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Sunday, September 10, 2023

9/11 Memorial -I will Always Remember and Never Forget -Lanai Jarrico Reporting...


September 11, 2001 is a day in American History that stopped the world in a gasp as an attack on America played out on every News station. I can still remember that morning clearly as I was getting my little girl ready for kindergarten. I got a call from my husband who was at work. He asked me to turn on the news. I watched in horror as smoke was billowing out of the first tower hit as the news was unfolding. It was Flight 11. 

As I watched, I saw the second plane; Flight 175 hit the second tower. Terrified by what I was seeing,  I was afraid to take my daughter to school or even leave the house for fear of more attacks.  

By 9:37am Flight 77 crashed through the Pentagon.  At 9:59am, the South tower collapsed followed by Flight 93 crashing into an empty field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:02am.

 Then the North tower collapsed by 10:28am. It felt like everything was happening at once. 

 All I could see was a cloud of dust and debris that covered NYC and damaged surrounding buildings.  People were confused and frantic running for their lives covered in white dust.  It was the most terrifying thing I have ever witnessed on live tv. I stood in silence with my mind going a million miles an hour. What was happening? How could this be a coincidence? I had family who lived in Manhattan and worked close to the towers. Were they safe? Almost 3,000 people lost their lives that day. 

 I spent the next hours and days flipping through different news channels while reporters were trying to make sense of what was going on In NYC, PA and the Pentagon in Washington DC.

Shockwaves from this horrific event in our history carried on around the world for weeks, then months and even years later the magnitude of those days still haunts the lives of everyone who was affected.

 About 7 months after the attacks, I took a trip to ground zero. It was eerie. Sadness permeated the whole area. It was surreal as I walked around.  There were thousands of pictures, posters, balloons, flowers and stuffed animals on the fences that surrounded the gaping hole where the twin towers once stood. I was consumed with emotion. The adjacent building was shrouded in safety tarps with scars from the flying debris. I remember looking at a large mangled steel beam that resembled a cross. It was a time in history that changed us all, the war on terrorism was born. This is something I will always remember and will never forget.

Memorials & Events in Second Life for 9/11

Second Life has a A Tribute to The Victims & Heroes Who Lost Their Lives on September 11, 2001

9/11 Memorial - Always Remember, Never Forget

9/11 Memorial @ The River 12:00pm SLT

9/11 Patriot Day At Rockin Robin Remembers 12pm SLT 

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001? Share your story in the comment box below.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Secrets of a Goddess- Abrielle Bailey

I go by Goddess Bailey and I have a question to ask. It comes from my soul. The very essence of who I am It doesn’t matter if it's hidden deep inside a body that will wither away in time. I believe our souls learn, grow and move on to greater things over many lifetimes.  We are all born on earth with a clean slate from a past where we return to finish tasks from a previous life. Once we reach the old soul age, we become wise, live, let live and seek peace by all means necessary.


 When asked the meaning of life, shouldn’t it be easy to answer? Sadly, it’s not as we all find ourselves in trials and tribulations. It’s all part of the plan. Whatever the end goal is. None of us have the privilege of knowing. We believe what makes sense to us. I respect that. My writing may inspire you to use your energy to draw in only those who are worthy of your presence. Protect yourself from negative energy.

Second Life is a powerful place where we meet with our souls from the inside out. No matter our human appearance or earthly possessions. it doesn't matter. We are all sprites of the same source. If you paid attention in Science class, energy is never ending, it just finds itself back to the source that binds us all. We get drained and we recharge.

You can feel energy even in a virtual world if you pay close attention. Second Life is the source for thousands who can gather and find meaning, self awareness, discover things about themselves and meet others from all over the world. It’s the draw that makes us a unique community. The very reason we continue to come back. You are in control of your own destiny while taking a break from the world. Learn to balance the two so you aren't neglecting either life.

 I married very young and had children, right out of high school not in that order but since the tender age of 16, I found myself living a life that everyone expected of me. At that age our brains and bodies are still developing. I had to grow up fast and start making life choices that put my youthful development  on hold. I set aside my ambitions to ensure my children had the upbringing they deserve. I had to learn along the way.  As time went on going through the motions of life, I forgot who I was or never got a chance to know.  I skipped a vital stage of life that would have made me develop the skills and experiences I needed to navigate through adulthood. I’m not the only one. There are women all over the world that can relate and understand what I am saying.

One by one the children grew up into products of our parenting, Once they moved out into the world on their own life journeys. I found myself feeling lost with no self identity. I feared the world and stayed in what I was used to until I realized I was not truly happy.. I didn’t want to suffer in silence and live to please everyone else while draining away my own life.

I took a leap of faith after  26 years and tested my own strength. I needed to know what I was capable of. The epiphany occurred when I moved to another state for his career. I thought, will this always be the case?  Do I continue to put my needs and wants on the backburner? What if the flame goes out, I’ll look back at my life with regrets wondering what I could have contributed to the world.

When I made the decision to leave, I did it with the hopes my son and daughter would understand that I love them beyond words. My sacrifices. I

I deserve to be happy so I took my chances and bet on me.

In the past year, I learned I do have strength way beyond I ever thought in my entire life. I focused on my intent, my goals and what I wanted. 

Here I am today a strong confident woman. I am still a mother but I am also a writer, artist, hard worker, friend and a Goddess in my own right. I earn a living that sustains me and I did it all on my own. I never want to need a man to take care of me. I want to choose love

 because I want it. When I am ready I will.

I am forever grateful for those who inspire me and remind me who I really am and make sure I  achieve the things I set out to do without judgment. It’s called unconditional love. 

I continue to check off my goals and set new ones. I genuinely smile. I sleep well and I live my life. It is not perfect but it is perfectly mine.

 If you see me in Second Life spending time with friends, exploring the grid by myself or sitting on a throne surrounded by potential suitors.  It is because I am a Goddess and it was earned simply by being me and choosing peace in the presence of only positive energy. I may write for The SL Enquirer from time to time but you are welcome to look me up in Second Life. I don’t mind meaningful conversation.

How do you choose to live both your lives?

-Abrielle Bailey,

A True Goddess

Friday, July 21, 2023

Change is Good – Even in Second Life By Linda Lauren

Change something in your environment and watch how much that single change will uplift your personal vibration, boost your energy and improve your mood.  We don’t realize how much that overflowing Inventory that holds our possessions can block our ability to enjoy a Second Life existence without frustration, lag and system crashes.  Possessing an excessive inventory is the contributing reason to all of the above complaints.  

Torley Linden has a really cute video called “Confessions of a Second Life Hoarder” and though it’s exceptionally funny, there is truth to it!  A clean inventory will make for a happier Second Life experience.  To see the video and read the step-by-step tutorial click here: 

All those freebees we get as we teleport across the grid can add a substantial amount of prim and/or scripts. Regular clean up is the answer.  As an SL paying resident since 2006, here are some of the tips I’ve picked up along the way:

Inventory Items 

Copy and Full Perm

Look in your inventory for items that you have numerous copies of.  I keep an original and one copy of any items (leaving two in my inventory).  That is a personal safety point with me in case I have inventory loss due to a Linden grid issue.  Inventory does tend to disappear sometimes upon uploading new versions.  

Everything Else in Inventory

By that I mean items that you have one copy of.  Those can include everything from freebees and clothing to entire houses and furniture.  Options to consider:

The 1 Prim Box

If you want to keep those inventory items, but you don’t intend to use them regularly, you can create a one prim box, make it full perm access for you, and dump all those inventory items into the box.  Be sure to label the box with the items & year. * 

*For instance I took over 1,000 items that were for the holiday season and put them into a box.  The box is labeled “Christmas 2012” and now became one single prim containing all those items.   That can be placed back into your inventory.   (I do this only after making sure I have deleted the duplicates.)

Your Alt 

Another option: pass it to your alt, if you have one, but be sure not to dump things you’d otherwise delete because that defeats the entire purpose.  It will only create lag for your alt!  

Garage Sales 

Another way to go, especially if you own land, is to sell the items there that you don’t want.  I have even made boxes to sell items as “sets” for purchase.

Knowing When to Delete

Finally, if it’s something you are never going to use again, can’t sell and have no reason to save, please hit that DELETE button.  You will see the difference in Second Life grid performance and it will make you feel a whole lot lighter!

So give it a try.  Clean up your SL environment and see where it leads you.  One thing is for sure: it will always lead you to something positive because that is what happens when we unblock energy.  

Remember, Second Life is a virtual world and we connect via the Internet and that is energy.  Don’t underestimate how powerful an Inventory clean up can be.  It sure helps me enjoy my SL life!  

Charting the Path: An Empowered Approach to Home-Buying and Relocation with an Autistic Child


Image: Unsplash

Purchasing a new home and relocating your family can be a complex process, especially when you have a child with autism. Autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder, often involves heightened sensitivity to environmental changes. Therefore, careful planning and consideration are crucial. Here's how to navigate this significant life change, courtesy of The SL Enquirer.

Find an Affordable Home

As you set forth on your home-buying expedition, the most critical step is to procure a property that harmoniously matches your financial resources. It's pivotal to factor in not only the initial outlay but also ongoing costs such as maintenance, utilities, and property taxes. Striking this financial balance creates a conducive atmosphere devoid of stress, cultivating an environment of stability and security that is beneficial for your child.

Carefully Consider Home Size and Safety Features

Evaluating the size and safety of potential homes is an imperative step. A spacious layout can provide your child with the room they need to explore, while a designated tranquil space may serve as a sanctuary for calming activities. It's crucial to inspect that the house is equipped with robust safety measures like fortified windows and gates, particularly if your child tends to wander. This attention to detail will ensure your child's safety and comfort in their new environment.

Select a Neighborhood That Best Suits Your Family

The choice of neighborhood is pivotal and should be strategically close to indispensable facilities such as educational institutions, healthcare providers, and therapeutic centers. Prioritize a locality with minimal traffic and an established sense of community. A nurturing and supportive neighborhood not only enhances your child's comfort level but also provides you with a much-needed sense of security and tranquility.

Steer Clear of Noise and Allergens

Given the heightened sensitivities often associated with autism, it is essential to circumnavigate areas plagued by excessive noise pollution, such as locales in proximity to bustling streets or construction zones. Equally important is the identification and elimination of potential environmental irritants within the home. This attention to detail ensures a serene and conducive living environment for your child.

Explore Available Therapeutic Support Options

Before finalizing your move, it is critical to thoroughly examine the therapeutic resources available in your prospective area. These could encompass a range of services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, or behavioral therapy. Proximity to these essential support systems guarantees that your child's developmental needs continue to be met seamlessly, even post-relocation.

Ready Your Child for Transition

Transparent communication plays a paramount role in readying your child for the upcoming relocation. Utilize visual aids, social narratives, or other effective tools to demystify the impending changes. If feasible, arrange a visit to the prospective home and neighborhood beforehand, providing a hands-on opportunity for your child to acquaint themselves with their future surroundings. This proactive approach can significantly ease the transition process.

Preserve Orderliness and Minimize Clutter

Preserving a meticulously organized and decluttered home can dramatically foster a serene atmosphere for your child. Deliberately assign specific areas for your child's belongings and consistently adhere to a structured layout. This deliberate organization strategy can expediently aid your child in acclimating to their new environment while swiftly establishing routines, thereby instilling a solid sense of stability and tranquility. Before purchasing any items, carefully consider whether you have room for them in your home.  

Relocation with an autistic child demands strategic planning and profound patience. Your commitment to applying these purposeful strategies can greatly facilitate the transition but remember, each autistic child is unique. By prioritizing your child's individual needs and preferences in your decision-making, you are empowered to turn this move into an enriching experience that fosters growth for your whole family.

Monday, July 3, 2023

Interview with Uncle Sam 2023- It ain't that kinda Party- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...


Interview with Uncle Sam- It ain't that kinda Party

Another year , another celebration for a country that most other countries don't really care for because of all the BLEEPERY. But hey I live here so I have to kinda sorta appreciate the fact that our forefathers signed the declaration of Independence to free us from the grips of Great Ol’ Britain.  Ahhhhh Freedom. I wonder what would have become of us all had those secret freemasons never decided to sever ties. The one thing I wish would have remained is the proper British accent. It’s sexy and sophisticated compared to our laid back lazy dialect.. 

Maybe it would have prevented a lot of the BS we deal with in this country today. It would be hard taking someone seriously who offers you tea after a heated confrontation. Oh Bloody hell.  Anyways, don’t mind me, I'm just rambling. Lemme stop before I get hate mail from people who might have gotten offended by that. To clear the air, I did my DNA Ancestry test and I can sit up here and say I have family ties to every country with the exception of Asia and Vikings.  

Speaking on that test though, it had me questioning if my dad was really my dad. My high concentration in Scotland, Ireland and dots around Europe As well as Africa’s Bantu people. It makes me feel like I was swapped at birth or something.. Ahhh genetics. I can’t wait til they disclose we are all alien experiments gone wrong.

 If we all took a step back, everyone in this world is related in some way. There’s no such thing as an illegal alien. That’s just rude, we are all aliens. Anyone who disagrees can go back to Mars or something. You need to get your life together.

Let it make sense. With that said, I decided to kick back and have a chat with Uncle Sam and find out why we continue to celebrate Independence and freedom in a country so divided in a world where eyes are on us like the bad kid at Sunday school.

Hey Uncle Sam, So… we meet at the Statue of Liberty… it’s been a while, last year it seems you took a day off for the holiday and could not be found. I’m guessing those student loans got you home for the holiday eating ramen noodles instead of a big fat steak on the grill.  

Uncle Sam: Hey Lanai… one of my least favorite nieces… It pains me to even ask, how have you been these days?  I heard you have been relocating across the country more than a fugitive. *sighs* This is the only place I feel like I can get away from it all and then you show up. Lady Liberty was a fine woman, we dated back in France. She was the love of my life but  She ended up running off with someone named Monalisa and moving to Italy. As one final blow, she had this big monstrosity of a statue shipped here to taunt me.

Lanai: Well damn not sure what to say to that.. Sorry to hear she did you dirty like that.  It’s great to see you too…yea I been around,  I still can’t decide which state is worse… So anyway, what are your plans for the 4th?

Uncle Sam: I’m glad you asked. I’m planning on having some words with the justice system over that major “Sike” move the commander in chief made with the whole student loan forgiveness plan. It appears all you educated imbeciles out there will start repaying those loans soon. It doesn't matter if you have a PhD, greeting people at the local Walmart or still trying to land that dream job that pays at least a 3rd of what your educated ass is worth.  It’s going to be a hardship for all. So brace yourself and cut back on getting your hair and nails done.

Lanai: That’s pretty BLEEPED up if you ask me. I literally went to the polls with hopes of some help. Man do I feel like a dumbass. I’m blaming Covid for everything, in addition to those dang wildfires fogging up our atmosphere. Not to mention stupid TikTok Videos that most will regret in 10 years.

Uncle Sam: Oh Lanai,you have a lot of ridiculous gripes. Of all my nieces and nephews , you are by far the most problematic.  Not even your distant cousins who struck up the whole witch trials in Salem held a candle to your antics. If you aren’t disappearing for months at a time doing god knows what, you are talking smack about stuff most of us want to sweep under the rug to keep the peace around here.

Lanai: Peace? Is that even a thing anymore? Peace was not having to answer a landline and letting it go straight to the answering machine or going to the corner store with 4 quarters as a kid and buying a pack of cigarettes without question. The shit we deal with today makes growing up in the 80s and 90’s feel like that was the best it would ever get…

Uncle Sam: True, the 80s and  90’s were pretty bad ass. Is crack still a thing? I’ve been around for a very long time and I’ve seen and done some shit. Today’s world sucks quite frankly and I just want to throw my patriotically decorated top hat to the flames and say (BLEEP) It. But I don’t want to be labeled as that crazy drunk uncle at the BBQs.

Lanai: *shakes head* well someone has to break it to you. Nobody really likes you. You tax the shit out of everyone and none of us know what the heck we are paying for. Our roads got potholes with potholes, our bridges are failing, nobody recycles anymore because garbage trucks toss everything into one big slurry bin and keep it movin’, the price of eggs went up, pot is legal but expensive as hell at the dispensary. It’s cheaper to hit up old  high school connections and get the street dirt. And now, we gotta worry about air quality because of someone flicking a cigarette in Canada? WTF.

Uncle Sam: I don’t even have the energy to put you over my knee and spank you over all that fake news. What is it that you want from me? 

Lanai: I just wanted to say Happy 4th of July…and ask if I can borrow a couple bucks. There’s the Cannabis Festival coming up.

Uncle Sam: I'm inviting myself. The only way to understand this crazy world is to remain under the influence of something other than you.

Lanai: *innocent grin*  🙂

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Spotlight on ChicagoBluesman - Movin’ and Groovin’ in Second Life-Lanai Jarrico Reporting

Image was taken by Cathy Kærann

With the holidays out the way, and things settling down both in real life and on the grid I’m glad to be back to exploring and meeting new and interesting people. It is one of the exciting things about Second Life. On any given day you never know what you may come across or who you might spark up a conversation with. While out and about I thought I’d browse the event list and check out a concert. I noticed another performer in the crowd showing his support. I find that to be very respectful and supportive. It shows me that not everyone is focused on their own thing and people do support each other rather than compete. It's a beautiful thing. 

 After the show, I met up with ChicagoBluesman, a professional instrumentalist from Chile that is relatively new to the music scene in SL and we got to talking. I was impressed by what he shared and his passion for Blues.

Interview with ChicagoBluesman

Lanai: Hi Chicago, It’s a pleasure to meet you. You’ve only been in Second Life for only 4 months. How did you discover this virtual world?

ChicagoBluesman: I came to Second life because of one of those things about algorithms, I was studying some courses on the metaverse and NFTs for Marketing at the Linkedin academy, then Instagram showed me John Rocky's profile, he was teaching how to start doing shows in second life, from that point one thing led to another and here I am.

Lanai: Word of mouth and viral advertising with social media is a powerful thing! Where are you from and what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

ChicagoBluesman: I’m currently living on an island in South America. When I used to live in Chile nobody played blues harmonica in my town, we were under a military government where listening to some type of music was kind of forbidden. We didn't have access to get good albums, sometimes a friend got some CDs because his mother used to be a flight attendant in the '80s.

Lanai: That must have been an amazing music experience for you being introduced to new sounds that way. Your name makes it obvious that your genre is Blues. Of all the different music out there, what gravitates you to this particular genre?

ChicagoBluesman:  The first song I listened to was Sweet sixteen from BB king, never forget that. It was an old tape that a friend of mine lent me, that type wasn’t in very good condition to be honest, even like that it got my full attention but I didn’t know the name of that style of music.

Lanai: B.B. King defines the blues! Did you know with its classic rhythm and storytelling, studies showed Blues music eases tension and anxiety and also improves memory, learning, and intellectual development? An instrumentalist is pretty rare in Second Life, You play the rhythm without singing and this makes you unique in the SL music scene.  What type of instruments do you play and what artists inspire what you perform?


ChicagoBluesman:  The first instrument I played was the flute when I was at school, then I started playing the accordion and studied Latin rhythms like cuecas and folkloric things from my country. After a while I sold the accordion and bought a tube amp to connect the harmonica and sound more electrified, it was here that the fun began. These days I am being sponsored by a Chinese harmonica brand called Kongsheng, I started to work with them this year.

Lanai: That’s a great opportunity to expand your music! Aside from covering many of your favorite songs, Do you write your own music?

ChicagoBluesman: I have composed some songs but most of my time was spent working as a session musician, I have already recorded music for movies, reality shows, pop singers, jazz musicians, and all types of styles.

Lanai: Very impressive! In 2001 and again in 2011 you opened for Eric Clapton, tell me a little about how that happened and what that experience was like.  (

ChicagoBluesman: There is a somewhat funny anecdote that happened in 2001, we opened the Eric Clapton show on October 4 at the national stadium in Chile, and at that time I was working at the same time for an airline called Copa Airlines, serving passengers traveling to Panama. I remember that a few days before I had to ask my boss for permission to let me open the show for Eric Clapton, at first nobody believed me. I remember that after the show I had to return to the airport because I had to work. My smile that night lasted throughout the shift.

In 2011 we opened again for the Clapton show together with one of the best-known blues bands in Chile "La Rata Bluesera" and Miguel Botafogo from Argentina. Clapton was very receptive to us and we were able to chat briefly.

Lanai: That’s very exciting being that Eric Clapton is among the greatest and most influential guitar players in rock history. Giving you some major bragging rights in the real world!  How often do you perform in Second Life? 

ChicagoBluesman: It depends, sometimes I play from 4 to 5 times during the week, I'm still trying to get more good gigs in some venues but I received a lot of invitations to play for free and I'm not interested in doing that unless is for a charity event.

Lanai: Very Understandable. Not everything should be given away for free.  I can see you performing for weddings and at high-end venues in SL. Your sound is lounge-worthy, we even joked it makes good elevator music the other night. It sets a nice background tone for people to enjoy while engaged in good conversation or just relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. Since you have experience performing in front of crowds in real life and now in Second Life, Do you feel the same rush of adrenaline? 

ChicagoBluesman: I must confess that it has been very different but I have been getting used to it, a good exercise was having attended several shows of my fellow musicians to see how they perform during the 1-hour show, but yes, there is always a bit of nerves, you never know what's going to happen lol

Lanai:  I think every great artist gets nervous before or during a show. If they didn’t, they are not striving to get better. Do you have a calendar with your performance dates so our readers know how to find you?

ChicagoBluesman: sure, here is a link

Lanai: Thank you for the link drop. How can venues book you for performances?

ChicagoBluesman: They can contact me directly or contact my manager Carmen Cardone who has done a fantastic job helping me here at Second Life.

Lanai: I love that you gave her some props for a job well done. SL Music managers don’t get enough recognition for what they do. Without them, musicians would be overwhelmed by having to do all the behind-the-scenes communication and marketing stuff they do.  Kudos to Carmen!  It was a pleasure getting to know you Chicago. Thank you for sharing your talent with us in Second Life. and I hope to see you continuing to move and groove across the grid. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

ChicagoBluesman: Thank you Lanai, I appreciate this, this is all new to me so I’m gonna try to spread the blues harmonica everywhere in Second Life. My message to the readers is If you go to my show invite your friends and have fun :)

Additional Information:


Contact Carmen Cardone (carmencardone) for bookings