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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Best & The Worst Pick-ups lines of SL – CCoursey Reporting …

Ever walked down the beach and someone jumped your naught?  Well, guess what… It happens at least every five minutes to my friends and I.  It always can go one way- decent conversation, maybe a new friend, or the other- total mess wanting to get into your pixel panties and watch the avatars do the humpty hump.  So I went around asking avatars from different SIM’s and Second Lifestyles about their best and worst.   I thought that people would think the same thing as I did, but everyone seemed to have something different to discuss, and all the memories these lines brought up.  It’s something to sit around and talk about on a boring day, because we’d never really discussed it before and I haven’t laughed so hard in a while.

Nikki: I’d have to say the worst was…  I want to lick you like ice cream.
 Me:  And your best?
 Nikki:  The best pick-up line…. You are the goddess of my world; will you do me the honour of a dance?

Nikki likes to hit the clubs, she likes to check out the BDSM lifestyle, and has been around for a minute. ::giggles::  Everyone has been around a bit longer than me though.

Next I went to a dance club owner.  Yvette has not only been a club owner, but she’s from across the pond from me.  She has been around 3 years compared to my pitiful 3 months.

Yvette: I’m sorry to disturb your peace… But I just wanted to say Hi to you and maybe have a conversation……
Me: grins
Yvette: Worst.. has to be… are you horny?  LOL
Yvette:  Conversation would like to get to know me better… latter means do you want sex!!
Me: Thank you  J
Yvette: It’s hard to remember there have been so many.. LOL.

Now let’s take a step back from the more formal and hit the Vampire Circle of Second Life.  I went to my good friend Ave to see what she had to say.
Ave:  Worst is easy.  Met a guy at the nude beach and he says, “Wanna &*$”
Me:  LOL, yep, a lot of people have said that one.  What about you best?
Ave:  Probably, you’re so hot… You’d melt my cock off.
Me: Giggles
Ave:  Or there was… Marry me and make me the happiest man on Earth

I was fixing to smile at that, but she added more.

Ave:  OK, Let’s just do the honeymoon part then.

Ave is wonderful to find the humour of the situation.  I can’t help giggling like crazy every time I talk to her.

So, I heard from the women… Let’s ask a few men.  Dan is a club manager and host.  He has been around for about the same amount of time I have.

Dan: The best?  The ones I use.
Dan: Hi just wanted you to know you’re looking dang good.
Me:  That’s your best?
Dan: Works for me.
Me: What’s your worst?
Dan: Umm… Did you get that at the Salvation Army? J/K… Can’t think of a bad one… Maybe, Hi, I’m new can you show me around SL?

 Since I’m already checking out the club scene, I figured why not ask a DJ.  They are popular and in and out of all different kinds of clubs.  So I talked to a man by the name of Skylance who has been around for five years and seen his share.

Skylance: umm…hmm… Is that just lag or are you overloading my system with hotness?
Me:  LOL, Okay is that the best or worst you’ve heard?
Skylance:  LOL, Best and Worst.
Me:  So fifty-fifty huh?
Skylance: LOL, yes.  It’s funny and good, but cheesy too.

Then I went to a place I host and asked Thanatos, because even if he has only been around a year and a half, that man has seen many things.

Thanatos:  Hmm… Trying to remember something good.
Me:  I know you’ve seen some good ones.
Thanatos:  The worst probably was a chic accidently landing at my house and getting punted by my orb… several times, so I messaged her.  I asked her what she was looking for.  She replied, ‘Someone who knows what they’re doing.  LOL.  Are you dominant?  How old hon? Well, invite me over.’  A blatant come on.
Me: And the best?
Thanatos:  The best probably would be from Bella because well…  it worked out enough for us to become more than friends.  She was just natural, talking about an idiot I had to ban… Started a conversation that just went on… none of the fake “Hey baby I wanna lick your pecs” whatever.  Just being real… A real conversation, ya know?

 We do know Thanatos. 

We all are looking for something real to connect with.  If a man uses the same lines on every woman or vice versa don’t you think at some point someone will talk?  Seriously, I’d take a cheesy original rather than a common come on any day.  The best I have heard myself, had to be one of the worst too.  ::Grins:: “I want to screw you, rape you, and chop you up… So how long have you been around Second Life?”  I had never been approached in such a way and to this day I’m friends with this person.  It was memorable and it certainly got my attention.  After talking to many people though I have to say it is true- different strokes for different folks.


  1. Funny article. Here are some more:

    The obvious crude one's I skip. The only thing you can say about them is that they at least are straight forward.

    Hi bab(e)y... I always forget the part after that line as I stop reading when a stranger starts calling me babe or baby.

    'Cute avatar/avi' or 'You look cute!'(or something similar) I don't mind people saying it, when they just mean to give a compliment, but when used as a pickup line it simply bores.

    Over the top lines I don't like either(like your the sun in my sky). If a person doesn't know you and starts to sing your praises, he or she is just plain dishonest and probably just want to do the same as the crude one's mentioned above. Unless it is brought in a funny way.

    A good pickup line for me is not the pickupline itself but what the person says next. If you have a good witty conversation I can even tolerate being called babe.

  2. I personally detest "Hi. You have nice breast." Keep on walking buddy...


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