was revealed on television. Homes, businesses and schools were leveled by nature's wrath.  

    "As a teacher, mother, and just as a human being, it has ripped my heart out," she said "The more I saw, the more it affected me until I couldn't watch any more and had to shut the TV off. I logged into Second Life to try and get those images out of my head, but they wouldn't go."

    Watching the television made her feel helpless. But as co-owner of The Inlet, Strupples began to think maybe there was something she could do, after all. "The only way I could think of was holding a music marathon in Second Life. We can make a difference. We can donate to the Red Cross to help them in their aid to Tornado victims."

The AC/DC tribute, held on a platform above the club, raised over L$8,000 alone.

    Along with SL husband Carter Davidov and business partner Frenchyjen, the event began to take shape. DJs and hosts from many clubs expressed interest in helping when contacted. Various DJs from around SL expressed interest in the benefit. Some had been contacted by Strupples, others had heard of her plans and sought her out. Within a couple days, the program had quickly taken shape.

    "I just had a fire light in my butt" said Strupples "I knew there was something I could do to help those people and I had to get it done. I wasn't gonna let anything get in my way."
    "We had hoped at first to run a minimum of 12 hours," said Carter Davidov. "But we soon learned we had enough talent to easily fill the entire 24-hour period" This included not only DJs, but an AC/DC cover group and the Michael Jackson dance group History. "We're a new club struggling to cover some basic day shifts. This was unprecedented for us," said Carter.

    The relief benefit was slated for 10 am SLT on May 25 and scheduled for the full 24 hours. An alternate avi was cleared of its lindens and became for funds holder. Frenchyjen and another friend, Switchy, made sign and clothing for the event while Carter prepared the club and made a dedicated funding box. Then they nervously sat back and waited, hoping nothing had been forgotten.

    When the time came, people began to show and the lindens started pouring in. The couple spent a long, night trying to help organize things through the benefit, taking turns power-napping while trying to make the show flow smoothly. "It was a learning experience for both of us" said Carter. "So many people wanted to help those in need that I could never thank them all"

    When the show closed, more than L$43,000 had been collected. Club DJ Zteflondon tried to get his RL workplace to double the funds, but was told he would have to be the sole collecter to qualify for their charity program. "He felt really bad that it didn't work out" said Carter. "But he was honest to them that it had been a group effort involving people outside the company. We can't fault him for that."

    More donations came in after the show from those who wanted to help but could not attend. The final total was exactly L$50,500. "It may not seem like much when when it's converted to USD, but we know every little bit helps" said Carter. 

    In the following days, Strupples has been dealing with weather-related issues of her own as severe weather continues to pummel Oklahoma. As yet the contibution remains outstanding. But when made, the receipt will be posted on The Inlet's Facebook page at

The SL Enquirer:
On May 31st, another devastating series of tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma City in an area with a population of 3 million. These tornadoes caused some deaths, devastation and severe flooding. 
If you would like to help in the relief effort for those that have been affected by these tornados, visit the Red Cross and donate today!



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